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25 Star Trek Accessories for Your Home

Are you a Star Trek fan? If so, check out these 25 super-fan home accessories. It's guaranteed to make your Star Wars-loving friends jealous.

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You may have missed out on buying this $10.5 million dollar Australian home modeled after the Starship Enterprise, but fear not, Trekkie, you still have options. There is enough Star Trek merchandise out there to furnish every home on this planet… and any others out there.

From the kitschy to the classy, we’ve gathered the best of the best home goods from around the universe—er, the Internet. We weren’t afraid to boldly go where no one has gone before and explore both collectibles and handmade merchandise to compile a list of 25 intergalactic items that can furnish your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. But the Movoto bloggers know that not just anyone can get away with interactive tribbles hanging out in their home.

1. Star Trek 3-Pillow Set

With these retro pillows you can boldly sleep like no sci-fi fan before. Just beware resting your head on the red shirt. Price: $100.

2. Animated Musical Starship Enterprise Lamp

How many bad warp speed jokes will you make while turning on this lamp? How about “warp read.” You can have that one for free. Price: $74.95.

3. Star Trek Pizza Cutter

How do you cut a replicated pizza—which seems to be absent from the Star Trek universe, by the way? With the saucer section of the Enterprise, of course. This little household items is small enough to satisfy your Trekkie needs but not go overboard. Price: $39.95.

4. Electronic Door Chime

Always know when your Klingon-loving roommate is about to sneak up on your with the electronic door chime. Yes, it blasts a Red Alert alarm. Price: $29.99.

5. Interactive Tribbles

Real pets are so difficult to take care of. You have to feed them and bathe them. Yuck! Try out these plush Tribbles. They’ll love you as much as you love them. Price: $14.99-$19.99.

6. Star Trek Bathrobes

With these robes, your five year mission will be to explore… lounging. It’ll be a perilous journey. Price: $79.95.

7. Spock Oven Mitt

Cook well and prosper! Price: $14.99.

8. Star Trek Enterprise Talking Bottle Opener

The best part of this Star Trek bottle opener is the warp speed sound it makes when used. Now you can fast forward through all the awkward parts of your dinner party. Price: $26.99.

9. Enterprise Vinyl Wall Art Decal

This vinyl decal will tell your guests that you’re into Star Trek but also appreciate minimalistic decor. Price: $34.99.

10. Classic Star Trek Mugs

What’s better than a mug with Captain Kirk’s, um, mug on it? Move over Word’s #1 Dad coffee cup, you’ve been sent to the brig. Price: $14.95.

11. Star Trek Refrigerator Word Magnet Set

Create your own riveting Star Trek stories with these refrigerator magnets. Now Kirk and Spock can finally go on that vacation together. Price: $13.

12. Star Trek Toilet Seat Cover

There’s really only a slight difference between a nautical themed bathroom and a space themed bathroom. Price: $26.95.

13. Command Insignia Salt and Pepper Shakers

Another small item, this salt and pepper shaker set will let you flavor your Rokeg blood pie. Price: $12.99.

14. Star Trek Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock

Shaped like the Starship Enterprise, this alarm clock won’t transport you to the shower or replicate your breakfast for you, but it will project the time in big red digits on the wall or ceiling. Price: $38.99.

15. Spock Cookie Jar

Is it us, or does this Spock cookie jar look like he’s judging you? Price: $34.99.

16. Star Trek Original Print Art

Spice up your home with this print art. It’s subtle and uplifting—unlike Captain Kirk. Price: $32.

17. Star Trek Academy Titanium Spork

You can think of this Star Trek Spork as the tricorder of flatware. Price: $22.99.

18. 3D-Printed Personalized Action Figure

Now you can join the Star Trek crew. Just don’t give yourself a red shirt, otherwise you might get killed on your first away mission. Price: $69.99.

19. LCARS Light Switch Cover

If you can’t actually live on the Enterprise you can at least pretend. Just remember that you don’t actually have a voice-operated supercomputer. And no, Siri doesn’t count. Price: $14.99.

20. Personalized Star Trek Notepad

Now you can write all out your favorite Star Trek fantasy, even the ones you’re afraid to put on your refrigerator. Price: $12.

21. Star Trek: The Original Series Glasses 4-Pack

Until replicator technology is real (fingers crossed for 3D printing) we’ll settle for drinking out of these. Price: $17.99.

22. Star Trek Hand Towels

There’s something wrong with wiping your hands on the Starfleet insignia. That means these towels are purely decorative. Price: $11.

23. Spock Holiday Ornament

It’s only logical that Spock believes in Santa Claus. Price: $13.

24. Luminglass

As seen in “Star Trek: First Contact”, this light-show device will let get you in the spirit to battle some Borg. Maybe you’ll even team up with Zefram Cochrane. Price: $39.99.

25. Star Trek Steel Coasters

Protect your valuable hardwood furniture with these steel coasters. It’s a little bit nerdy, a little bit rock and roll. Price: $33.

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posted on: June 24, 2013
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  1. Tiffany

    I unabashedly admit that I will probably buy everything on this list. I LOVE the pillows, and commend the author’s discretion at sleeping on the red one. :)


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