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The 10 Most Redneck Cities in America

Crack open a PBR tallboy and find out if you live in one of the 10 most redneck cities in America.

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Whenever someone asks me where I’m from, I proudly say “Austin”—the land of live music, beautiful parks, active, healthy people, art, theater, and open-mindedness. It is the little blue dot in a red state. But the further I get from home, the more specific I find I have to be. For example, a conversation had in the Bahamas a few years ago:

“Where are you from?”




“Oh. Like George Bush, right? Where’s your horse?”

So you see the problem. But Austin is not alone in this. Regular people all over the country are surrounded every day by gun-toting, cowboy boot-wearing, country bumpkins. You know the type—they’re the folks who you run into at Walmart at 1 a.m.; NASCAR is their religion; and high school was just something they did for a couple of years, like flared jeans or TiVo were for the rest of us.

The rednecks.

Now, I don’t use this term negatively at all. In fact, thanks to Jeff Foxworthy with his hundreds of “you might be a redneck” jokes, the term has been adopted fondly, proudly, by these tobaccie-spittin’ folk. Jokes are not the only redneck litmus test, though. Turns out—and I want to get this right—yew mat just be a redneck if yew live in one of these cities:

  1. Atlanta, GA
  2. Kansas City, MO
  3. Oklahoma City, OK
  4. Nashville, TN
  5. Tulsa, OK
  6. Fort Worth, TX
  7. Arlington, TX
  8. Sacramento, CA
  9. Cleveland, OH
  10. Mesa, AZ

How We Did It

Being from Austin [Texas], I’ve had my fair share of encounters with rednecks over the years—when I’m buying groceries, walking around the city, pickin’ up ammo for my .22, etc. So coming up with criteria for this post was not difficult for me; in fact, the hardest part was narrowing it down. You see, rednecks are a surprisingly diverse folk—they love home cookin’, but they love fast food; they love their dogs, but they love their taxidermied animals just the same. In the end, though, I narrowed it down to these eight most essential criteria:

  • Percent of population that didn’t complete high school
  • Number of gun and ammo stores per capita
  • Number of taxidermists per capita
  • Number of cowboy boot stores per capita
  • Number of country radio stations per capita
  • Number of NASCAR race tracks close by
  • Number of Walmarts per capita
  • Number of riding lawn mower/tractor repair shops per capita

With this list set and my theme music at the ready, I set out to rank the 50 largest cities by population in the U.S., according to each criteria, score them from 1 to 50 (the lower, the better—or the worse, depending on how you look at it), and average those rankings to get our top 10. And since we’re already talking numbers here, let’s start with some edumacation.

I Went 2 Hi Skool

I’m sure you did, Jimmy Bob, but in order to escape the No. 1 criteria, you’d have actually had to graduate from high school.

To find the cities with the lowest high school graduation rates, I used the U.S. Census Bureau and found the percent of each city’s population that did not finish high school. Number one was actually Cleveland, OH (one of the big reasons it made our top 10), and the city with the fewest high school dropouts was Seattle. Way to go, Washington! Cleveland, this is exactly why you should stay in school.

I’d Like a Latte and a .22

Source: Flickr user formatted_dad

In some states—mine included—buying and carrying a gun seems to be as easy as ordering and drinking a latte, and to find these numbers I turned to Not going to lie, this research kind of terrified me. Mesa, AZ ranked No. 1 in its number of gun/ammo stores per capita, with its population of just about 446,000 and a whopping 132 gun/ammo stores. After all, Arizona was recently ranked the “best state for gun owners,” as you don’t even need a permit to openly carry a gun in public. New York City came in as the city with the least gun shops per capita, with just 30 stores to its over eight million residents. Not surprisingly, The Big Apple was listed the worst for gun owners—and probably for rednecks as well.

That’s Just Bill, My Stuffed Possum

With all of the guns rednecks seem to be toting around, someone is bound to get hurt. More often than not that someone is an unlucky animal, which soon turns into an even unluckier stuffed animal over the mantel. After all, how would guests know they were entering a redneck-friendly environment without the dead possum hanging on the wall? To find the number of taxidermists per capita, I turned, again, to and found, not surprisingly, a pretty direct correlation with number of gun stores and number of taxidermists. Minneapolis, MN made the ranks at number one, Mesa ranked in the top three, and again, New York City came in last.

These Boots Are Made for Rednecks

There is a common misconception that rednecks wear cowboy boots like frat boys wear loafers, i.e., all the time. But truly, cowboy boots are brought out for those special occasions—dinner, dancin’, maybe some Bingo. Nonetheless, boots and western wear are staples of any redneck fashionista’s wardrobe. In order to find the number of cowboy boot/western wear stores per capita, I again used YellowPages. Coming in first was Arlington, TX—no shock there. But number two was a little surprising: Long Beach, CA with 58 cowboy boot/western wear stores—that’s over twice the amount in Austin!

“We Got Both Kinds: Country and Western”

This famous line from “The Blues Brothers” describes the two types of music they offer in this particular bar called Bob’s Country Bunker. Now, if you watched that scene and you didn’t get the joke, well you may be a redneck, because to any good redneck, country western music is the only type of music. So I used Wikipedia’s list of U.S. Country Music stations to find out how many country music stations were based in each city’s limits—meaning the address literally needed to be inside the city. Some of them were pretty predictable: Nashville had the most with four stations based in the city, tying for second were San Antonio and Minneapolis with three, and some cities like Miami and Long Beach had zero country stations based there. Surprisingly, though, Arlington, TX and Mesa, AZ are also not homes to country music stations. Maybe they just don’t have the technology yet?

NASCAR: Hallelujah!

To any true, red-blooded redneck, NASCAR is not so much a hobby, but a religion. Saturdays and Sundays are sacred, filled with races on the TV, tallboys, cigarettes, and plenty of holiness (“Holy $#*@! Ya’ll see how fast he wuz goin’?”) In some the most prestigious of redneck cities, though, the joy of NASCAR is not just restricted to the TV, but can be a live action event. That’s why we took into consideration those cities that actually have NASCAR tracks close by (within 30 miles), with the help of Wikipedia’s list of America’s NASCAR tracks. Now this is a pretty particular criterion here, so most of the cities didn’t have any at all, and only half of our top 10 had one nearby. But for the lucky folks in Charlotte, Indianapolis, Fort Worth, Atlanta, and Mesa, NASCAR can be praised like it should be. Can I get a hallelujah?!

Meet Me at Walmart

Source: Flickr user Ron Dauphin

Somehow or another Walmart has been deemed the redneck’s everything place. Need a new lawn mower? Head to Walmart. Some ammo for your gun, sir? Walmart. Even if you are restless in the middle of the night, you can head to Walmart and be in good company (or scary company, depending on where you’re from.) So, once again, I turned to to find the number of Walmarts per capita in each city. Las Vegas, Wichita, and Mesa came in at the top three with the most Walmarts per capita, while New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Seattle, and Boston all tied in last with zero Walmarts per capita. I guess them city folk just get their lawn mowers from someplace else.

And Speaking of Lawn Mowers

The final criterion in the great search for the most redneck cities was the number of riding lawn mower repair shops per capita. Why? Because anyone can go outside and mow their clean square of lawn with a regular little lawnmower (for you big city folks, see here); but it takes a real redneck to go so far as repair and maintain a riding lawnmower like you might your BMW. To find the cities with the highest number of riding mower/tractor repair shops per capita, I turned, again, to

If you’ve ever seen “King of the Hill,” you might have guessed that Arlington, TX, the city that the show is based on, came in first place. And if you’ve ever seen a city map, you probably know that New York came in last.

Adding It All Up (The One That Looks Like “+”)

To find our final list of the 10 most “redneckedy” cities in the good ol’ US of A, we took each of these criteria, used one of them fancy calculator things to average their rank, and came up with each city’s final score. And if yer city’s number ranked smaller than the number of cars in your yard, well, you just mat be a redneck.

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posted on: May 9, 2013
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  1. Gatchaman1

    Arlington, as you should know being from Austin, Tx, is sandwiched in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Area. As you know, the Dallas Cowboys new stadium is in Arlington, TX. So, Arlington shares gets its Country Music from both cities.

    • GetAGrip in response to Gatchaman1

      Right! And I’m sure the only reason they have a lot of boot stores is to capitalize off the morons that come from out of town (tourists) that want to get themselves some reeeaaal cowboy boots. I’m honestly starting to question how authentically Texan this guy really is. Most people in the country know that about Arlington. It’s as if he’s never been anywhere in the state outside of Austin City Limits.

      • Nice try, but no. in response to GetAGrip

        Arlington has many boot stores- not only because land is cheaper for warehouses, etc., but also it is a destination for visitors whether it be a Rangers game, Cowboys game, Six Flags, or Hurricane Harbor. Also, why would Arlington need their own country music station when it sits between two cities (not sure what those commies teach down in Austin, but radio waves work for more than one city ’round here).

        Another reason most Texans dislike Austinites; just a bunch of self-righteous wannabe hippies. No need to be snobby about Austin considering y’all have the most homeless people I’ve ever seen. Best decision I’ve made choosing not to attend UT.
        Your little dialogue between you and someone in the Bahamas also means very litte… It’s a terribly poor and widely uneducated country, so knowing which city you’re from is not a big deal. Try visiting the new George W. Bush Library at SMU and maybe it’ll change your opinion.

        • GMan in response to Nice try, but no.

          He could visit UT Arlington – most of the schools there (Business, Engineering, Architecture, Nursing, Automation and Robotics, etc) outperform the other major universities in the state including UT Austin, and many in the nation. No need to go to SMU or TCU to know that Arlington is the center of the Metroplex and sports entertainment. There may be a handful of rednecks there at best.

        • Duran in response to Nice try, but no.

          If you were as educated as you perceive yourself to be, I would think you would have done a simple google search before making a comment of how “terribly poor and uneducated” Bahamians were. We are only behind Canada and the u.s in the west and around 30th in the world of GDP per capita. Shame on you, I really like texans too they are very nice, polite and generous when they visit my country.

  2. Shane Hood

    Yew mat be stupid if yins give this here list any real considerashun!


    • jules in response to Shane Hood

      also in tulsa,your comment was great! nice to know that there is someone else out there that can just get a laugh from this! i was raised in atl before moving here so i found it particularly amusing. lmfao!

  3. you failed

    I get the humor behind it, and I’m not saying parts of KC are redneck…but for those of you who actually are dumb enough to think that is KC’s city hall. No…this is city hall

    • GS in response to you failed

      THANK YOU. I was looking for a pic of my own to post when I saw this. Those that are trying to make the middle of the country out to be uneducated and unsophisticated are showing their own ignorance. The sad thing is that SOME people will believe this.

  4. RedNeck PhD

    Hi my name is ______ and I am a Red Neck! Hi ______!

    Yes I graduated from high school,went to college, earned several degrees. Earn well into the 6 figure club! And I started out in a bean field pulling weeds in the summer. That’s where the RedNeck came from and I’m proud of it, I wear tennis shoes, boots hurt too much, I own many guns and I like them just fine. I have never attended a NASCAR event and I can not stand to watch it. Nothing stuffed around here, fix my own mower, don’t use tobacco never have, listen to 70’s & 80’s rock, Bob Seger, Boston, lynyrd skynyrd (southern rock) oh, all of my class mates graduated.

