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30 Reasons You Need To Move To Seattle

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live in Seattle? Are you considering packing your bags and move to The Emerald City? Here are 30 things you should know about one of America's favorite cities.

Cassandra Sawyer


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1.You Can’t Miss The Pike Place Market

Source: Charlie Schuck

Source: Charlie Schuck

The Market is home to more than 200 vendors, farmers, and specialty shops. It’s Seattle’s No. 1 tourist destination. And as a resident you learn to navigate the crowds, because it is the place for produce and cheap bouquets of farm fresh flowers.

2. Just Jump On a Ferry

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

The Northwest has the largest passenger and automobile ferry system in the country, servicing the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. More than 75,000 Puget Sound residents start their day by boarding a boat. That’s more than a packed game at CenturyLink Field.

3. We Like Sports

Source: Jay Sawyer

Source: Jay Sawyer

In Seattle, you can’t be a fair weather fan; you ride out the ups and downs with the Mariners, Sounders, and the Seahawks and enjoy the state-of-the-art stadiums. If the games getting you down, delight in the retractable roof and tons of craft beers on tap at Safeco Field. After a failed attempt to bring back the SuperSonics though, we’re still lacking in the b-ball arena, for now.

4. You’ll Never Get Over The Stunning Mountain Views

Source: Madison Beau Sytle

Source: Madison Beau Sytle

Seriously, I’ve grown up here and I still point out Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and the Cascades if it’s a clear day. It’s a sight hard to ignore.

5. If You Aren’t Caffeinated Here, Good Luck

Source: Ben Sandall

Source: Ben Sandall

With the most coffee shops per capita in the U.S., you won’t be deficient in the buzz department. Of course there are Starbucks aplenty, but Capitol Hill’s Analog Coffee, Pioneer Square’s Zeitgeist Coffee, or the Fremont Coffee Company (home to the Darth Vader latte art) are great for a pull.

6. The Waterways Affect Traffic

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

You’re surrounded by water: The Sound, Lake Washington, Lake Union, and many smaller passageways. You will love it and learn to curse it at the same time. Yes, it adds to the beauty of the landscape, but it’s pain to get across town quickly.

7. That’s One Big Boat

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Avoid the waterfront if a cruise ship is in port on Alaskan Way, at all costs—unless you like wading through a sea of Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs. The season runs May through September, so residents prefer the shores of the lakes for a water view in the summer.

8. Chef Tom Douglas Becomes a Household Name

Source: Tom Douglas Restaurants

Source: Tom Douglas Restaurants

The master chef behind the Dahlia Lounge, Palace Kitchen, Serious Pie, and many more, Tom Douglas is a celebrity around these parts. He experiments with different cuisines, but always strives to use seasonal Northwest ingredients.

9. Hipsters Are Everywhere

Source: William Baker

Source: William Baker

You’ll see twentysomethings doing things like blowing bubbles or hula hooping for fun. But you’ll usually find them chilling at hip coffee shops and bars, rocking flannel, skinny jeans, neon, scarves, and anything from a thrift shop.

10. It’s Definitely Not Just About Grunge Anymore

Source: Flickr user Matthewjs007

Source: Flickr user Matthewjs007

Seattle has a diverse music scene, many indie, pop, and rock bands call this city home. And speaking of “Thrift Shop,” Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the hip-hop duo, is from here.

11. We Like Rain and Miss It When It’s Gone

Source: Madison Beau Sylte

Source: Madison Beau Sylte

You really just get used to it. And we Seattleites tend to reach for a hooded jacket or sweatshirt before an umbrella. The city averages about 37 inches of rain per year, which is less than quite a few other US cities, but it tends to be a constant drizzle over heavy down pours.

12. All That Rain Leads to Amazing Summers

Source: William Baker

Source: William Baker

When the warm months finally arrive in Seattle, it’s amazing. It’s hot and sunny, but rarely humid or muggy. The people hum with happiness fighting off the months of S.A.D. running through their blood. Temperatures tend to stay around an average of 75 degrees.

13. Seattle Art Museum

Source: Flickr user dherrera_96

Source: Flickr user dherrera_96

We just call it SAM. Right downtown is a major art museum with big name shows. Recent past shows included Rembrandt and Gauguin. Also, there aren’t too many museums that have a working Hammerman standing guard.

14. We Are Full of Pride

Source: Seattle PrideFest

Source: Seattle PrideFest

This past November the state of Washington legalized gay marriage, which made for a particularly crazy Pride Parade and celebration this year. But it also shows that the majority of people here are accepting and support equal rights.

