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These Are The 10 Cities In America That Like Themselves The Most

If these ‘burgs had Instagram accounts, they’d be filled with selfies.

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Walking down the street, you come to a big plate-glass window. Do you stop and check yourself out—maybe fix your hair, straighten your tie or scarf, something like that? Sure, who doesn’t? After all, experts say that pride and self-esteem are healthy.

Now, what do you think would happen if your hometown came to that same window? Does it hold itself in high regard and want the rest of the world to know?

The Movoto Real Estate Blog did some research on the 100 biggest cities and came up with a list of the most prideful—the places that like themselves most. Here are the top 10 towns:

1. Tulsa, OK
2. Pittsburgh, PA
3. San Antonio, TX
4. Buffalo, NY
5. Anchorage, AK
6. El Paso, TX
7. Cleveland, OH (tie)
7. Fort Wayne, IN (tie)
7. Laredo, TX (tie)
7. Lubbock, TX (tie)

If you’re interested in reading about the methods of our data-crunching madness, scroll to the bottom to read our methodology. Now let’s get to the ranking.

1. Tulsa, OK

10 Cities With The Most Pride In Themselves

Source: Flickr user woodleywonderworks

What is it about Tulsa that its residents love? Is it that Garth Brooks was born there… or that the brothers of the bro-band Hanson were born there? Or that the project to build the famed Route 66 was born in Tulsa?

Whatever the reason, Tulsans are into their town, and that appreciation enabled this city to place firmly in the top slot on our list.

2. Pittsburgh, PA

10 Cities With The Most Pride In Themselves

Source: Flickr user daveynin

Pittsburgh is home to a lot of firsts: first polio vaccine, first Ferris Wheel, first commercial radio station, first Public Television station, first Ice Capades show, and first Big Mac.

While it may not have been first in our survey, the Steel City is first in the hearts of so many Yinzers—along with the Steelers, the Pirates, the Penguins, Primanti’s sandwiches, and chipped ham—that ranked it in second place.

3. San Antonio, TX

10 Cities With The Most Pride In Themselves

Source: Flickr user “G” jewels g is for grandma

San Antonio is the biggest city to hit our top 10 list—the seventh largest by population in the U.S.—which says a lot for its appeal. (New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, and Phoenix… sorry if you’re jealous.)

And why wouldn’t San Antonians be proud? The town has its Fiesta San Antonio party every year; its River Walk offers lots of things to do and a gorgeous view; and the 750-foot-tall Tower of the Americas lets locals see for miles and miles. Oh, and let’s not forget a little landmark called The Alamo.

Yes, there are myriad reasons for San Antonio’s place in our rankings, and why it has the nickname “Something To Remember.”

4. Buffalo, NY

10 Cities With The Most Pride In Themselves

Source: Flickr user Reading Tom

Landing in the No. 4 spot is Buffalo, NY, and you only need two words to know why this city is so important to the whole world: Buffalo Wings.

In fact, Buffalo celebrates this culinary treat each year with the National Buffalo Wing Festival, which has given everyone the chance to stuff their faces with millions of spicy chicken wings.

Of course, there’s more to Buffalo than tasty wings, but it’s clear that hometowners appreciate the Queen City for all of its charm and appeal… okay, and the chicken, too.

5. Anchorage, AK

10 Cities With The Most Pride In Themselves

Source: Flickr user Official U.S. Navy Imagery

To many residents of the “lower 48,” the Alaska they know from movies and TV may not seem all that appealing. But surely residents of The City of Lights and Flowers know better, which is why Anchorage landed in the fifth spot.

After all, when your summer includes daylight for over 19 hours and the highest number of espresso stands per capita in the whole U.S., those have to be checkmarks in the “Pros” column, right?

The town must have a lot more to offer than sunlight, espresso, and the best-tasting tap water in the U.S. (an honor it received from the U.S. Conference of Mayors in the late ’90s).

Could it be the winter festival each February called Fur Rendezvous (or “Fur Rondy,” for short). Or perhaps it’s because it’s one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in the U.S. Whatever the reason, those who hail from Anchorage like it there.

6. El Paso, TX

10 Cities With The Most Pride In Themselves

Source: Flickr user garlandcannon

What do Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor; late “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry, and Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Stevie Nicks have in common? They all called El Paso their home at one point or another.

The Sun City was No. 6 in our city-pride survey.

7. Cleveland, OH

10 Cities With The Most Pride In Themselves

Source: Flickr user Ken Lund

Sure, Cleveland can be the butt of a load of jokes, but it must be doing something right to end up tied for seventh with three other cities.

What does Cleveland offer the world? How about the ever-growing Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum? Or the Great Geauga County Fair, which recently celebrated its 192nd running. And don’t forget the more competitive Cleveland Cavaliers, thanks in part to the return of LeBron James. Right, so, who’s laughing now?

7. Fort Wayne, IN

10 Cities With The Most Pride In Themselves

Source: Flickr user Kristina Frazier-Henry

The home refrigerator was invented in 1913. Where? Fort Wayne.

The first pro-baseball game was played in 1871. Where? Fort Wayne. Who won? Fort Wayne.

What’s the birthplace of the Detroit Pistons? No, the team moved to Detroit from…that’s right, Fort Wayne.

Seeing the trend here? Fort Wayne is a town of movers and shakers. And the movers and shakers who live there now like their city a lot, earning it a tie for seventh place.

7. Laredo, TX

10 Cities With The Most Pride In Themselves

Source: Flickr user Barbara Brannon

Despite a growing crime problem in its sister city in Mexico (Nuevo Laredo), the largest inland port city in the U.S. has seen a lower overall crime rate in each of the years from 2008 to 2013.

But there are other plenty of reasons to get on the Laredo pride train, such as the annual Washington’s Birthday Celebration festival (February 2015 will bring the 118th). And let’s not forget the classic song, “The Streets of Laredo,” which has been recorded by Bing Crosby, Johnny Cash, and many others?

7. Lubbock, TX

10 Cities With The Most Pride In Themselves

Source: Flickr user brykmantra

Lubbock topped the list in our “These Are America’s 10 Best Cities for Professional Women” article for its low commute time, low unemployment, and high adjusted income for women.

But it also was tagged as the most boring city in our “These Are The 10 Most Boring Cities In America” story, because of its lack of fast-food options, light count of nightlife venues, and slightly older population.

Maybe we’ll be back in Lubbock’s good graces, considering it tied for seventh in this survey. Really, it’s not about us… as long as Lubbockians like where they are, we hope that makes them happy.

City Pride, You Shouldn’t Hide

We know this won’t be the final word on local pride—it’s a never-ending contest and every survey will likely have a new set of winners. The best you can do is put your hometown pride on display for the world to see. Be loud and proud about where you’re from, and share with others cool events and attractions that can be found in your town.

Oh, and you might want to nudge your city toward that plate-glass window over there, because it has some food in its teeth…

How We Created This Ranking

To get our prideful city list, we started with the 2010 population counts from the U.S. Census Bureau to determine the 100 most popular cities in the U.S.

We turned to Facebook to find out how many users aged 18 and up live in each of these cities (the population) and how many of them Like their city page (the Likes).

Once we had those figures for all 100 cities, we divided the Likes by the population to get the percentage of people who Like their city. The higher the number, the bigger the ratio of hometown-lovin’ folks these towns had.

Cities With The Most Pride In Themselves

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