    I think your vales are too heavily weighted on dropout rates. Might want to redefine your parameters. Kids that can get red necks don’t attend KC high schools, they live in the surrounding cities. KC has one of the worst education programs like St. Louis. Funny thing is, all of the administration is running around quoting MLK and wearing bow ties hoping that will inspire the students, as they stab each other in the back.

    You have a good day now. Yuoall!

    • Dakota O'Leary in response to RedNeck PhD

      First of all, surprised Nebraska didn’t make the list (and I mean anywhere in Nebraska, with everyone around me toting rifles and driving big ass diesel pickups, they all dress like urban cowboys with their Wrangler jeans, boots, silk scarves around the neck and cowboy hats. And they are NOT tourists). Secondly, I don’t understand all the angst amongst rednecks. They’re all so proud of being on cable (think Honey Boo Boo), love NASCAR, decry education every time they vote Republican (the part who famously hates education and describes those who have one as “elites,”) I say if you don’t like being treated like a stereotype, then quit being one.

      • Jake in response to Dakota O'Leary

        You sir dont have a god dammed clue in hell what you are talking about. First of all, all of you urbanites alwase say “Gun toting” or talk about guns as if they are a bad thing. If you people wana talk about gun violence go find an article about the inner city to bitch and moan and fear guns.

        Secondly, Your ridiculous claims that the Republican party is anti-eduction are just as unfounded as your beliefe that all country folks are Republicans. My mothers family is very heavily democrat and they are almost entirely small town folks and farmers.

        Go back to your lattes and MSNBC city boy.

  5. Slack One

    Dear Austin,

    Even though you’ve traded your Justins for TOMS, insist that your enchiladas include organic goat cheese, and your pickup truck is a hybrid…please realize that the hippie big dogs you’re trying to run with know you’re still Texans. No matter how large you grow your unkempt hippie beard, it won’t wrap around your head and hide your red neck.

    Your Redneck Neighbors in Tulsa

  6. butreallytho

    So, everyone in Kansas City lives in a barn? You apparently have never been here. I bet I live in a bigger/nicer house than you.

  7. Sarah

    And exactly how does Kansas city,Mo figure into the number 2 spot? We have 1 NASCAR Track close to us and it’s in Kansas not Missouri! We have 6 Walmart stores in Kansas city Missouri. 6 Gun shops in Kansas City. 6 Taxidermy places. 2 country music stations and 4 riding lawn mower shops. Your data is skewed to make Kansas city, Missouri look bad, and your intelligence level is exactly what I would expect from someone who has never been to KCMO or knows anything about KCMO. KCMO is not a part of Kansas or affiliated with Kansas city Kansas at all, and quite frankly I don’t enjoy being lumped into a stereotype of being a redneck. I mean thank God I never intend to visit Austin Texas it’s just full of buildings that pay tribute to phallus’s and stuck up yuppie people that want to “Keep Austin weird”.

    • Wayne in response to Sarah

      Sarah you are way off and wrong about your stats to. You should probably double check your own work before writing a paragraph of bs.

    • dw in response to Sarah

      I’ve lived in KC for 20 yrs now and not by CHOICE. I’m from the Boston area 393 years in Plymouth for our family. But I knew immediately this was a redneck town MIZZOURA! I miss the educated public, ocean and mountains. Ive been in 3 tornadoes out here and would like to leave REDNECK CITY. NOW i have a VALID REASON! Thanks movoto.

      • Narbonne in response to dw

        Actually people in KC call it Missouri, not Missoura, and get annoyed when people do. I’ve lived here most of my life and have never been in a tornado, but when you are from here being in a tornado means a building that was actually destroyed by one, not just a warning. Also, I’m probably getting trolled because it’s pretty obvious that people in Boston are no smarter then KC.

        • Irving 143 in response to Narbonne

          Seconded. I’m from Columbia, MO (the college town on the interstate between KC and San Looie), and it was Missour-ee there.

      • ELI in response to dw

        I am from Alabama. KCMO IS NOT A REDNECK CITY. I have lived. in KCMO off and on my (15 yrs total in KCMO). I know about rednecks you obviously don’t.

    • Vicki M. in response to Sarah

      Way to go Sarah. Movato, whoever you are, you are way off on this one. Everyone thinks that Kansas City is in Kansas, but in realty the major city is in Missouri. This side of the state line is where all the culture is. We have the Kauffman Performing Arts center, Nelson-Atkins Museum, two major league sports franchises and many, many more big city ammenities. Now if you want to describe a redneck city, you don’t get any bigger than KCK. My gosh they are the one that has the race track. Probably half of the country music stations are located on their side. They have an outlet mall (Legends)that they try to pass off as a major mall and that hillbilly water park they have can’t compare to ours. I know we get confused a lot with having the stupid name of Kansas in our city name, but come on, get it right!

      • Amber in response to Vicki M.

        Wow Vicki. First, its pretty clear the author wrote it about the metro area. Second, while the Kansas side doesn’t have performing arts centers and has more country stations, there is also more colleges, a higher median income per capita, and the #1 school in the state of Kansas. I am in no way saying the Kansas side is better, however I think its a little off beat to jump to the authors defense and to join the “cool kid” hipster bandwagon by pointing fingers saying “well we have their name but THEY are the freaks”…

        • Vicki M. in response to Amber

          Sorry to disappoint you Miss Amber,I am not uneducated. It may surprise you but people in Missouri go to college too. You are wrong, the author of this article did say it was KCMO, NOT the metro area. Big deal you have many colleges in your state, still doesn’t change the fact that KCK is a big redneck area and KCMO is not!

          • Caite in response to Vicki M.


            The only folks who think the actual urban/principal city of Kansas City is in Kansas are uninformed people like you, your family, and people you know. You do realize you’re projecting and letting the quality of people you associate with be known by saying “most people think KC is in KS”, right? Actually, there are many normal, decent folks who don’t know which state KC is in. Not everybody travels for work or knows anybody here. And there is a fairly large Kansas City in KS! Not to mention the corporate/big-city suburbs of KC are in KS! Oh, and KCK rural or country? NO. Actually, I think there’s more rural in KCMO’s city limits and in JoCo. KCK has a lot of ghetto and white trash, but hardly any rural presence anymore. KCK voted 70% for Barack Obama. It’s one of the most Democratic/Liberal cities in the United States. The “rednecks” have all long left KCK because it’s largely ghetto, just like they avoid urban KCMO because it’s ghetto (well, they think it is, and they are actually right even though it’s not all ghetto).

      • Terry Giboney in response to Vicki M.

        I was going to write in, but Vicki, I couldn’t have said it any better than you did…..Kudos…its sooo frustrating that outsiders talk this way. You talk to someone in Kansas City including many, many transplants from other cities, and you get very positive feedback….only a “true” redneck, or “white trash” could’ve written this article…

    • Caite in response to Sarah

      KCK is ghetto.

      There are rednecks/rurally-cultured types all around KCMO, but KCMO doesn’t seem to have them in the mix in the urban core, and that’s too bad because diversity is good and the city is for everybody, but the “rednecks” avoid the city like the plague (high crime, etc.).

      The most redneck places around KCMO are the Missouri suburbs, even Lee’s Summit and Parkville. “Redneck” or being a rural type doesn’t equate with being uneducated or poor or anything like that – that thinking is plain ignorant.

      • Matt in response to Caite

        Hey watch it, I’m from Parkville. My family and friends that live here are about as far from redneck as can be. The neighborhood I live in is mostly upper-middle class (with college degrees). Park University is located here.

        • Caite in response to Matt

          Parkville still has a rural flavor and established population that still exists, even though it’s gradually going away as Parkville has become more of a solidly upper-middle suburb. But redneck/rural types and being well-educated and upper-middle class are NOT at odds. An absolute ton of “redneck” types are upper-middle class and very successful, usually business owners and farmers. Granted in KC we don’t have many redneck lawyers, doctors, etc., but they certainly exist in TX and the South. “Redneck” is kind of a cultural affiliation – and it spans the entire socio-economic spectrum.

      • Vicki M. in response to Caite

        You’re correct about one thing, KCK is a ghetto. The lifestyle for the criteria used by Movoto does indicate that KCK is more of a “redneck” city than Kansas City, Missouri. That is all I’m saying! As far as where rednecks live, they are probably all around our city, even in JOCO. That doesn’t change the fact that my city KCMO is where the culture is and the things that make a city a true city.

        • Caite in response to Vicki M.

          Can’t see through your own bullsh*t, can you?

          In one breath you say KCK is redneck because it’s on the list, on the other you’re arguing KCMO isnt’. I don’t think you know KCK at all and may not know KCMO very well. Both KCMO and KCK are large cities and have a diverse array of arrays. However, I do believe KCMO has more rural areas overall. But then KCK is nowhere near as urban. both KCMO and KCK are considered ghetto to ignorant folks, but in reality the entire cities aren’t ghetto because, like I said, they are large cities with a diverse array of areas. KCK is very blue collar and voted 70% for Barack Obama, but is not really redneck. There’s barely a hint of those folks even left in the most rural parts, let alone the whole city of KCK. And KCK is largely an ethnic Catholic-run city and pretty much always has been, and that’s at odds with “redneck”. KC just isn’t all that redneck period, especially the upper-middle and upper classes. We’ve always had Jews, Italians, and various ethnic Catholics, and all kinds of diversity. Redneck cities are mostly in the South, TX, and SW and are mostly protestant Christian and always have been and are only know experiencing an influx of diversity.

        • Jacob B. in response to Vicki M.

          I am not to sure what to say Vicki. I graduated from Sumner Academy, the #1 school in KS and #64 public school in the nation. Kansas City Mo just lost their accredidation as schools. Also KCMO has one largest crime percentages in the nation.

          • Caite in response to Jacob B.

            Jacob- if you knew what you were talking about you would know the KCMO school district has a school just like Sumner that ranks right along with it. Lincoln Prep.

          • Caite in response to Jacob B.

            Also, you should realize that KCK ranks right alongside KCMO in the worst crime cities lists. KCMO at least truly has a diverse array of areas. KCMO north of the river is basically JoCo. Plaza, Ward Parkway, Brookside is like Mission Hills. Midtown is very diverse and a young hotspot, similar to a college town. Downtown is like any large city’s downtown. Crossroad’s is a unique art district. River Market is unique. So KCMO’s ghetto is only part of KCMO. KCK is mostly ghetto/white trash. There’s practically no middle class in KCK. The only middle class are the ruling elite (big fish in a small pond), teachers, and nurses. KCMO has a much more diverse population, especially economically. KCK is a joke. I wouldn’t pick on KCMO while defending KCK.

    • Walker in response to Sarah

      Sorry Sarah, I lived in KCMO for 15 yrs and any US citiy that have an annual cattle drive down Main St., should automatically make this list. As of 2001 when I left KC they still were doing this. I’m not pointing fingers, I moved to the city that has the most gun/ammo stores per capita.

      KC still has the best BBQ in the nation (IMO).

  8. Jillian

    Ridiculous criteria.

  9. Cat In The ATL

    Wow. This list is absolutely terrible. Did you even do real research? I live in the city of Atlanta, and it’s many things, but redneck is not one of them.

    There are only 4 or 5 Walmarts in the entire city, not that number of Walmarts determines “redneckness”. High school graduations rates are not a good indicator either.

    Oh, look! One Arms and Ammo store inside the city! Wow, not one taxidermist shop in the city! Not one cowboy boot store in the city! Every city in the country has some country radio stations.

    Atlanta has it’s ghettos, but very few rednecks.

    The person that wrote this sad blog should probably not be writing for anything until someone teaches her to do more indepth research and learn the difference between redneck, ghetto, country, and trashy!