15. It’s Totally Normal to Have a City Chicken Coop

Source: Flickr user William Baker

Source: Flickr user William Baker

Turning your backyard into a farm is no big deal. Urban chicken coops with up to eight birds are allowed in residential neighborhoods, as long as they are 10 feet away from the house. But there is something nice about picking your own fresh eggs for breakfast.

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16. The Viaduct is Soon to Be History, and In Rolls Bertha

Source: Flickr user Dougtone

Source: Flickr user Dougtone

Bertha is the nickname for the largest tunnel boring machine in the world, and it’s currently burrowing under Alaskan Way. The viaduct has been an eyesore and earthquake hazard for years, causing many a debate with city leaders and residents.

17. Marijuana is Legal, Sort of

Source: Flickr user Cannabis Culture

Source: Flickr user Cannabis Culture

Washington State, along with Colorado, voted to legalize pot this past November. The rules are still in the finalization period, and as far as Seattleites know you can’t sell it or smoke it in public, but that doesn’t mean you can’t partake. Seattle is also home to the largest political rally and marijuana festival, Hempfest, which takes place each August.

18. We Are High On Tech

Source: Flickr user bfishadow

Source: Flickr user bfishadow

Seattle is home to major corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing. This defines us as a highly technological town and it shows in our addiction to our iPhones, laptops, and gadgets. Often times coffee shops have more of a computer lab vibe than that of a cafe.

19. The Radio Station 90.3 KEXP

Source: 90.3 KEXP Seattle

Source: 90.3 KEXP Seattle

This is the alternative station in Seattle. It covers a wide variety of genres—hip-hop, indie, global, and reggae—and it’s a huge supporter of local music and the arts. Every time you tune in you’ll hear something new.

20. Nerds and Geeks Are Cool

Source: Arlen Pringle

Source: Arlen Pringle

In Seattle, it seems that the bigger nerd you are, the better. And we make it possible here from the Penny Arcade Expo, Sakura-Con, gamer bars and lounges, and the Science Fiction Museum at EMP. Seattle didn’t get ranked as the Number Three Nerdiest City in America for nothin’.

21. Sneaky, Hidden Parks That You Think Only You Know About

Source: William Baker

Source: William Baker

Just like this green space under the I-5 Bridge, Seattle has so many little pocket parks and gardens. It’s a nice feeling to be in a city but still be able to find a secluded spot.

22. The Seattle Dog

Source: Shelby Evans

Source: Shelby Evans

We do hot dogs a certain way here: all-beef dog or brat, cream cheese, grilled onions, and usually after last call. Hot dog cart vendors know just the right corners for the best 2 a.m. rush.

23. Dick’s Drive-In Burgers

Source: Dick's Cheeseburgers

Source: Dick’s Cheeseburgers

The classic spot for a retro late night burger, Dick’s started in 1954 and it hasn’t changed one iota. The Deluxe is the way to go: two beef patties, American cheese, lettuce, mayo, and pickle relish. Pro tip: There are no modifications made, so what’s on the menu is what you get.

24. Great Seafood

Source: Andy McClellan

Source: Andy McClellan

Pacific oysters, salmon, geoduck, clams, and mussels… we can’t get enough of it. The place to get ‘em: Taylor Shellfish Farms in Melrose Market. It’s a perfect spot to pop in for a dozen fresh-shucked oysters and glass of sparkling wine.

25. Dogs and Cats Are People

Source: Christy Grant

Source: Christy Grant

Seattle is big on being animal friendly. There are dozens of dog parks, dog-friendly cafés, and of course the Icanhascheezburger company is based here, where the cat meme was practically invented.

26. The City Shuts Down at the Sight of a Snowflake

Wikipedia: Spencer Hurd

Wikipedia: Spencer Hurd

Take note, Seattle is not made for snow. The hills and inexperienced cold weather drivers make it a dangerous place out there in the winter. But it’s the perfect season to bundle up and stay in for a Netflix marathon.

27. Hardcore Cyclists

Source: William Baker

Source: William Baker

This city teems with cyclists. I lack the coordination to be one of them, but I’m enamored at their dedication, even on the rainiest of days they are out there pedaling away.

28. You Hear This A LOT: Order Another Round!

Source: William Baker

Source: William Baker

Maybe it’s the gray, wet weather, but this city likes to imbibe. We love our craft beer, our big, juicy Washington wines, and locally distilled spirits. Also, the Woodinville area is a 30 minute drive from downtown Seattle, and it’s home to over 100 wineries.

