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These Are America’s 10 Most Caring Cities

Need a hug? You’ll definitely find plenty of warm and loving folks in these 10 most caring places.

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Maybe you’ve been feeling a little down lately. Maybe times are tough, you’re down on your luck, and you feel like no one cares.

First of all, let us assure you that people do care and that you’re awesome. We don’t even need to meet you to know that. Also, there are some cities in particular where caring is the name of the game, so you’ll never be truly alone.

Where are these supportive and sensitive cities? The Movoto Real Estate Blog definitely cares about our lists, and we figured we’d rank the most caring cities.  As it turns out, they exist all across the nation, and there are 10 places in particular that really know how to offer a shoulder to cry or lean on.

The most caring cities in America were:

1. Atlanta, GA
2. Austin, TX
3. Tucson, AZ
4. Baton Rouge, LA
5. New Orleans, LA
6. Las Vegas, NV
7. Santa Ana, CA
8. Birmingham, AL
9. Nashville, TN
10. Durham, NC

You might be a little shocked at some of these locales, but it’s all done by the numbers.

If you want to know where your city ranked, you can check the chart at the bottom of this article. Of course, if you’re curious how exactly we did all this, you can just read the next section, where we’ll go over our methodology.

Our Methodology

We took great care in crafting this caring Big Deal List and, because of that, there were a lot of criteria here.

We first made a list of the 100 largest cities in the U.S. and found data using sources including the 2010 U.S. Census, Facebook, and local business listings in criteria we saw as indicative of caring. Those were:

  • Student-counselor ratio
  • Charitable donations by percent of income
  • Crimes per 100,000 people (the lower the better)
  • Pet shelters and rescue per capita
  • Homeless services per capita
  • Mental health counselors and therapists per capita
  • Percent of workers who carpool (caring for the environment)
  • Facebook Likes for “charities and causes” per capita

We were really aiming at focusing on all sorts of caring, whether it’s for veterans, students, the poor, pets, the environment, or those who are just feeling down. That way, places that cared the most about the greatest number of things reigned supreme.

Once we had that info, we ranked each place in each category from one to 100, with scores closer to one being better. Then we averaged each location’s rankings into one Big Deal Score, with a lower number for that being more caring. From there, it was easy to see that the most caring city was Atlanta.

Still surprised? Let’s take a look at why each of our top 10 got where they were, if that’s alright with you, of course. It’s okay if you want to take your time, no worries.

1. Atlanta, GA

Most Caring Cities In America

Source: Flickr user DVIDSHUB

Maybe it has something to do with Southern hospitality, but the people of Atlanta really care a lot.

The pet shelters here ranked No. 3, the mental health professionals were numerous, and the homeless services ranked No. 16. Heck, a huge portion of people here Liked charities and causes on Facebook, sharing the things they care about with others.

Probably the most telling and impressive thing here, though, was the 17th highest charitable donations rank, with locals offering 6 percent of their yearly income to those in need.

Many also donate their time to organizations like Project GRAD Atlanta and Metro Atlanta Recovery Residences.

2. Austin, TX

Most Caring Cities In America

Source: Flickr user Governor Rick Perry

Austin was definitely ready to support those in need, be they human or animal.

For starters, this place had the 12th most shelters and rescue programs for all our furry friends’ needs. So if you’re looking to adopt a new buddy, you might want to consider heading to one of those organizations, like the Austin Animal Center.

Of course, they love humans too. Austin had the 11th most homeless services per capita on our list, and the 14th most mental health professionals.

To top that all off, this place had the 13th most Facebook Likes for charities and causes, so locals are willing to shout loud and proud how much they care.

3. Tucson, AZ

Most Caring Cities In America

Source: Flickr user Erin and Lance Willett

People who want a city that all around just cares might want to check out Tucson. Most of the scores here were in the top 50 for each category, and many were in the top 30.

There were the 15th most pet shelters here, the 26th most homeless services, and the 29th most counseling and mental health professionals. Basically, if you need support for your troubles, whatever they are, you’ll probably be able to find some help in this city.

The big standout here, though, was the crime—or lack thereof. Tucson had the fourth lowest crime per 100,00 people, meaning that you have some very caring police and a populace that really looks out for its community and environment.

4. Baton Rouge, LA

Most Caring Cities In America

Source: Flickr user Mohan Ayyar

This city has a history of opening its doors to those in need.

Immediately following Hurricane Katrina, Baton Rouge took in as many as 200,000 displaced residents, and before then C.B. and Irene Pennington donated $125,000,000 to construct a new biomedical research campus that is still in use today. In short, This place is always ready to lend a helping hand.

The numbers definitely back up that history. This city had the eighth most charitable donations and the 26th most facebook likes per capita, meaning that individuals throughout the community are ready to open their wallets and hearts. Even up to 6.8 percent of their income.