    • Kay in response to Cat In The ATL


    • Vicki M. from KCMO in response to Cat In The ATL

      I agree with you Cat In The ATL. Atlanta is no more a redneck city than Kansas City, Missouri is. The person that wrote this article apparently did not visit our cities. I’ve been to Atlanta and that is not the impression I got of your city.

      • Caite in response to Vicki M. from KCMO

        Are you going to deny Atlanta is Southern too?

        You’re failing to realize that just because you visited areas of Atlanta that aren’t redneck doesn’t mean huge swaths of Atlanta aren’t. Atlanta’s core is very black and yuppie and sometimes both and that is at odds with rednecks who are more likely to live in suburbs and outter fringes.

        • AtlantaNative in response to Caite

          You are very right. Many of us who were born and raised in Atlanta, no longer live there anymore. Some of us work inside the city, but many of us no longer reside there. Before yankees and tranplants, Atlanta has always been a clash of siddity southerners and those us who would be considered “backwards/country/wrong side of the tracks” southerners. I’m just glad we are still considered southern in some aspect, since much of it has been lost. Being southern is more than what this list implies, but obviously, this list was all in jest and I get that.

      • HDiaz in response to Vicki M. from KCMO

        When I saw ATL listed as #1 via a FB buddy’s post of this, I was unbelieving. I have never, ever seen ATL as “redneck”. What an absurdity!

    • Chris in response to Cat In The ATL

      Atlanta is most assuredly NOT redneck. Even the suburbs have become much more cosmopolitan, with people from all over the world living there. It makes me wonder if the author of the article has ever even been there.

    • FS in response to Cat In The ATL

      Atlanta is the financial center of the southeast and it is riddled with not only college educated professionals, it is overwrought with professionals of all walks of life with advanced degrees. This article is based on assumption and stereotyping. Yes Jeff Foxworthy (who lives down the street from me, by the way) makes fun of rednecks (as it can be a fun topic) but most of it is exaggerated myths passed down from previous generations. he is just clever and has figured out how to make millions over making fun of himself!!!! (clever guy right?…. maybe more GENIUS than redneck) :)

  10. Kity Smith

    I’m a little confused on how Kansas City, MO is #2 on your list. I used the same search engines you did and came up with 1 “cowboy” store, 4 Wal-marts, 3 taxidermist, 6 guns & ammo stores, 3 riding lawn mower repair shops, not including the 5 Sears stores, and 1 Country radio station. If you included Kansas City, KS and/or the metro area there would be higher numbers, but not in Kansas City, MO proper.

    • dw in response to Kity Smith

      i think they ment the METRO AREA of KC

      • Chris Kolmar in response to dw

        No, we meant city. No one talks about MSAs in normal human interactions.

        • dw in response to Chris Kolmar

          OK, I agree. I just found 50 GUNSHOPS in KC.

          • Kity Smith in response to dw

            You can’t count the ones in KCK or the metro area and a firing range is not a gun shop.

          • dw in response to dw

            REPLY TO MESSAGE BELOW, KITY. Well you get the message there are a lot of gun owners in KC. But MAINE has a largeb amount of hunters where my cousins are from. I would say MAINE could be Number 5, if they included states, like TX, OK, AR, LA, etc.

        • Emily in response to Chris Kolmar

          Actually, in Kansas City we do talk about MSAs in normal human interaction, or at least we group a large part of the surrounding cities and towns into “Kansas City.” Kansas City proper isn’t really very redneck at all. As others have mentioned, we have the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance, the KC Art Institute, the Kauffman Center, the Bolenger Center, the national WWI museum, the Kemper Museum, the historical 18th and Vine district…

        • Brother in response to Chris Kolmar

          So much I could say about this….But really? No one talks about MSAs in “normal human interactions”? No one may CALL them MSAs, but yes, normal humans understand the concept of metropolitan areas. And if you are in fact referring to Kansas City proper vice the metro area as a whole by the way, I’m pretty sure that makes classifying it as the second-most redneck city in the United States even less valid.

          Also, and please don’t consider this an ad hominem attack, but you should know that both you and the author of this post come across as rather condescending um–not-nice people, I’ll say. If this offends you too much to post it (which would be ironic considering what you yourselves are writing), then fine, but as professionals trying to make a good name for your company, you must appreciate constructive criticism, yes?

          To my fellow Kansas Citians defending the best metro area on Earth, don’t let these guys get you down. They were probably only attempting to get the Movoto name into circulation, and actually believe that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Anyone who’s spent any real time in KC knows what it’s really like.

  11. Cat In The ATL

    And FYI, Jeff Foxworthy isn’t an actual redneck. He makes money making fun of them. He attended one of the most prestigious public colleges in the country and worked with mainframe computers for IBM.

    Pitiful research!

    • Caite in response to Cat In The ATL

      All of the things you said don’t prove he isn’t a “redneck”.

    • FS in response to Cat In The ATL

      Yes. You are correct on this!

  12. Ricki

    Photo Fail!! That ammo is .40 S&W, not .22 lr.

  13. Roger

    Real rednecks don’t live in cities. We all graduated High School cause or moms would kick our butts if we had anything less than a C average, Not to mention we couldn’t play any sports. Oh yeah, we respect our moms and dads which is a lot more that you city folks can say. Sure we own guns and drive trucks… do you have any idea what a dirty hunt’n dog would do to your pretty prius. that’s right you can’t even get your prius to the end of the dirt road and couldn’t plug it in when you get there. I can’t even imagine trying to tie a deer across one… you’d mess up the antlers cause they’d drag on the ground.
    Just remember city folks, If it ever came down to country versus City, we’d win cause we have all the food and most of the guns… and we can shoot straight.

  14. Chad Edwards

    look I’m not saying OKC and Tulsa aren’t redneck. This state is pretty bad in that regard. However hard to make fun of rednecks as being stupid when the pictures you have the order as
    Kansas City
    Fort Worth
    Arlington Tx.

    Yet in the article you have them listed as
    Atlanta, GA
    Kansas City, MO
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Nashville, TN
    Tulsa, OK
    Fort Worth, TX
    Arlington, TX
    Sacramento, CA
    Cleveland, OH
    Mesa, AZ

    Your 3,4,5,6 rankings are all messed up.

    • Randy Nelson in response to Chad Edwards

      Thanks, Chad! Sum one musta got in thar and done broke it, sew we done fixed it!

  15. RailroadMike

    IDIOT: It comes from a Greek word “idiotes”, which refers to a person disinterested in participating in Democracy and public life. These people were viewed as selfish, contemptible and stupid as they were more concerned with daily affairs than they were of the good of society. That is why Governor Fallin got away signing a bill to sell state property like our state parks to her campaign donors, the Red Necks use to partying and use for fishing.

  16. Paula

    I think you are full of BS placing Kansas City…the city of Fountains….in second place….who is MOVATO and who gives a poop about you in the first place??

  17. Steve

    This is a totally useless, elitist article. It’s written about on the level of Brian the dog on “Family Guy”. It’s almost impossible to believe that not only is someone getting paid for this, but that it’s published at all.

    • Rick Limpert in response to Steve


      I’m doing a piece as a rebuttal to this article on Atlanta being a redneck city. Could you email me at so I could ask you a follow up question

    • Diana in response to Steve

      I think I saw Brian Griffin’s paw print on this too! So, the only thing that “popped up” for Sacramento, Ca. was the car?? Did the author get arrested in these cities? Is that behind the hostility?

    • Seth in response to Steve

      What a hilarious comment, and how hilarious the suckers who don’t see it as ironic. Brian, the dog on “Family Guy”, is BY DESIGN, the only well adjusted highly intelligent character on the show.

  18. Kay

    So Atlanta, a majority-Black metropolis (55%) and media capital of the South, is the most Redneck City in America??? I agree with Steve, this article is useless and elitist. A mess of Southern & working-class White stereotypes disguised as research. And insulting to working class people of all races.

  19. Jenny

    So how is it that Atlanta is #1 on this list as well as #1 on most nerdiest cities? I don’t think you can have both…but what do I know? I’m from Kansas City.

  20. Eric

    Methodologies are always fun to read on lists like this, which are primarily to drive traffic to a website or publication. As a proud citizen of Oklahoma City, sure there are some redneck parts to it. But it’s not the only side. There are the sides that have also produced Wayne Coyne, Kristin Chenoweth, the band Hinder, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Blake Griffin.

    We could be miffed at the list, but look at the cities: most of them are pretty good company. I don’t mind being mentioned with Ft. Worth, Nashville, Atlanta, even Cleveland and Tulsa. Fine cities, all, with scenes as diverse as any other urban metropolis — if you care to open your eyes.

  21. KansasCityPROUD

    This article was obviously intended for humor. Instead it disgusts me. Oh! HA HA! those people are “rednecks” (ie uneducated alcoholic trailer trash). Of course I live in Kansas City, which is the #1 reason I am so appalled by this for my fellow Kansas Citians and for anyone else who lives in any of the cities listed. Let me tell you some interesting things (off the top of my head) that you DID NOT mention in your article (and since you chose to list KC, MO but pull your data from the entire Metro Area then I shall do the same)

    1) This year, as well as many years prior, Sumner Academy of Arts and Science, a public magnet school in the most dangerous part of Kansas City, KS, was ranked by US News and World Report as one of the Best High Schools in the United States (#64), and rated the #1 school in the state of Kansas. All the while, 69% of their student body is considered “economically challenged” (I am a proud Alum, thank you)

    2) Hallmark Cards was established by a man selling greeting cards out of a Shoebox on a street corner in Kansas City

    3) Walt Disney attended Art School in Kansas City and then opened his first studio here. This is where he got his inspiration for Mickey Mouse

    4) Kansas City is #3 in the nation for Professional Theaters per capita giving people in Kansas City the chance to see live theatrical performances from ballets to plays to Musical Concerts.

    5) Excluding Rome, Kansas City has more fountains then any other city in the world, giving it the nickname “The city of Fountains”

    6) Ernest Hemingway developed his writing style while working for The Kansas City Star, often citing the Star as his primary influence.

    7) The Nelson-Atkins Museum’s celebrated Bloch Building was ranked number 1 among “The 10 Best (New and Upcoming) Architectural Marvels” by Time magazine in 2007.

    8) Several powerful figures call Kansas City home. Everyone from CEO’s of large companies, to scientists, to Professional sports team owners (other then the local ones) live in the Kansas City area.

    This is all from the top of my head. The statistics show Kansas City to be a beautiful, exciting, well educated, and highly cultured metropolitan area. A far cry from this authors portrayal of overweight toothless bumpkins standing around walmart with their shotguns, cowboy boots, and Jeff Gordon hats.

    Trust that nobody that I know will ever use for any of their real estate needs in the future. And in a city where the prices of houses can reach into the millions, that is a shame.

    • Matt in response to KansasCityPROUD


      Thank you so much for writing that post. It really aggravates me when people make these black and white assumptions about Kansas City (most of which are based on ignorant “Kansas” or “cowtown” stereotypes). And that’s probably why it was slapped on the #2 spot, considering that KC is not ranked #1 in any of the eight “essential criteria”.

      In reality, KC is nothing at all like that. It’s a wonderful (and vastly underrated) midwestern city with lots of culture and attitude. We have an amazing art and jazz scene, not to mention world-renowned BBQ. Popular comedic actors like Paul Rudd and Jason Sudeikis grew up here and are proud to call this city home.