29. Cupcakes and Milkshakes

Source: William Baker

Source: William Baker

In Seattle, we prefer desserts that you can hold or drink from a straw. Check out Cupcake Royal and Trophy for cupcakes. And Molly Moon’s or Hot Cakes for an amazing array of milkshakes, the latter has the boozy varietals as well, like a “Drunken Sailor” with peanut butter, caramel, and whiskey.

30. You Can Drive About 30-Minutes and Be Somewhere Like This

Source: Flickr user Jenna Howard

Source: Flickr user Jenna Howard

There are beautiful hikes, waterfalls, and rivers all relatively close to the city. Day trips to the Snoqualmie Falls or swimming at the Green River take you away from the urban scenery and the vicinity makes getting away an awfully easy feat.

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posted on: July 31, 2013
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  1. Douggie Sharpe

    Gotta say Seattle’s Dick’s Drive-In is horrible compared to Spokane’s. Seattle’s has a super limited menu, while Spokane’s is over 100 items.

  2. Tammy Vigleson

    The title of the article is “30 Reasons You Need To Move To Seattle”, yet the author scribes “Take note, Seattle is not made for snow. The hills and inexperienced cold weather drivers make it a dangerous place out there in the winter.” Isn’t that a a reason NOT to move to Seattle?

    • Ron in response to Tammy Vigleson

      If you were born and raise in Seattle of course you don’t know how to drive in the snow. Other the hand us folks from areas where it snows a lot in the winter we have no problems getting around Seattle. The real problem is the cities poorly run snow removal systems they have very little equipment and they rarely get out in front of the bad weather.

  3. John Salvia Jr. Esq.

    31. Two words: Derik Jeter

    • John's Bro in response to John Salvia Jr. Esq.

      John – I was just thinking the exact same thing. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear Seattle is Jeter

    • SonicsFan in response to John Salvia Jr. Esq.

      Super Sonics!

      • Luke in response to SonicsFan

        They don’t exist anymore but still Seattle is awesome.

  4. Paul Blart 'Mall Cop'

    A CARTA DE OAXACA should be on this list!!!! Yummy in my big fat tummy!

  5. Gary Larry

    Question: I live in Gary IN, but I love me some Baskin Robins (which we don’t have in Gary), do they have Sir Baskins in Seattle?

    • A Concerned Citizen in response to Gary Larry

      Hey Larry from Gary! To answer your question, yeah we have Baskins!(Robbins has two bs by the way), but you should be aware that the Baskins in Seattle only has 30 flavors, Fraser at the 31st flavor and its gone!!!


    Hey, does anyone know who sings that ‘blurred lines’ song?

    • Alan in response to USA FOREVER

      Alan Thicke, the guy from Growing Pains.

    • JAB in response to USA FOREVER

      That. would be Robin Thicke. Alan Thicke from growing pains is his father.

  7. Jerry Newman

    So I was watching a re-run of Thats so Raven yesterday and that State Farm ad came on where the guy named Jerry Newman calls the agent impossibly forgetting he no longer has a State Farm policy and I noticed that portions of the commercial were shot in Clyde Hill. I am sure other parts of the commercial were shot in a sound stage in Burbank, but I thought it was interesting that someone thought that Jerry Newman looked like a Clyde Hill resident. More I think about it now, he really does look like someone from Clyde Hill if you know what I am talking about.


    I love to go to Pike brewing and ordering a 1/2 and 1/2 Dry Wit and Tandem then making my buddy Derek slap me across the face so it stings while I gulp it down.

  9. KEXP

    Who else thinks Quilty 3000 is the best dj on KEXP???? Also, I agree the Pike is swiiiizeeet. I wish they would distribute. I get the Deluxe at Dirks, hold the ketchup, hold the pickles. I never really jumped on the whole brine bandwagon, to me pickling is just one of those fads that I say ho hum to. What is not a fad are skinny jeans. Everyone says they are a fad, but come on, we all know the ‘skinny’ (pun intended) on the staying power of the skinny jean. At least Emerald City knows whats up! Also, I think the list is missing that laundromat on 12th, I forget the name, something dad, but that place is the shiz. I go there and wash my darks cause those machines are fed with some sort of nuclear energy or something. They spin so-so fast.

    • WatchOut in response to KEXP

      You should keep in mind that many of these so called laundromats are just fronts for off track betting (OTB) drops and the like. I prefer to wash and clean in the confines of my own home thank you very much!

