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Is Instagram Real Estate’s Next Frontier?

Kate Folk in Real Estate Tips   •   13 comments Jun 27, 2012

The value of having professional photos taken for your house listings has been thoroughly documented. A well-composed photo using professional quality equipment can make a huge difference in how potential buyers perceive your listing, as the Wall Street Journal reported two years ago.

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Don’t Buy That Big House

David Cross in Opinions   •   2 comments Jun 1, 2012

commuter lifePurchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. It’s right up there with choosing a career, getting married, and having children. It could be a decision that brings you decades of happiness – or, if you end up regretting the decision, decades of disappointment.

So, what makes some homeowners happier than others? Conventional wisdom tells us the best house to buy is the biggest property that fits within our budget.

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Facebook IPO Will Create at least $1 Billion in Bay Area Property Value

David Cross in Market Trends, Opinions   •   1 comment May 14, 2012

Facebook billion button Using a conservative analysis we estimated that Facebook’s coming out party will increase property value in trendy Bay Area neighborhoods and cities by $1 to 2 billion.

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Why HOAs Are Un-American — A Real Estate Opinion Piece

Stephanie in Florida, Homeownership, House Features, Opinions, Real Estate   •   1 comment Nov 22, 2011

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following views are those of the writer and do not represent those of Movoto or its other employees. Normally, I try to steer clear of overtly political commentary in my articles here at Movoto. I generally try to stick to the topic of each blog and leave politics out of it as

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Opinion: 5 Real Estate Tips to Learn From This Guy

Stephanie in Buyer Tips, Foreclosures, Homebuyers, Homeownership, Opinions, Real Estate, Real Estate Tips   •   0 comments Nov 18, 2011

Many people lost their homes when the real estate bubble burst several years back. Some may think it was because the majority made bad decisions due to the fact that they didn’t know better — they just weren’t financial experts. Except this guy was a financial expert. Carl Richards is a financial adviser, speaker, writer,

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Good News: Mortgage Refinancing May Get Easier Soon

Stephanie in Homeownership, Interest Rates, Mortgage, Opinions, Real Estate   •   0 comments Oct 19, 2011

It may be hard to believe, but real estate news these days isn’t all bad. Take, for example, the news that mortgage refinancing may soon get a lot easier for those whose homes are underwater. In an article written yesterday, SFGate (the online home of the San Francisco Chronicle) reported that the President and other

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