      Sure, there are some things that the city can do to improve itself (like most any other city), but people need to experience Kansas City from a more human and open-minded point of view, and not rely on some tounge-and-cheek blog list to dictate their feelings about a place.

      BTW, most of my friends (those I grew up with here in KC) are self-procalimed nerds and eggheads, not rednecks :)

    • Caite in response to KansasCityPROUD

      Sumner Academy is not in the most dangerous part of KCK. Sumner is merely on the north end of downtown KCK. Although, the most dangerous area is only a couple miles away. What you said is like saying Hospital Hill or Martini Corner is in the most dangerous part of KCMO just because the most dangerous part of KCMO is a couple miles east. Nothing you’ve said really proves KC isn’t “redneck”, and some people likely associate modern Disney with “redneck”.

    • Tyler in response to KansasCityPROUD

      y’all actually got science now?

  22. KansasCityPROUD

    I wrote a very eloquent reply about why Kansas City is a beautiful place full of educated people and culture…and look…it was removed. Very nice Movoto.

    • Chris Kolmar in response to KansasCityPROUD

      Hey KansasCityProud.
      We moderate the comments here for profanity and attacks against individuals, just hadn’t gotten to yours yet. It’s showing now. Thanks for the insightful comment.

  23. Warren Nicklas

    I moved to Oklahoma for many reasons. Among them my amazement at the accomplishments made by such a small population. More astronauts, Miss Americas, NFL players and Major League Baseball Players came from Oklahoma than any other state. Plus, I am sure we would be near the top in rodeo and country music stars.
    It appears the “blue dot” lady is attempting to promote support for Obama’s anti-gun agenda by ad hominem attacks against middle America. Well, Oklahoma was not fooled by Obama. Middle America knows that law abiding citizens use firearms defensively approximately 2,500,000 times a year, most of the time without firing a shot. We own guns because we know that if we hear broken glass at 2am an intruder could be at our bedside before the Sheriff could possibly reach our homes. We hunt beacause we have wisely managed our wildlife resources and can count on them to produce recreation, income and protein for our tables, year after year.

    • Jeff in response to Warren Nicklas

      Warren I am proud to call you an Okie. I was born here and have loved every minute of it. Like you I am very proud of Oklahoma and it is the best state of all with more talent than all the rest and we do it with around 3 million people. Heck unemployment is less than 5% and I rather keep out all the people from other states so we do not turn into another wasteland like CA or NY.

    • Stockton in response to Warren Nicklas

      EXCELLENT post. Oklahoma is an amazing place! The culture of OK is amazing…the unification and love for their neighbors.

  24. Emily

    Oh, and while it is true that the KCMO School District has a lot of problems (and they recently lost their accreditation) the surrounding suburban districts are very good, such as Park Hill, North Kansas City, Liberty, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, and on the Kansas side, Blue Valley, Shawnee Mission, Olathe.

    • Caite in response to Emily

      Actually, many of the school district’s surrounding the KCMO district are not “very good” and are struggling. Those include Hickman Mills, Center, Raytown, Grandview, and KCK and Independence, the latter two have made strides at improving though. Some areas of the NKCSD are questionable. Basically it’s the outter district that do not touch the KCMO school district’s boundaries that are “very good”. The inner suburban districts, except Shawnee Mission, are questionable, and the most inner SM high school and its feeders are possibly the best public schools in the KC Metro and some of the best in the country.

  25. Brad

    Kansas City… Really?!? We have one of the nicest performing arts centers within 100s of miles, we’re the first city to receive google fiber, we have an enormous jazz, arts, and shopping district. Our suburb, Johnson County, is one of the most educated and wealthiest counties in the nation.

  26. Jesse

    I do not see anywhere on this list where a Redneck would live. This list is very disappointing and does not come close to reflect the truth.

  27. Big Mike

    KCMO is a different animal altogether vs. the ‘MSA’ 2 million population of KC metro area, which is comprised of about 60% living on the Missouri side of the metro area and 40% on the Kansas side. There is a big rivalry between the two states and is fueled by the state line running right down the middle and also all of the confusion nationally about Kansas City and how it must be in the state of Kansas due to it’s name! The state of Kansas stole/got it’s name from the town of Kansas, Missouri (I know confusing) but the airport, downtown/financial district, country club plaza, art museums, performing arts centers, jazz district, sports arena, Chiefs/Royals, etc are all on the Missouri side. There are VERY FEW actual rednecks in the city limits of KCMO! It is an urban area and has many areas such as the ones you would find in larger urban cities such as Detroit and Chicago. The suburbs of KC absolutely have rednecks, both on the MO and KS sides and obviously the farther you drive in any direction from downtown KCMO, the concentration of rednecks (and barns) goes up as with ANY midwestern city.

  28. Redneck

    I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. I live in a $450,000, 5000 square foot house on a golf course with five bedrooms, five baths and have 2 new Benz in the garage. My two kids go to public schools in the Liberty, MO. school district. My wife and I graduated from Mizzou and Nebraska respectively. We put ourselves through college. If I’m a redneck, I wouldn’t change it for anything on this earth. I travel all over the country for work and pleasure and wound not live anywhere else. I love the convenience of Walmart, gunstores, and I get to see Danika Patrick four times a year at Kansas Speedway. Do Kansas Citians a favor. Don’t come here and screw up our redneck way of life please!

  29. Deborah

    A very elistist, condescending blog post.

    • Redneck in response to Deborah

      Really? And the article isn’t???? LOL

    • Caite in response to Deborah

      All of the folks being “racist” toward “rednecks” are the elitist folks. They seem to have a problem with people different from themselves and don’t like diversity. Sad. Maybe they don’t have lives. Not sure why else somebody else’s culture bothers them so much. It reminds of me of kids on campuses make fun of and talk down on the sorority and fraternity types when in reality they’re just jealous and envious. Or how in HS the lower kids talk down on those they label the “popular kids”.

      • Caite in response to Caite

        On second thought, perhaps the naysayers are so bothered by who they call “rednecks” because the rednecks have a culture of their own and fit in and the naysayers are lost.

  30. Carolyn

    I find the caption under the Tulsa #5 photo offensive. Believe it or not, there are a ton of people who not only stop here, but who like Tulsa, OK with or without the rednecks. For the record, people in Tulsa are proud to be here. Tulsa was recently voted the best city in the country to start a business especially for young entrepreneurs. It’s a good quiet place to raise a family, the unemployment rate is always low, neighbors are friendly, jobs are decent, property values go up every year, the cost of living is low, and the crime rate is even lower…. Wait maybe that is because we pray, help our neighbors in need, that and well, everyone has guns and we like it like that.

  31. Tyler

    Okay you honestly couldn’t have picked two worse towns in Texas to pick to dub “redneck.” Also King of the Hill doesn’t take place in Arlington it’s in Arlen which is a fictional suburb town completely opposite of Arlington.
    What poor poor poor writing.

    • elster in response to Tyler

      Actually Arlen, TX was based on Garland, TX (not far from Arlington).

  32. Tim

    Just a correction on Mesa, AZ actually now you do not need a permit to carry concealed as well.

  33. Matt

    I should point out that the barn photo (according to that flickr user’s page) was taken in Irwin, MO along US Route 71. It’s in Southern Missouri and not anywhere close to KC.

    Nice try, Movoto.

    • RedJed in response to Matt

      Great observation. I bet the owner of that photo would like to know that it has been elevated as the official K.C. City Hall. Now we might all be seeing it show up on an Ebay auction for 20 million. Either that, or the National Nascar NRA Bowling League will be jealous, and decide to erect a Wallmart size barn headquarters next door.

  34. A.D.

    Being from KC I have no problem with this article. Because people who have been here and live here know what KC is really about. So the douches who wrote the article and those that believe it, will never come to KC which makes our city even BETTER! No matter what we are we’re better off with out you nay sayers.

  35. JACorrected

    At Blinn, one of our redneck dorm mates, who lost a finger in a lawnmower accident, had a birthday. We got him a cake with a Briggs & Stratton logo across the top. He gave us the finger, and an a few choice words, but ate the cake.

  36. Chuckish

    If you’re going to troll, you need to have at least some shred of reality otherwise no one will take you seriously and your trolling will go for not.

    No cities in the state of Florida? Embarrassing.

    • Chris Kolmar in response to Chuckish

      Data doesn’t lie. :)

      • Caite in response to Chris Kolmar


        And if the data were just as loose or faulty or for fun to prove KC isn’t a redneck city, the naysayers would take it seriously!

        • Chuckish in response to Caite

          All you have to do is go to Kansas City (or Atlanta or Nashville) to know it’s not a redneck city. Christ, there are only two cities in the south and they’re probably two of the least-redneck cities of the whole region other than Miami.

          If they’re actually looking at data and not just trolling, they’re clearly looking at the wrong data. Anyone who has traveled around this country even a little bit would know that.

      • JedNeck in response to Chris Kolmar

        Data is not the problem, it’s the cerebral deficit on the other end interpreting it that has segregated the “idea” of “professional” from the field of journalism and blog writing these days. FOR EXAMPLE:

        -Your criteria and translation for the top 10 Redneck Cities is “redneck” (ignorant & uneducated) in and of itself. Walmarts are large corporate entities that inflict globally damaging models into about every other strip mall in the Midwest. There demographic is the working poor suburbanites, that go because they almost have to to survive. This is a “classicist” and socioeconomic topic, not “redneck”.

        -Would you classify America’s African-American population as “rednecks”? Probably not. But you have assumed that the gun shops in the phone book are selling hunting riffles to great “white” NRA hunters for weekend chewing tobacco fests. The fact is most of Kansas City’s guns are handguns shops targeting inner city youth and African American zip codes.

        -High School dropouts in Kansas City, Mo are related primarily to inner city poor, African American population that have been marginalized and forgotten. The white Walmart subhurban spread actually falls in Johnson County, Kansas which ironically is one of the top wealthiest counties in the country and is known for it’s high ranking and funded public school system. Most people that can’t afford private schools in Kansas City, Mo move across the state line to Kansas to attend good schools. The lack of high school diplomas per capita in Kansas City, Mo has to do not with rednecks, but African American underprivileged.
        Now, as a “white” man, I almost am embarrassed at your oversight on how lack of high school diplomas equals a “redneck”. And even if all the dropouts were “rednecks” (stereotypically “white”), are you not making an equally prejudice observation by assuming that if someone drops out wearing cowboy boots or a Naascar tee shirt, which could have been purchased at a thrift store for all you know, is any different than if they dropped out wearing hip-hop jeans and packing a 45 automatic?

        -The Nascar track for your information is not even in Kansas City, Mo. It’s in Kansas City, KS. Go back to your high school maps and notice that not everything in Kansas is the same as things that have “Kansas” in the name, such as Kansas City, Mo.

        -Most of the lawn mowers by the way are serving the suburban sprawl that surrounds almost every growing city in this country. Lawns and lawn care has no relationship to “redneck” stereotypes. In fact, it’s almost opposite. If I was a law abiding redneck, I would think I’d be watching my dandelions and bald patches in my yard over a couple of finely brewed Miller Lites.

        And your thoughts about all this?

    • Slack One in response to Chuckish

      That’s because they left out other obvious redneck litmus tests, such as number of trailer parks and density of tattoo parlors. Probably so San Diego wouldn’t make the list…

      The weak-kneed individuals that the yuppie writers from this sad excuse for a comedy blog consider “rednecks” would quiver in their absolutely-not-cowflop-encrusted boots next to the real article. I come from small-town Oklahoma, and the countriest people in Tulsa just don’t hold a candle to the farmhands, oil rig roughnecks, pipeline workers, ranchers, and overall heavy equipment handymen that the small towns have in abundence. Those guys have earned their red necks the hard way, by doing all the crap that other people don’t want to do.