  10. TheGreatest

    #29. Cupcakes and Milkshakes? — more like daiquiris and single minded hairdressers

  11. misty

    “We like sports”. Funny how the stadium is more than half empty in the picture. Actually Seattle has been rated over and over as one of the worst sports city in the country, not just for not winning championships but also for a lack of fans, mostly fair weather fans here. Go hawks!

  12. Rebecca

    Seattle is the only city I now where there are traffic delays due sun!

  13. Dan White

    Aside from the drizzle, the queers, and the drugs, Seattle is a nice place to live. Crime has become a real problem in many neighborhoods, it’s getting more expensive to live year each year, and we keep electing corrupt weirdos to public office. 35 years ago Seattle was the best city in America. Now is a flashy copy of it’s former self.
    Great coffee, great beer, wonderful summers, and being so pet friendly is it’s best points.

  14. Tim Liao

    Your number one is just odd. I am not going to move to Seattle for the Pikes Place Market. It’s a great place to visit as a tourist but who do you know that can afford to shop there on a regular basis. Number should be something you are going to and can use everyday; the Pikes Place Market doesn’t fit that criteria.

    • adam in response to Tim Liao

      pikes place has amazing deals on just about everything…

  15. Daniel

    I think #6 is hurting your case

  16. Matt W

    #6 and #9 aren’t selling points. The water is a selling point yes, but not waiting for the Fremont Bridge. Hipsters are nothing to be proud of. Thank you for mentioning that “Drunken Sailor” milkshake though, I’m grabbing one after work.

  17. Scott

    Seriously considering moving to Seattle from Southern California, do any “transplants” have any reccomendations?

  18. AB44

    I grew up under those cadaver-grey skies…before hipsters ate Dick’s burgers…before fish were thrown for shock and awe at Pike Place Market and Ivar was King…before people got wet to their knees over caffeine…and definitely before anyone “loved” the rain. Seattle was always ripe for something big to happen…but the fact that it has become the mecca of everything hip makes me want to hurl in my hashtag.

  19. Bill R

    Big cities ALL have traffic issues. It is not a shortcoming, it is a fact of numbers. It rains there and is costly. I got all that. I even get the “Seattle Freeze.” But…I plan to retire to Seattle next year. The reason is simple: I wanna live where I wanna live! Gunna visit soon and will be looking around for where to live. Probably will rent for a while. Go Seahawks!!!

  20. TK

    Your article sucks! All you people moving to Washington are ruining it. You want to move here? BE POLITE! True Washingtonians are NICE. Everyone that has moved here has no manners and they are all rude, traffic is horrible, the rent prices have skyrocketed and the crime rates are thru the roof!GO legalize Marijuana where you live if you like it so much. Go create your own jobs. Go back to wherever you are from you are ruining the beauty and tranquility of Washington.


    #31 : Most Seattleites would prefer you NOT move here, please and thank you.

    A Seattleite.

  22. Mr Bill

    How about PNW? It is ok with “most” if I move there and just visit Seattle from time-to-time. Hope so, gunna do it anyway. See ya soon.

  23. Mr Bill

    I have been wondering about what kind of person would post something like that on a page like this. Maybe “most” folks of Seattle would be willing to trade Bammbamm for a dude with a little class.

  24. tomtom

    Im from houston and plan on moveing to Seattle once the summer comes around i love my city but the laws here are f$@#ing backwards any tips on reasonable not so expensive spots to live for a single young dude?

  25. Alexis

    ok I’m planning on moving to Seattle in two years for college and I know a lot of people don’t like the rainy weather and how its cold all the time but I think I would LOVE it down there. Plus my favorite show Grey’s Anatomy is casted there so that’s a double plus. So does anyone have any advice for me..!!!!it could be anything:]:]

  26. Emma

    We live in Melbourne and my husband got a job offer at Amazon in Seattle.
    I wanted to ask few questions about the life style and education.
    How is the life in Seattle? I am a Muslim lady, wearing a veil and work as a lecturer in Melb. Will face any type of racism there. In Melb, I am very happy and never had any problem.
    Also I have two kids, a toddler and 7-years old. How is the primary education there and where are the best schools and child care centers?
    Is living in Seattle expensive? If we want to buy/rent a modern house with at least 3 bedrooms that is close to schools and child care centers/kindergartens and located in a good and safe area, how much that nearly cost?
    Your experience is much appreciated, as we’re a very hesitated about relocation.


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