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These Are The Best Cities In America For 2014

If you’re curious about which cities had a great year in 2014, look no further than this fun, informative list.

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With a new year on the horizon, everyone is all about New Year’s resolutions, looking ahead, and planning for the future. Here at the Movoto Real Estate Blog, we’ve decided to look back before we move forward.

Specifically, we’re talking about revisiting our city rankings from 2014. We’ve done so many rankings this year, in fact, that it can be hard to figure out what city fared best overall.

Just like this time last year, we’ve put together a whole new ranking, to show the big city that fared the best in 2014 according to all the statistical analyses we produced on the nation’s top 100 cities by size.

After crunching the numbers, the top 10 cities were:

1. Birmingham, AL
2. Tucson, AZ
3. Rochester, NY
4. Pittsburgh, PA
5. Cincinnati, OH
6. Buffalo, NY
7. Denver, CO
8. Baton Rouge, LA
9. Austin, TX
10. Las Vegas, NV (tie)
10. Raleigh, NC (tie)

How exactly did we get this ranking? Fear not, we’ll tell you all about that in the very next section. And if you’re curious if your city did well, you can see the top 50 places in the table at the bottom of this article.

How We Ranked the Nation’s Most Awesome Places

To get this biggest Big Deal List of all Big Deal Lists, we looked back at the year and examined the times we ranked the 100 most populated cities in the U.S. We only used rankings where the cities we listed were the same, and only used rankings we produced this year to find the best of the best. Those rankings were:

1. Most Caring Cities
2. Most Stressed Cities (using the least stressed cities)
3. Most Boring Cities (using the least boring cities)
4. Snobbiest Cities (using the least snobby cities)
5. Cities With The Most State Pride
6. Best Cities For Cats (for fun!)

Come on— the Internet loves cats, right?

Looking at these lists, we took numbers from the Big Deal Scores and ranked them all from 1 to 100. Then we averaged each place’s rankings into a final Big Deal Score, and the place with the lowest number for that score became our top city of 2014.

Of course, most places in our top 10 made the list for very different reasons. Let’s take a moment with each of this year’s best places to see why they’re being recognized for being just plain awesome.

1. Birmingham, AL

Best Cities In America 2014

Source: Flickr user David Smith

Birmingham had a pretty great year in a lot of interesting areas.

First of all, none of its rankings were outside of the top 40, and many were in the top 20. In particular, this city was the eighth most caring, the 18th best for cats, and the 29th least boring.

The biggest score here, though, was the very great marks in state pride. This city loved Alabama so much that they had the third most state pride out of the places we looked at. All that meant that this spot’s average ranking was 20.83.

Way to go, Birmingham!

2. Tucson, AZ

Best Cities In America 2014

Source: Flickr user mousetrout

It’s hot in these parts, which you might expect considering this is Arizona, but the scores here were smoking hot, too. Tucson scored well in most areas, with three of its scores being within the top 10.

Those stellar scores were the third most caring, the seventh least stressed, and most impressively the best city for cats. You might say this city is the cat’s meow, but you probably won’t because that’s a lame joke.

It’s worth mentioning that Tucson was more middle of the pack for snobbishness and excitement, but the positives this city boasts are more than worth it.

3. Rochester, NY

Best Cities In America 2014

Source: Flickr user Benjamin Golub

This New York locale had great scores across the board. In general, there were no negative scores here, except for a touch of snobbishness, but this spot was still better than over half of the nation.

Outside of that, Rochester tended to score in the top quarter of the rankings. This city had plenty of state pride, pretty low stress, and was anything but boring. What more could you ask for?

The two standout scores here were the 14th place finish for the most caring cities, and the impressive No. 8 ranking for the best cat cities in America. This city’s love for kitties has them sitting pretty.

4. Pittsburgh, PA

Best Cities In America 2014

Source: Flickr user Kamau Akabueze

Pittsburgh put up some pretty great stats as well. In fact, all but one of the rankings for this city were in the top quarter of the nation. It’s no wonder residents were ranked as little snobby.

More specifically, this city was the 13th least boring as well as the 13th most caring, and that’s definitely a cocktail for for good-spirited fun. Still, this place managed to be low stress and great for our feline friends.

The top score, however, was that this place had the fifth most state pride, as a large percent of the population Liked Pennsylvania on Facebook.