      Which is, of course the main reason I moved to an urban area…so I didn’t have to do that crap either.

  37. Ric

    The only cowboy boot store in Long Beach is a Red Wing Shoe Store.

    Luck Brand is the only Western Wear according to the Yellow pages.

    your list is based on junk

  38. Ted

    “Redneck” is a perjorative word. It is racist and is formally defined as “an uneducated white farm laborer, especially from the South”. lists the word as “Informal: Often Disparaging”. Every category listed in this “study” is full of stereotypes. Those that consider themselves members of this category may embrace it as other ethnic or racial groups embrace the derogatory names levied at them, but this R-word should absolutely be banned like those ethnic and racial slurs have been. Shame on Movoto!

  39. Eric

    Thanks for backing the writer’s point, Warren. Not everybody in Oklahoma dislikes the president.

    • Jeff in response to Eric

      Eirc we do allow a few liberals to live here but most of them are the very wealthy like Kiasar. Otherwise the rest of us did not vote for the worthless king, not a single county.

  40. Jason

    Tucson, AZ needs to be on this list. I grew up in the Sacramento area and have family from Cleveland and have visited there numerous times. Tucson gives their children time off of school for a rodeo. I don’t think you can get much more redneck than that.

  41. Nope

    Wrong. Maybe, most redneck state, but Atlanta is surprisingly void of rednecks. Maybe one of the most ghetto cities in the US but rednecks keep their distance of Hot’lanta.

  42. Jack

    Goodness, stop with the Austin pretentiousness. Dallas proper went blue before Austin did and voted against self-proclaimed Dallas boy Dubya *both* times.

  43. Scott

    How did you search for images for Sacramento? Because that General Lee pic doesn’t show up under Google Images. Also, it’s from a car show, so that doesn’t prove anything. Rather, it makes you look foolish.

  44. robert

    another typical liberal. ive got news for you the enlightened inner city people are usually the ones that end up on welfare & straining our economy. the “rednecks” get that red neck from hard work. we grow up working for what we get. instead of bitching about what someone wont give us.

    • aisha in response to robert

      spoken like a true redneck. perhaps your post could be a lady antebellum song.

  45. ATXlove

    To the author, as a fellow Austinite and UT alumi, I can honestly say that I’m completely ashamed of of you for spewing such disgustingly absurd and divisive drivel. Austin is being overrun by pretentiousness and snobbery that has made this city’s sparkle fade over the course of a decade. Your “data” is laughable! May I suggest travel? It seems it would do you a lot of good.

    To everyone else, I apologize. Please do not take this article or its author as a true representation of the people of Austin.

  46. Antipode

    Not only do you not know what you’re missing, we prefer it that way. Us poor bumpkins in the “Fly Over” states will just have to suffer without all the smog, crime, taxes, overcrowding, high cost of living and the restrictive nanny state regulations y’all enjoy. Pity us.

    Stay in your big cities and feel superior while you climb over homeless people to take the subway. I’ll be looking out over my hundred of acres of natural beauty from my front porch being all ignorant and backwards.

  47. Rob

    I didn’t think rednecks lived in cities.

  48. Sam

    I know this is mostly for fun, however I can’t help and think this is a little offensive and plain racist! Some of these cities they pick are predominantly minority! I wonder if the article started out with the most gangsta cities in America what the reaction would be! If you take out taxidermy and NASCAR, most of the criteria could be used to say the same thing about how gangsta a city is! The most gangsta is, the second Kansas City, we base this on education or drop out rates! Walmart at 1 in the morning! I guess they never heard of working and not being able to go at 2 in the afternoon after getting high off some synthetic weed he bought for washing dishes for his mommy! Hell, take Kansas City it is mostly minority! The Mayor is a minority, the school board is ran by African Americans!I know that would be a racist comment just as this one is!

  49. SKeptikal

    HAHAHA!! We get it. Sure it’s racist and classist, but Jeff Foxworthy said it so it’s ok to call people lower-class, under-educated, uncouth hicks. C’mon, they use the term to describe themselves. It’s just like when rappers use the word “ni…” Oh… never mind.

  50. Chad

    8. Sacramento, CA: This was one of the first photos that came up for ‘Sacramento.’ Seriously.
    Source: Flickr user Aresauburn

    I checked Flickr and Google and that image did not appear in any of the first 100 results for “sacramento”. In fact, the image is from a 2009 car show in Sacramento. This list is idiotic and so is this site.

  51. Tina

    Speaking of “skool”, perhaps they shoulda dun taught ya that the singular form of criteria is criterion. (wrong: “…according to each criteria…”)

    • sam in response to Tina

      You are right! The misspelling of a word is so much worse than condemning a bigoted article! I like the way you jump on grammar and spelling and have no problem with the misuse of geography!!Who knows? Perhaps spelling was easier for you to learn than geography, math and science!

  52. fred

    Must be looking outside the City of Sacramento… I don’t know any racetrack within 30 miles, no taxidermists or boot stores, I think there is a country station out in Roseville (the next town over), only one place to buy ammo within walking distance, but there are 10 times more gay bars within walking distance, the park maintenance people use riding mowers, nobody else, there are some Walmarts out in the burbs and I know of one person who didn’t complete high school…

  53. Michelle…0.0…1ac.1.12.img.F_mUuvGcA24

    THIS IS WHERE THE REDNECKS LIVE! Yeeehaw! Come on over, the millions of people who live in that there barn will show you a good time, we can hang out at the Wal-Mart 😀

  54. Proud Redneck

    I was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA, home of Buck Owens. I come from a family of potato farmers, went to the same high school as Kevin Harvick, spent some Friday nights watching NASCAR down at the Okie Bowl, and now live in Mesa, AZ. I’ll be the first to tell you Mesa is FAR from being a “redneck city”. So disappointed good ole Bakersfield didn’t make the list!

    • Mesanite in response to Proud Redneck

      I agree with you completely. Of all the AZ cities this is the one they chose? I’m thinking their criteria needs to be altered a little. I too am a proud red neck and this city don’t fit my boots.

  55. Jason

    Wow.. I want the time back that I just lost reading this embarrassing, poorly researched article. Atlanta metro area, with a population of 6 million, is home to the world’s busiest airport, the global headquarters of countless Fortune 500 companies including Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, UPS, Turner Broadcasting, Home Depot, The Weather Channel, Porsche North America, AT&T Mobility (although rest of AT&T is in Dallas), and countless others. I grew up here and when I go up north or out west, people often don’t believe I’m from the south because I have zero accent. That is all.

  56. Brent

    Mesa is Mormon. Not redneck. AZ is more like California culturally than Texas. And it’s not even close.

  57. Kimberly

    This article is culturally insensative and racist. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  58. Caite

    I think the lost souls who have identity issues are jealous and envious that those they call “rednecks” actually have a culture. It’s not the “rednecks” fault you guys aren’t cultured. Get over it. Get a life of your own and you will no longer be worried about others different from yourself. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of you are so anti-redneck because you’re trying your darndest to escape from your own family’s rural/redneck/blue-collar roots, whatever it may be. For those that’s the case for, that’s pathetic. I think the hatred toward “rednecks” is the same hatred spewed toward sorority and fraternity types on college campuses – you guys are just miserable deep down, jealous and envious.

  59. buckey

    I lived in both austin and arlington and I am not sure what you are smokin or sippin down there in austin, but austin is way more red neck than arlington. By the way I live in atlanta now.

  60. Dennis

    I think the way you collected the radio data skewed it, though.

    Consider this – off the top of my head, there are three radio stations in Long Beach, California – a Jazz station, a Classical station, and a southeast Asian station of some sort. On the other hand, the Los Angeles market (which Long Beach is part of) has, to my recollection, two or three country music stations on FM alone. There may be one or two on AM.

    Point being, a better (though more complex) way would be to note the number of such stations in an area, AND to take note of their Arbitron ratings in that market region.

  61. Ferd

    Cleveland? Redneck? Trust me, the folks in Cleveland who didn’t graduate from high school are about as far from “rednecks” as it is genetically possible to be.

    • Sean in response to Ferd

      The same is true for Atlanta. But that’s what happens when you do minimal research and do a list like this to further prejudices of certain regions of the country.

  62. Jenny

    You’re absolutely right. Data doesn’t lie. But misconstrued data most certainly does. I’m amazed that your in depth scientific research through Wikipedia and didn’t also reveal to you that the KCMO school system has had quite the history. I’m sorry to disappoint you but the high percentage of drops outs that you found in KCMO does not stem from the high consumption of PBR while joy riding on our tractors in our wife beaters. Nope! It’s a result of the lack of funding and accreditation due to poor leadership and the lack of giving a shit by city leaders. In 2010, 28 of the 61 public schools were closed down. Families fortunate enough to afford to send their children to private schools, out of district or simply move, did so. The others who lacked the income weren’t as lucky. The public schools that do remain open in KCMO are largely overcrowded and underfunded, taught by underpaid and unappreciated teachers. So, good job not only pointing out the lack of education of the impoverished but also pointing and laughing at them on a national stage. Our hats are off to you.

    The picture you have painted of Kansas City as a whole is absurd. In addition to the activities others have mentioned above KCMO is home to headquarters of many major companies such as AMC, Cerner Corporation, H&R Block, Hallmark & Garmin just to name a few. Which is crazy since most of us, according to your article, just found out what the addition symbol is. I wonder who works at these places? I bet they outsource! THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!!!

    Anyways, your article is offensive and crudely put together. I get that it was supposed to be humorous but you struck a nerve with us (which I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you). I feel that we have worked very hard to build an amazing city that has a million things to offer and is all too often under rated. It’s irritating enough that when we travel and tell people we are from Kansas City we know that whatever comes out of their mouths next will either pertain to 1. Dorothy & Toto or 2. The crazy MoFo in Topeka. Now some “writer” who so obviously has never been here has decided we’re all just a bunch of beer guzzling, uneducated, rifle toting NASCAR freaks with mullets.

  63. Cool beans

    First of all, you must have only went by radio and drop out rates. Sacramento is the least Redneck city, at least as far as I’ve seen. I know a lot of people who like country music but I’ve never actually seen a redneck. Yes, we do have walmarts, but other than that…I don’t see how redneck replies to Sac. Someone, please inform me.

  64. DCexplorer

    “We Got Both Kinds: Country and Western.”

    Not as crazy a statement as it appears. A real redneck knows the difference.

    Country equals old-timey bluegrass music
    Western equals, well, cowboy music

    Bob’s Country Bunker hosts both bluegrass and western music.

  65. The Independent Rage

    I thought the Redneck City List was a great blog post, especially seeing that my hometown of Kansas City checked in at #2 over some major heavy hitters. I intend to feature this Redneck City List post on my Independent Rage blog on Monday. Great stuff.

  66. georgia doll

    You must have never visited Atlanta if you think that in anyway that city is red neck.

  67. Greg Scott

    Well written and interesting article. Funny too. But because you gave credit to the photographers in your slide show, I especially want to say “Thanks for doing it right!” I’ve got to echo Georgia Doll who claims that Atlanta isn’t redneck. Atlanta and the suburbs here are full of Yankees and Californians. You rarely see a pickup truck that has actual red clay on it. They’re usually spotless.

  68. Stan

    Dear, whoever wrote this.