The other standout here was the highest student-counselor ratio on our list. So if you’re a student and you need help, be it with grades, your future, or just negative feelings in your life, Baton Rouge is ready to make sure you get the assistance you need.

5. New Orleans, LA

Most Caring Cities In America

Source: Flickr user Charles & Hudson

Another Louisiana city, New Orleans has seen its fair share of hard times. Still, the city’s caring nature has persevered, as evidenced by some really strong numbers in every area. In fact, every ranking this city had was in the top 60.

In particular, this place had a huge percent of the population sharing their charities and causes on Facebook, so it’s easy to pass along things you care about for support here.

It also didn’t hurt that this place had a ton of charitable donations, with locals spending an average of 5.6 percent of their income on organizations like NOFAH.

Students will also find themselves well supported here, considering this place had the third highest student-counselor ratio. So when finals are stressing you out, you know you have someplace to turn to.

6. Las Vegas, NV

Most Caring Cities In America

Source: Flickr user Gloria

You might think of this place as Sin City, rather than the hub of hugs, but Las Vegas actually has a lot of love to go around.

In particular, it loves its fluffy friends, with a huge number of pet shelters and rescue organizations, such as Animal Foundation, where your next new friend might just be waiting.

The city loved people too, and not just in that tourism way. The 14th most homeless services per capita called this place home, as did a huge percent of workers that carpool, and many mental health professionals. So whether you want to save the environment or your sanity, it’s pretty easy here.

People here certainly weren’t afraid to show off how much they cared, either. The 20th most Facebook Likes for charities and causes definitely speaks to that.

So, all in all, you can bet Las Vegas locals are always feeling pretty lucky.

7. Santa Ana, CA

Most Caring Cities In America

Source: Flickr user Mars Hill Church Seattle

People often think of California as being a little greener. You know, caring about the environment more.

That’s certainly true here, where people cut down on pollution and helped out their dear co-workers with the highest percent of workers who carpool regularly, at over 17 percent.

Of course, that wasn’t the only impressive rank here. Locals and law enforcement cared about safety enough to give this city the seventh lowest crime per 100,000 people on our list.

Santa Ana folks didn’t just care about each other, either—they also adored animals. The 11th most pet shelters per capita and the numerous rescue organizations are proof enough of that.

8. Birmingham, AL

Most Caring Cities In America

Source: Flickr user Alby Headrick

Folks trying to help the environment, and fellow workers, will be pleased to see that this spot had the 12th highest percent of coworkers who carpool, as well as the 19th most counseling and mental health professionals per capita.

The most telling score, however, was the second most charitable donations. Birmingham folks donated an absolutely stunning 10.9 percent of their income to charity, so hearts and wallets are definitely open here.

9. Nashville, TN

Most Caring Cities In America

Source: Flickr user Don Sniegowski

Nashville cared across the board, whether it was for animals, the homeless, students, or just charities in general. The numbers back that up pretty strongly, so folks shouldn’t be surprised at this city showing up on our top 10.

For starters, this place had the 17th most pet shelters as well as tons of homeless services. The 11th most charitable donations also indicated that people have big hearts, and are willing to share the wealth.

Though this city might be known for country music, it should probably also be known as a great place for students, seeing as it had the ninth best student-counselor ratio.

10. Durham, NC

Most Caring Cities In America

Source: Flickr user Mricon

Durham definitely has a lot of love to give.

For starters, Durham offers the seventh best student counselor ratio and the ninth most mental health professionals per capita.

And that’s only the start of this place’s generosity. Locals cared enough about the environment and their fellow workers to carpool to work often, with over 13 percent of workers sharing rides.

Of course, locals were also willing to donate more than just a ride to work. The city boasted the 15th most charitable donations, with people offering and average of 6.1 percent of their income to charities like Hope Animal Rescue. Now that’s caring.

Does Somebody Need A Hug?

Hugs are pretty great even if you don’t need them, but the question still stands. If you’re in search of a place where you know people care about all sorts of problems, a place where people want to help those in need and are more than willing to do so, then these are the 10 best places for you.

If you’re not in one of these great places, that’s okay, since you can always brighten whatever corner of the world you’re in every day. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, adopt an adult cat from a shelter, and try carpooling to work. And, of course, always remember that you’re awesome.

Most Caring Places In America

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posted on: August 21, 2014
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  1. Nancy

    Tucson is a very friendly caring city. Many people have moved here from other cities or countries and this is a welcoming place to land.

  2. Teri

    Tucson is so caring we have bumper stickers that say “BE KIND” which is also in on side of building downtown. Tucson is home to Ben’s Bells go to their website to view one of the many things that make Tucson caring.


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