5. Cincinnati, OH

Best Cities In America 2014

Source: Flickr user adam.

This city’s scores were actually quite similar to Pittsburgh’s, but they were just behind in a few areas. We will say, this city was a little less snobby than Pittsburgh, but it still scored 61 out of 100 in that category.

On to the supremely good news. This city was fantastic for cats, scoring 24th in that area, and was very caring for citizens and animals alike. And anyone who lives there can tell you it’s certainly not boring.

This was also the second proudest city we looked at, as far as its love for Ohio. It was a little more stressful than other places, sure, but it was still within the top third of the nation in that regard.

6. Buffalo

Best Cities In America 2014

Source: Flickr user Ed Yourdon

The second New York city on our list landed where it did for some very good reasons.

None of the scores here were in the top 10, but they were still solid no matter how you looked at it. Only its rank for most caring was No. 52, and even that still is hardly the worst score on in the nation.

Beyond that, Buffalo was very low stress, was pretty good for cats, and was definitely not snobby. Well, unless it’s about the state residents they live in, because this spot had the 34th most state pride.

In the end, this place had so much going for it that it was a fun and lovely place to call home (apart from the snow). It was even the 19th least boring in America.

7. Denver, CO

Best Cities In America 2014

Source: Flickr user Eric Lubbers

Denver wasn’t the most laid back place in the country, but that’s okay, because the locals support each other. If you don’t believe us, just look to the fact that this city was the 16th most caring in America. Well, they also love cats, so they’ve got that going for them.

The most impressive numbers here had to do with state pride. In fact, out of all the places we looked at, Denver had the most pride for Colorado out of any other city in the state. The city was also the 10th least boring, so you’ll never be hunting for something to do while there.

All of this might be why Denver had a bit of a snobbier vibe, but given what they have going for them, they’ve earned it.

8. Baton Rouge, LA

Best Cities In America 2014

Source: Flickr user Jeff

This city has a long history of caring about its neighbors and Louisiana in general. Nowadays, it has the numbers to back that up.

Baton Rouge was the fourth most caring city in 2014, and had the ninth most state pride for the state.

All that love and enthusiasm might have had something to do with the 16th lowest stress on our list. You might expect this place to be a little snobby because of that, but even that score was only middle of the pack.

9. Austin, TX

Best Cities In America 2014

Source: Flickr user Man of Austin

We’ll start by saying that Austin is a little snobby sometimes, but maybe it’s just that Texas spirit shining through. Beyond that, all the scores here were pretty fantastic.

The best scores here were the 13th most state pride (no surprise there) and the second most caring attitude.

On top of that, this city was also pretty low-stress. That probably had something to do with all the great recreational options here, that also helped this spots score in the least boring department.

As icing on the cake, Austin was even pretty good for cats, which is always a plus.

10. Las Vegas, NV

Best Cities In America 2014

Source: Flickr user boldly wanderlust

Is there ever really a bad year in Las Vegas? This Nevada locale was kind of stuck up, admittedly, but with all the cool stuff going on around here all the time, can you really blame locals?

This city was the sixth most caring, owing in part to the many pet shelters they have in the area. That also helped Vegas take home the No. 2 spot for best cities for cats. The city was a little stressed, but losing your savings gambling can really stress a person out after all.

It goes without saying that this city was definitely not boring, and locals here loved their home state enough to give them the 16th most state pride.

10. Raleigh, NC

Best Cities In America 2014

Source: Flickr user chiavatti

Finishing up this list and the tie for 10th place, Raleigh had a bit of an attitude going on (and with good reason).

Like many places in our top 10, this spot had a lot to be proud about, including their home state, as evidenced by the 26th place finish in state pride.

All in all, Raleigh’s scores were pretty solid. There was low stress, it wasn’t boring, and the city was great for cat lovers and their feline friends.

The best score, and an important one here, was the 12th place finish for most caring cities. So if you want to relax, have fun, and be in a place where folks are proud of their home, then you’ll definitely find it in this North Carolina locale.

Another Year Older, Another Year Better

Well, at least for these fine cities. Of course, we’re sure your city had a fine year as well, but these places just fared the best, and for that we tip our caps to them.

If you’re looking to move to someplace where everything is just that much better, feel free to drop us a line. In addition to making informative rankings, we also sell houses, and we’re sure we can find you something to suit your want and needs.

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