    You don’t know what a redneck is. Having gone through Austin…you wouldn’t know a redneck if he snuck up on you and gave you an atomic wedgie. First, rednecks (read me and my family) seldom use taxidermists…we do it ourselves. Same for riding lawn mowers and cars. We do it ourselves, quite often we have five or six cars/lawnmowers on blocks. I roll my own ammo and I already own guns and boots no need for stores. I don’t know any one who is a redneck that has a NASCAR race track in their back yard, that stuff is in the big city and we watch on TV. Heck, we live in places so off the beaten path that we go to the “big city” to go to walmart, that is usually a good half an hour away. You would have done better to narrow 10 states, Georgia might be at the top of this list or close to it. But if I had to pick a city, Macon Ga….come on the Allman Brother’s museum? Missouri would be one of the states, but not Kansas City, again too large and too many rich folks. Texas yes, but again whoever came up with the city’s is a dipshit. Ohio? California?? Dumb ass. Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana! hell there are folks back in Louisiana that just got telephone lines for the first time only a few years ago.

  69. Kurt Dunseth

    Seriously, this list is SO off the mark that it can’t even be taken seriously as a joke.

  70. kevin

    I know ! Let’s have a top ten “Most Ghetto” cities !!! We can factor in the number of people on welfare and food stamps, number of Obamaphone owners, number of KFCs, number baby momma’s, number of pawn shops, number of payday cash loan businesses, etc. etc. What??? Racist ???? How is this any difference than the top redneck cities ? It’s not.

    • Bill in response to kevin

      Well said Kevin, racism and stereotypes are not acceptable in any medium.

  71. Bill

    I feel sorry for you all. Some of these places are pretty nice, you might learn something if you took the time to visit outside an internet browser. I don’t see how it benefits your business to trash citizens and use racial and economic class references, hiding behind the veil of “data.”

  72. Carly

    Sacramento, CA. Seriously? If anything, we’re overrun by hipsters and pseudo-intellectuals that like the smell of their own farts. The CITY of Sacramento has no Wal-Marts, no gun stores (can’t speak for surrounding areas, such as Roseville, West Sacramento, Elk Grove, Laguna, Citrus Heights – which any ignorant could mistake for Sacramento as we’re the main focus), and the riding lawn mowers are for the rich folk with gorgeous sprawling homes. We’re a little over an hour away from Berkeley, San Francisco, Tahoe, Reno – and we’re a gorgeous city. What EVER gave you the idea that Sacramento was redneck? We’re gorgeously culturally diverse.

    Do your homework, visit my city, and try this shit again. If you were talking hipsters or bros, you would have been insanely correct. The country buck stops before the main city streets. PBR was overtaken by hipsters – the only reason I could see your argument having any validity is if you researched Pabst Blue Ribbons sales alone.

  73. Nelson

    I grew up in Kansas City, and yep, it’s redneck compared to other top 50 cities such as Seattle and New York, no doubt about that, but you know…today, living in Caracas, Venezuela and having traveled the world over, being a multi-professional, speaking 5 languages (all the romance ones plus English), and leading a “comfortable” life, I look back on my good ole KC (where I still have two homes), and I miss goin’ fishin’, the barbecues, the pontoon boats; heck, I even miss the tractor pulls. I guess I’m proud of my redneck side, as it seems we all are.

  74. DH-ATL

    Atlanta is many things to many people– but Redneck is NOT one of them. Just ask all of those real rednecks why they avoid Atlanta at all costs– Its urbane, relatively sophisticated, tolerant and by and large less redneck that just about any locale in the South– Kinda tired of these idiotic, half-baked lists anyway…

  75. Jim

    How can Mesa AZ be redneck at all ? Redneck is Southern folks with the Stars and Bars flying ,Mesa is mostly made up of implanted Yankee’s

  76. Dave-Mesa

    Since illegal Moonshine Still busts were an important part of stereotypical redneck lore, I would think that modern day meth-lab busts per capita might also be a relevant category. Additionally, the sale of whole pigs to be roasted on a Spit in the ground, could be a criteria worthy of mention.

    Pardon me, but I’ve got to go put on my Cowboy boots so that I can go to Wal-Mart and take a look at that new 30-30 rifle they just got in just before I go and get the rattlesnake I shot stuffed and mounted and visit my pregnant granddaughter who dropped out of 10th grade last week because her boyfriend thinks he’s the next MASCAR star and wants her at the track with him even though his job is really just riding the lawnmower and cutting the grass at said track whilst listening to “Your Cheating Heart” on KTRY…Country 95.5FM.

    Thanks for the satire, have you thought of writing for “The Onion?”

  77. e McCarter

    It’s noted as an offensive title, even on Google! The dictionary definition explains why: redneck[ red-nek ]noun1. an uneducated white farm laborer, especially from the South.2. a bigot or reactionary, especially from the rural working class.adjective1. narrow, prejudiced, or reactionary: a redneck attitude. Was this study meant to be tongue in cheek humour? It’s a horrid broad brush.

  78. Bill

    I know Redding Ca is to small ……. BUT GIVE IT TIME !!!!!!!! Peace

  79. Ryan

    How did the greater Tyler/Longview area of East Texas miss this list?

  80. Brian

    I wonder if the knock on KC has anything to do with the fact that cannot sell houses in KC. What a childish way to show your displeasure. Quit crying and move on movoto….

  81. DaveM

    How is Richmond, VA not one of the top 10 redneck towns? This list is truly off.

  82. Travis

    Austin used to be a fun place to go, but after they started loving the smell of their own smugness we’re getting tired of them in the actual productive parts of Texas. (I’m excluding Round Rock here) I don’t understand why close minded bigoted people like you hate people from rural areas (Rednecks)…

    •Number of gun and ammo stores per capita – most of the well to do guys and gals I work with participate in shooting sports – this is a very expensive hobby that to really get involved in requires hundreds to thousands of dollars of investment (and then boosts the local economy)

    •Number of taxidermists per capita – again, hunting is also a very expensive sport to participate in…drives the local economy much better than playing a peruvian pan flute.

    •Number of cowboy boot stores per capita – …boots…expensive…creates small business…

    •Number of country radio stations per capita – I absolutely deplore Nashville style, but a good bit of the bluegrass has been taken up by you “Austin types”…and you are doing a good job!

    •Number of NASCAR race tracks close by – NASCAR is boring, but so is kickball (soccer). Both suck in my opinion, but to each his own. Why not live and let live?

    •Number of Walmarts per capita – I don’t remember the last time ive been to a walmart, much less seen more than one in a close by location. “Rednecks” are wising up to you Austin-y corprate types trying to destroy rural culture.

    •Number of riding lawn mower/tractor repair shops per capita – would you rather them go buy a new one? I apologize that they can afford an actual home while your stuck in your miserable box salivating over 3 square feet of granite with a tiny garden window box outside. I’ll enjoy my half acre organic garden while you have some ignorant person pick his or her nose while cookiing your gourmet meal.

    Stop being mean to other lifestyle choices… its just as ignorant as calling out people by race or religion.

  83. MJD

    Realtors??? Want to meet a group who know very little about houses, then talk to a realtor. Every house with a dormer is a cape, and every 2 story house is a colonial….

    Calling someone a redneck is like using the “N” word…. The arrogant urban/suburbanites haven’t gotten the memo yet….

  84. netdragon

    This is the most unscientific blog ever. I live in metro Atlanta and originally come from the most un-redneck part of the country: Connecticut. I can say that Atlanta is one of the LEAST redneck parts of the South. Plus, most of the rednecks have been pushed out by rising real estate prices. Perhaps you should use more useful criteria that signifies a non-redneck population such as proliferation of culture and arts, how urbanized it is, number of Mercedes and BMWs, etc.

  85. Dirty South TV

    We are very much hoping that your article was “tongue in cheek,” and not serious.

    Here’s a few facts about Atlanta, Georgia
    1-Best Live Music Scene not in the U.S.–but in the entire world. Not country music–ALL music, particularly Blues, Rock and Metal, but all other genres join in after that.
    2-Best recording studio scene in the world.
    3-One of the top pro baseball teams in the U.S.
    4-One of the better pro basketball teams in the U.S.
    5-One of the better college football teams in the U.S.
    6-One of the best cities in the U.S. for strip clubs.
    7-Pretty much the busiest airport in the WORLD.
    8-One of the largest Black populations in the U.S.
    9-One of the largest Brazilian populations in the U.S.
    10-One of the largest Mexican populations in the U.S.
    11-The best solar panels in the world are made in Atlanta (Suniva).
    12-The best guitar player alive has been an Atlantan for decades (Barry Richman) now.
    13-The corporate hub of the United States of America–IS Atlanta.

    There’s hundreds of other things to list–but it’s pointless. The furthest thing Atlanta, Georgia is–is a redneck haven. Although rednecks are there, country music is there and whatever else you categorize with “redneck” is as well, but you trust these words: Atlanta, Georgia is a world class city, that once they get a grip on their gang problems (yes–with an “s”), they may even take Florida’s utopia trophy from them.

    These are facts, not a pointless article to piss people off.

    Good day to you, and may we recommend you visit Atlanta, go to Fat Matt’s Rib Shack for lunch (it was in a VERY big feature film), have an incredible micro-brew after lunch at one of the NUMEROUS small micro breweries, enjoy the weather (unless it’s Spring–pollen worse than a nightmare could produce), and then go to a Barry Richman concert at night so once you scrape your jaw off the floor you can go back and write a proper article that references Atlanta, Georgia.

    P.S. Please never–EVER write an article on South Florida or the Florida Panhandle. You miss–are not worthy.

    Dirty South TV

    • Marti in response to Dirty South TV

      Right on!!! Well said! Atlanta boasts such diversity on a global scale, it’s obvious the author had mistaken statistics for first hand knowledge of this metropolis.
      Perhaps greater still is the misunderstanding of the colloquial connotation of the term “redneck”, as proven by the entire top 10 list. Ironically, I must admit I was disappointed not to find MY hometown listed, which was what I assumed I’d find when I ran across the article. Alas, it was not my lil town, but the big city of lights and dreams and culture that I ran off to as soon as I turned 18! Hahaha!!!

      Talk about a shocker… my quaint Lil country town hosts a huge shindig that has garnered international acclaim over the years. “The Redneck Games” is the Mecca of all breeds and tribes of country folk eager to get muddy, hurl hubcaps, bob for pigs feet, and jam to live music on the river bank all day!
      Ergo, the omission of this particular little town proves conclusively that this writer was completely ignorant of the subject matter she butchered in this article….
      Furthermore, it proves there’s no proficiency for humor (c’mon, the Redneck Games are chock full of hilarious fodder, and the obvious contender in this particular category :)

      Well, I reckon I have inadvertently proven that perhaps I have a somewhat over inflated sense of fame and grandeur about our claim to the “Redneck” title. Oops! Well, guess my “redneck pride” was wounded, along with my newfound metropolitan sensitivities! Double whammy!

      At least there are people like ol DirtySouth here willing to educate the misinformed… 😉

      ( Now that Atlanta’s reputation has been defended, perhaps I should work on writing a piece in the name of country folk, and their redneck kinfolk. )

      Moral of the story:
      The proximity to the Mason Dixon line is merely geography, and statistics like the ones used are merely numbers. Its the deeply rooted, country strong Southern heritage we hold as a dear gift, and will protect with a vengeance.

