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5 Examples of Awesome Real Estate Business Cards

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Oftentimes, if you work for a national brokerage your business cards are just company templates with your specific contact details. These cards serve their purpose and do all right. When you take the extra time, however, to create your own unique look it sets you apart from every other real estate professional in the business.

Below are 5 examples of really awesome real estate business cards breaking the mold of the “traditional” layout.

CORRECTION: When Movoto first published this article we had incorrectly stated that the company Behance had designed Bexleys business cards; however, Luminosity was the company who had designed them. (11/21/12)

No. 1 – Prudential

Prudential Business Card

A nice example of incorporating a major brand in a professional, clean, and unique design for a local office. The spot gloss highlights and decorative silver foil really make this card stand out. The awesome printers over at Taste of Ink Studios designed this card.


No. 2 – JRoss Real Estate Group

J Ross Business Card

These business cards incorporate the picture of the agent very well. It’s not too big that it takes up half the card, but it is visible and creates an elegant, classy appearance. Also notice the use of rounded corners on the card. It’s more expensive to get special corners, but it can transform your card from an “o-k” card to a card that potential clients will remember. This card was also designed by the creative team at Taste of Ink Studios.


No. 3 – Legacy Real Estate

These business cards, designed by m.a.Raihan, are clean & professional.  The use of whitespace really makes the information stand out. This is another example of a business card with nicely rounded corners.


No. 4 – Bexleys

Very elegant design – professional with the essence of luxury. Notice the lack of head shots, house pictures, or loud colors makes this business card the Cadillac of business cards. The creative geniuses at Luminosity created this beautiful card.


No. 5 – Cathay Commercial Real Estate

Cathay Commercial Real Estate

Vertical business cards?! Yep, these cards are definitely breaking the mold when it comes to traditional designs.  The effect you see with the type is called “blind impression” and really gives this unique card an extra dose of awesome. The innovators over at Fresh Impression Letterpress Studios designed this lovely card.

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posted on: October 15, 2011
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  1. Michael Bleier

    I like the Prudential Card the best – sleek, simple, elegant.

  2. Fresh Jen

    Great! I’ll use these as inspiration for the real estate cards I’m designing today. Thank you!

  3. Juliet Street

    CORRECTION! It wasn’t the creative geniuses at Behance who designed the Bexleys card and brand identity – it was the creative geniuses at LUMINOSITY.
    We agree with your sentitments of course – it was exactly the image we intended to portray.


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