      So tread carefully in the future, darlin’, lest you find yourself in our neck of the woods one day when your car breaks down, cause ol Billy Bob talks slow, and goes shirtless under his overalls, but he may be your only mechanic for miles, will treat ya fair, and keep your sweet tea filled while you wait. You would much rather experience our hospitality than our hostility, bless your lil ol heart! :)

  86. Nadja

    I haven’t seen or heard anything as offensively bigoted since listening to an old “Amos and Andy” show in a college class.

    Excuse me while I go sharpen the chain saw and clean the guns. After that I’ll polish my scholarship awards from college.

  87. Dave

    How sad that bigotry and class warfare are alive and well in the United State of America. Shame on the writer who puked up this useless piece of drivel, shame on the editor who resisted the urge to throw it in the garbage can where it belongs and shame on the publisher for inflicting it on the rest of us. Next time you wonder why the newspaper business is on its last legs, remember this article.

  88. Midnightyell

    I lived in Austin for 20 years, and recently moved back to the Houston area.

    Austin has art? And theater? Maybe, but it’s complete bush-league stuff compared to the arts scenes in Houston and Dallas. Add real museums and restaurants to the mix and Austin falls far short.

    Austin needs roads. And jobs. And grocery bags.

    I’m glad it’s not home anymore.

  89. MutzMan

    Maybe someone posted this already, but “King Of The Hill” is based on Garland, TX not Arlington, TX

  90. Tate Anderson

    Some people need to realize that there’s a difference between being rednecks and owning a farm. I personally am neither of those things, but still. There was really no point for this list to even be made.

    Topeka, KS

  91. BS Detector

    As an Austinite, I’d like to apologize to the rest of the country for this garbage.

    • Er0c in response to BS Detector

      All is forgiven, my Son. Your detector is SPOT ON so keep calling that BS!

  92. amber

    You know, its kind of embarrassing to live in OK when people automatically already think every one in this state is like that. Whether its taken as a joke or not, not every one in Tulsa is like that. There are plenty of place that celebrate the diverse culture here. This is almost like the time Connie Chung made the analogy that ” well us redneck folk just be sittin round a fire, golly gee billy bob, whats a terro ist !?! ” When the OKC bombing happened. Sadly, the demographic in which this was more than likely geared towards will not see it. Not all of us are redneck/poor/white trash/lazy, they are here, they are every where. Most of the people that live here are red blooded all American blue collar workers trying to make it day by day.

  93. Roger C.

    This list is a joke!!! Really? Tulsa? Really? What New York City yuppie came up with this crap?

  94. Saje Williams

    Sacramento? Redneck? ROFL. Back in the mid eighties they were the meth capital of the west coast. Hey, maybe you have a point.

  95. Redneck Queen

    What qualifies a California yuppie to say what is redneck and what isn’t? Last I checked, minorities of varying socioeconomic statuses have issues with graduating high school. Also, Atlanta? Obviously, if you think Atlanta is the “Redneck Capital” you have never actually been to the South, nor do you understand the concept of what a redneck truly embodies.

    Most ridiculous real estate website that none of us have heard of? 1)

    Jesus… get your crap straight.

  96. Bob

    Where’s good old Phoenix?

  97. Robert J

    I have to say this is right on. Sorry, but redneck culture sucks. The lowest level of America.

  98. William

    And this post officially ends any credibility of the author and proves that “redneck” has lost it’s meaning. Someone should have splurged on real research before making such a useless list. Per capita, Atlanta has nothing on Columbia SC or Little Rock, AR.

  99. Studio 1

    Sacramento beat Fresno? Santa Rosa? Hmm…

  100. Er0c

    I can only imagine how much hate mail and negativity you must receive from this horribly poor written drivel. Good thing this Tennessee “redneck” with a college degree doesn’t want to waste his breath.

    You should be ashamed for letting this poorly written garbage see the light of day.

  101. Bobbie

    You have it WRONG! Sacramento is NOT a redneck City, Town, County NOTHING! We have Sacramento State College here FFS! You are making crap up! That is all!

  102. RacingCowboy

    I live in Sacramento. Born and raised here. Surprised/impressed that we made the top 10. (Might have a lot to do with our close proximity to Rio Linda.) In the mid 80s I was even a deejay at one of the 5 (yes, 5) country stations in the area at the time (surpassing the number of C/W stations in San Antonio!). But what cracks me up more than anything is the number of people on here who friggin’ took this seriously. On the defensive, flaming each other, deriding the article as if were anything more than tongue-in-cheek entertainment, all sprinkled with more than a few holier-than-thou attitudes. Come on, folks… lighten up, smile, and get over it.

    Yee haw.

  103. Richard

    As a resident of Scottsdale, AZ and seeing your comment there were 132 guns and ammo stores in Mesa, AZ, I had to call B.S. on your alleged methodology. According to your source,, only 36 guns and ammo stores were listed for Mesa, AZ; and a closer examination of the addresses indicates that only nine out of those 36 stores were actually in Mesa. The other stores were located in other Phoenix-area cities, including some like Surprise, AZ which is approximately 50 miles from Mesa.

    This was sloppy work indeed.

  104. Amy

    Your very claim that you don’t use the term redneck negatively is laughable. Your whole article reeks of the negative stereotypical drivel that NASCAR fans have dealt with for years. There is nothing “unique” or “fun” about (taken from your ABOUT US page) this “original” content. You may call it tongue-in-cheek, or having a sense of humor; I call it tired, unoriginal, inaccurate and offensive

  105. Zach

    Thank you for this list, it reminds me why I’m so proud NOT to be a liberal–my nose just isn’t stuck high enough into the air!

    God forbid we get our lawnmowers fixed, watch a sport we enjoy, listen to music we enjoy, and own a gun without being hated by the libtards!

  106. KCElitistSnob

    Ah, yes, the common misconceptions and ignorance about Kansas City by yet another person who a.) has never been there, b.) is too wrapped up in her little hipster nightmare of solipsism and despair whereby she must multitask listening to the most recent NPR Song Of The Day while simultaneously trying her hand at pickling heirloom tomatoes (because it’s hip) and Instagramming her super banal photo of her hiking – or better yet of just a photo of her feet on the trail up on Blah-Blah-Blah-Look-At-My-Awesome-Totally-Virtual-Life-Up-On-Blah-Blah-Mountaintop.

    Awwww – did that seem unfair?

    Well so is this ignorant “article”, and I call it an “article” in the loosest sense of the term.

    Kansas City, Missouri is the home of the Nelson Atkins Museum which is considered one of the top 10 museums in the country – and that is with the inclusion of the Smithsonian and National Galleries. The addition to the museum by Steven Toll was considered one of the best pieces of architecture to grace the 21st century by that little ol’ hick rag (by your guidelines, apparently), the New York Times.

    It is the home of several global award-winning architecture firms, Hallmark Cards (yeah, I know, kind of a country-bumpkin outfit, that Hallmark Cards. Hope they make it in the big leagues), Russell Stover Candies, American Century Investments, Sprint-Nextel Communications, Adknowledge, Andrews-McMeel Universal Publishing, H&R Block, AMC Theaters and many, many more. The Plaza was the first outdoor shopping center of it’s kind and still the most beautiful one in the U.S. Oh and a few of our local rednecks were Walt Disney, Thomas Hart Benton, Kate Spade, Don Cheadle, Paul Rudd, Jason Sudekis, Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford,Charlie Byrd Parker, Robert Altman, Burt Bacharach, Walter Cronkite and also many more. Frank Lloyd Wright designed and built two beautiful buildings here.
    We have James Beard award-winning chefs. Chefs and artists from Kansas City have competed on Top Chef Masters, Project Runway and The Next Great Artist.
    I come from a family of highly educated people with post-graduate degrees – and enough class not to put down your home town of Austin just because we’ve happened to visit it from time to time.
    Bottom line here? I’m rarely moved to comment on the half-penny ravings of new graduates who either need to experience the world at large a bit more before writing about it or who need to visit the president of the university they graduated from and demand a refund due to a stunning lack of ability when it comes to basic research skills. But this “article” drove me to it.
    Thank you for helping me to renew my pledge to always be inquisitive and trying to learn about things in the world – particularly before I spout off about them.

  107. neal

    what’s so funny is (1) the criteria (2) this guy obviously hasn’t been to Richmond, VA and (3) all those folks “defending” their cities…ha ha ha…c’mon now people…a little humor in life goes a long ways…and yes…you can be a geek, a nerd, a techie AND a redneck all at the same time !!!!!

  108. Stephen

    When you say ‘Atlanta’, you have to qualify yourself, because Atlanta is quickly swallowing up every bit of land from the Alabama border to the South Carolina border.

    Nobody who lives here would think of metropolitan Atlanta as ‘redneck’, as most of the demographic inside and around the Perimeter is black, Hispanic, or Korean. The only ‘redneck’ areas tend to be the country, outlying areas. To the east where I live, Loganville is the transition point between the rapidly-urbanizing Snellville to the outlying areas like Monroe, where you will see taxidermists and live bait for sale. But then you get to Athens and that’s a college town, which is an entirely different world. West of Atlanta, you have to ride out to Douglasville or so. South of Atlanta, you have to ride pretty far out from the airport, maybe even down to the Atlanta Motor Speedway, and the same thing to the north–probably an hour or two past Alpharetta. I guess you could say that Georgia has a ‘redneck belt’ of sorts, but it’s pretty far removed from Atlanta, anywhere from an hour to two hours–and that’s a gray area, of course.

    If a survey was done in downtown Atlanta, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who had ever met someone they considered a redneck. :)

  109. Wayne

    Epic fail in trying to be comical. What was written was too absurd. I am black and live in Atlanta, which of course is the furthest thing from redneck, but if I were white I would be seriously offended at this racist and classist garbage. I would dare you to try and make a list about working class black steyotypes and see how much your tame reaction so far would be different. White people are letting y’all off easy. Even if they are not a “redneck” themselves your article can not be viewed as comical because redneck conjures images of racism forwards minorities so you might as well have written a list stating America’s most racist cities. I’m sure most of the white people in those cities you listed do not want to be associated with those stereotypes. Plus rednecks by the stereotypical definition live in rural areas not major cities so I feel annoyed because I just can’t figure out where you were trying to go with all this or how this was intended to be funny. The only reason I know it’s a joke is because the sources you used for your stats are wrong and I read through the comments and that was what was generally felt your direction was by others. Kudos to you for making me write a response though. It was just so ignorant I couldn’t help myself.

    • William in response to Wayne

      I am kinda offended but honestly man, they are getting off easy. My comment is waiting for moderation so I hope you read and hopefully wont take offense. Way to Rep man!

  110. Mark

    The article’s author make me ashamed to say that I am from Austin. This is the kind of hate that has infested Austin, and made it so disgusting.

    I find it odd that Atlanta, a very BLACK city, is considered “redneck.” Then again maybe the classification due to the ignorance of intolerant bigots. You know, like the author.

  111. Russ

    Wow… you really let your ignorance show in this article. So how do you describe Bakersfield, Ca or Barstow, CA. I’d rather be considered a ‘Redneck’ than live in those cities. By the way… do you know the origins of the term ‘Redneck’? Educate yourself. Look up the West Virginia Coal Miners March (aka Battle of Blair Mountain). You insult all unions with you lack of knowledge.

  112. Norris

    Let me get this straight. Atlanta is rated #1 the MOST Redneck city, BUT in another study, YOU rated Atlanta #1 as the Most Nerdiest………

    Can’t have it both ways ……..sounds like you are jealous of this city, hmmmmmm. You are from Austin, Tx but now reside in CA? That tells me a lot!!!!! hahahahahahaha

  113. E

    Terribly inaccurate. Flawed criteria. Atlanta is a island floating on a sea of rednecks (the most common meaning of the word as opposed to some ancient union episode (above)).

    But my biggest thought is that Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee swell to levels I’m sure is unmatched in density by any of the 10 places listed, several times a year. No way to know that from this piece.

    I have lived here 10 years; from Knoxville, Pharmacist.

  114. Michael

    You come from Austin? Have you been to the Broken Spoke or McBride’s Guns? Get off The Drag and Sixth Street and you’re deep in the heart of redneck.

  115. Proud Okie Redneck

    As a proud Okie, & since you have two of our cities in your “Top 10” list, you can kiss my college degree, Nascar lovin’, gun-totin, cowboy boot wearin’, country music playin’, lawnmower ridin’ Okie redneck butt.

  116. Deep

    This is really funny. Great way to end my week!

  117. Maybe Mable

    Thank goodness for this list. Maybe it will slow Fort Worth’s bacon-lovin’ hipster infestation. Those critters scurry all over the place.

  118. Pennie Fields

    You clearly have not lived in small town America, where most residents, openly admit, “we are amongst “Red Necks.”… Your criteria makes no sense. Really? Really? It stands to reason, the more people in a city, the more of every kind of person you have. I find myself defending a place I do not even live, but one day, may! I’m a TEXAN! Fort Worth, probably, one of the top historical cities in America, certainly in Texas, is far from what you accuse. “Cowtown” owns its rightful place in all of American history, of course, Texas history; however, Fort Worth has plenty of culture & class to “boot!” With all due respect, “one” might be a “hillbilly” for writing a mistaken article, as this :)

  119. Julie Hatley

    Really…..every city and small town in the US has rednecks. Honestly surprised Charlotte didn’t rank. Home of NACSAR! And they don’t actually have the speedway, neighboring Concord has that claim. ONLY because of the size of CHT does it claim the name, Charlotte Motor Speedway. Right now, during the memorial day weekend is it the redneck capital of the world! And airways go very far, so of course, country music stations shouldn’t be in consideration. CHT has two, the nascar hall of fame, and God only knows how many gun and pawn shops. Here in little ol Mt Pleasant NC, redneck is a way of life. Just too small for alot of these so called qualifications. What about hunting? Everyone here is a hunter in my redneck town. How stupid is your data? Very!

  120. Nicole Rivers

    That is all just Bull…. I live in Eastland, TX right around near Ranger and Cisco TX and I’m telling you, Rednecks everywhere. But the thing is, Just because we’re Rednecks dosen’t mean we go around carrying guns and dropping out of High School, Total Stereotype way of thinking there Moron. Obviously you and other morons who thing the Confederate Flag is ” Offensive ” or ” Racist ” clearly do not understand us. Some Phyco’s might use the flag for different purposes, but a lot of us use it just like you use the American flag. A sign of not giving up, and standing up for what you believe in and your country. Us Rednecks do not all do the same thing. Being Redneck is not about how you act, how you dress, how you live, or even how you treat God, its about what you feel in the heart. So think twice before you even THINK you know us and out Heritage. ~ Sincerely, Infuriated reader.

  121. Sandusky

    You’re from Austin and you have the hairy upper lip to write an article pointing out cities as being redneck? You’re proud of being from Austin yet you did not attend UT? Shave your lip and quit being proud of being from a boring cow town.

  122. Moreno

    That fact that Atlanta (a predominately Black city often referred to as Black Hollywood) is on this list is comical but the fact that its number 1 on the list is completely asinine. Majority of these cities are not redneck at all you should really look at the demographic and overall feel of the city instead relying on blanketed data based on negative connotations but what do I know.

  123. Grable

    …and the moral of the story is to never tell lies about Kansas City.

  124. Regina

    I am a Bama girl 100% and will always be proud of where I come from. If this hole in the earth, I live in, was bigger, then we would be #1 on that goofy list! I am a mud playin, frogg giggin, bass fishin, deer huntin gal but I ain’t no redneck! (Any of you highly educated people notice the double negative used there?) haha We have Rednecks here and yes, I am kin to alot of them. The town we are from is HOG JAW Alabama. (Don’t worry, I am not married to my brother either). God bless u all no matter what stereotype you are! :)

  125. Jay

    Knowing quite a few people who have lived in both places, I’ve been told many times that Sacramento is very like Austin and vice versa. Flat, hot, a big lake for recreation, big universities and fairly enlightened cores surrounded by ignorant outskirts. The difference is in their relation to the rest of the state. Sacramento is redneck for California, but wouldn’t even register on the Texas redneck scale.

  126. Jose Luis Nunez

    As all the other Texan cities duked it out with their big dicks, San Antonio watched the sun set from underneath a sycamore on his hill. Laredo came up and sat next to him.

    “Que los fighting about, ese?” Laredo said as he lit up a pack of marlboro.

    “Este… books, I think.” San Antonio replied. Laredo handed him a smoke. They puffed a bit, and watched the sun go down in the west.

  127. Ming on Mongo

    Great you mention Sacramento, especially since most folks assume California is such a ”lib-rul” state (…lol)! Although nearly the whole inland part of the state is actually pretty conservative (mostly inherited from the Okies who settled there after the Depression). And in fact Sacramento is surprisingly the most liberal area in the Central Valley, being the state capital and the largest city away from the coast. Although if you go up to places like Bakersfield or farther on up to northern California and say, Redding, the “twang” there is deep, and in some parts you’d swear you’re in Oklahoma or East Texas!

  128. ATL

    looks like irresponsible journalism at its finest.
    How on earth is Atlanta redneck?… it sure got some ghetto vibes at times, but country? Hell naaaw!

  129. jb 916

    Please sacramento ca is no were near redneck city i live here on the city and im like wtf theres more hispanic and black and asain then white redneck and of they are white there not redneck

  130. JW

    I can’t believe I wasted a minute of my life reading this. Exactly what is your definition of a redneck? If it’s ignorance then I have some bad news, you’ve just proven yourself to be exactly that!

  131. Haskellian

    It’s funny how they chose the two least redneck parts of Oklahoma.. o.e

  132. TommieGirl28

    Kind of funny, isn’t it? When someone publicly says something that can be construed as a slur against a black man/woman, that person is held up in the media as a terrible, insensitive lout… but when someone portrays rednecks as a bunch of gun-toting inbred idiots, that’s just funny, and I have never understood the logic.

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and guess that this piece was meant to be satirical (And yes, I know what that big highfalutin word means – most of us can read, honestly). Unfortunately, it didn’t work. It just came off as though you were taking pot shots at rednecks, and it made you sound every bit as ignorant as you painted them to be. Epic fail on every level. Hope the next one goes better for you. Best of luck, dear.

  133. Travelusa

    Lets get real here. The only reason Kansas and Missouri exist is to provide a place for people to get gas or take a poo when traveling North and South. Otherwise, the rest of the world has no interest. Fence the two states off and keep criminals there. Who cares.

    • Billy Bumtrip in response to Travelusa

      When it comes to fencing off and filling with criminals, I feel the same about New York and LA.

  134. Clop

    I grew up in Kansas City and it really should be #1. I always disliked living there and am very happy to be living in New England now. And everyone please pronounce it correctly… it’s Kan-city, Missour-aah!!!

  135. David

    One of the most ignorant,uninformed,descriminatory articles I have ever read! You really come off as ignorant,snobbish,prejudiced,and hateful.

    I live in Texas have a degree as do most in my family,and make a comfortable living. Arlington and Fort Worth have very few rednecks and Im sure most of your selections are absurd as well. Just for the record I dont care for Nascar and none of my friends or family do either. On the other hand I do have a pair of boots,a few guns,a garden(oops isnt that “green”) and do enjoy a nice trout fishing adventure.

  136. Ray

    what an awesome article & the greatest comments ever? yeah, ever!!! being from Missouri i was proud to see we made the list…any? list????
    seriously people, lighten up and have some fun
    now, where did i set my PBR tallboy…..

  137. Brad

    no idea of what redneck is….
    California, Arizona ? seriously ? Cleveland?
    they wouldnt know HOW to speak redneck

    How bout backwoods Ark. (Camden, Texarkana, Hot Springs)
    Greenville, Laurel, or Meridian Miss.

  138. Matt

    I would take redneck culture over ghetto urban culture any day.

    • Hitchhaika in response to Matt

      Well good news Matt! You should move to Tulsa because they have both. Rednecks are all encompassing but for ghetto you can just go up north or east or take a Sunday drive down south Peoria avenue. I do prefer Tulsa over other Redneck cities for getting around in my GMC Denali. City traffic isn’t too bad and I can easily get to any Walmart location within the metro area in about 10 minutes. When I’m feeling particularly lazy I just go to the local strip mall near my house, it has a gas station with typical redneck conveniences, a bar, a donut shop, a greasy dinner, a Chrissy’s toy store (not talking children toys) and gun shop! all in one location. Tulsa – A little slice of redneck heaven. They have been looking for a new slogan so there it is.

  139. Billy Bumtrip

    Funny that Atlanta is the #1 city for both nerds and rednecks. But you hateful people quit stereotyping! You make redneck sound like a bad thing, it isn’t. Rednecks tend to be the most decent people in America. Equating lack of education in a city to raise its Redneck ranking is silly. As in Atlanta and Cleveland there are large minority populations who have a low rate of high school graduation. I am a gun toting redneck and I’m college educated from a northern university. Except for guns and a pickup I don’t fit your redneck model.

  140. Southern Gent

    I think if your going to make an article like this, you may want to first understand the topic. Atlanta is not redneck at all. Southern is not even redneck. I was raised in an old Southern Family, aka since the 1800’s, but we grew up making fun of rednecks. If you go about 45 minutes in any direction outside Atlanta you will find your rednecks. But the city itself is more a melting pot of culture, most people do not even have southern accents. I do not. Our family is highly educated, and all in business. Buckhead families, or families that are the leading southern families would not come across redneck at all. They actually look down on such behavior but we are proudly southern. If your not from here you may not understand the separation, or may be looking at the wrong people.

  141. Cliff

    The NRC national Republican Committee has filed a complaint with all the Federal Election Commission
    about the trip not fake many banks also have
    started this credit creation facility for the individuals who have savings or current account within the


    this list is complete bs based on ignorance and prejudice. I am a redneck, i graduated highschool, i went to college and am currently trying to become a police officer, yes, i own a riding lawn mower, mostly because its a lot more timely than cutting 3 acres with a push mower. yes, i believe in the constitution and i exercise my 2nd amendment right. Redneck is not something to measure by demographic and its not a shopping style. It’s a way of thinking. Rednecks have manners, open the door for a lady, dont eat dinner without thanks, always give someone respect until they prove they dont deserve it. people like you are ignorant and in my opinion are on a lower moral state than most “country bumpkins” you say Austin is the land of the music. simply not true. Our redneck city Nashville is the land of the music, where a lot of people have gotten their start. not just country artists either. I hope that next time you write an article like this you’ll have the common decency to omit all of your prejudice and ignorance.

  143. North Texan

    Good God. Arrogant much? Try getting outside yourself for a moment.

  144. Frank P

    Cleveland? Low graduation rate because it’s ghetto, not Redneck. This list is horrible. I bet this ex Beta Thi Kappa, Kardiashian watching bimbo has never been to any of these places.

  145. Graf

    I found it most interesting is that not one selectee was in Alabama! Roll Tide!


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