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28 Best Things To Do In Orlando With A Family

Find out all the things to do in Orlando that make it the most family-friendly city around.

Kris Norton

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1. Swim With The Dolphins At Discovery Cove

A young girl swims with a dolphin

Source: Discovery Cove Facebook

Who hasn’t grown up wanting a chance to swim with dolphins? Now you can make Flipper your best friend when you visit Discovery Cove in Orlando.

2. Catch The Magic Kingdom Fireworks Over Cinderella’s Castle

A fireworks show at the Disney Castle

Source: Walt Disney World Facebook

Nothing short of the most spectacular fireworks show in the country, families who have experienced the show over Cinderella’s Castle always agree it’s one they will never forget.

3. Float On A Real Life Swan Lake

People ride in a swan boat on a lake

Source: 4 For The Road

Hop on a swan boat and take a ride around Lake Eola. Bonus points if you pass a real swan.

4. Watch The Orlando Magic Do Their Thing

An Orlando Magic basketball game

Source: Orlando Magic Facebook

Disney World isn’t the only place in Orlando with a place full of magic. The Orlando Magic games are lots of fun and family-friendly.

5. Get Sorted In The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

People gather around the Hogwarts Castle in Harry Potter World

Source: The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Facebook

If you’re like me, you’re still waiting for your acceptance letter to Hogwarts to arrive any day now.

Until then, you can visit on an open invite with just the cost of a ticket. Grab a pint of Butterbeer while the kids’ wands pick them at Ollivander’s.

6. Cirque Du Soleil Will Have You Dreaming Of Running Off With The Circus

A juggler performs on stage

Source: La Nuba by Cirque de Soleil Facebook

Located in Downtown Disney, this modern day circus of death- and gravity- defying acts will have you wondering if there are strings or if it’s some of that Wizarding World magic making it all happen.

7. Spend The Day Out On The Water

A group of kids stand-up paddleboard

Source: Paddleboard Orlando Facebook

At Paddleboard in Orlando, the whole family can take their shot at fun water sports like stand up paddleboarding and windsurfing in a safe environment.

8. Turn That Frown Upside Down

A woman lies on a bed of nails in a science museum

Source: WonderWorks Facebook

WonderWorks is an upside-down museum that takes hands-on activities and puts a science spin on them. Play laser tag, lay on a bed of nails, watch your brain waves in action, and much more.

9. Pet The World’s Fanciest Mammals At Sea World

Two kids pet a penguin

Source: SeaWorld Facebook

As if you needed a reason to shake hands with a penguin. Dolphins, whales, and seals all put on spectacular shows here along with a wide array of family-friendly events.

10. Cool Down On The Ice

A woman teaches kids to ice skate

Source: RDV Sportsplex Ice Den Facebook

Lace up the skates and get to twirling. Hockey lovers can also learn how to become the next Gordy Howe.

11. Get Your Science On In A Big Way

Kids interact with a display at a science museum

Source: Orlando Science Center Facebook

See who can find the Milky Way Galaxy first while under the stars or catch a laser light show in the planetarium at the Orlando Science Center.

12. Make It A Downtown Farmers Market Kind Of Day

Ceramic hand print art

Source: Downtown Farmers Market Facebook

The Downtown Farmers Market is way more than just produce. Teens and tweens will love all of the handmade jewelry and crafts while they munch on some grilled corn on the cob and you pick up some healthy, local organics for the week.

13. Take A Somber Walk Through History

People watch a video at the Holocaust Memorial

Source: Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida Facebook

Visit the Holocaust Memorial in Maitland and watch a video by the brave survivors of one of the darkest times in world history for a sometimes necessary reminder that life is fragile but precious.

14. Get Lost In A Sea Of Books Together

A library promotes a summer reading program

Source: Orange County Library System (FL) Facebook

Get the younger kids involved in the children’s department at the downtown public library for summertime reading programs and storytimes.

15. Catch The Muppet Vision Show And Take In Some Hollywood Studios Attractions.

A Miss Piggie fountain at the Hollywood Studios

Source: Walt Disney World Facebook

The Muppets have finally made their comeback. You have to go to the Hollywood Studios park to get in to see their 3D show, but it’s totally worth it.

And afterwards, you can squeeze in a few of the park’s awesome attractions like Rockin’ Rollercoaster and the Indiana Jones show.

16. Ripley’s Makes It Cool To Be Square

Two girls at the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum

Source: Group Travel Odyssey

Human oddities never get old. And now at the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium, the folks in Orlando can come see them up close.

Open from 9 a.m. to midnight all year long, Ripley’s has everything from decorated Tibetan skulls to art made from dryer lint.

17. Feed Giraffes At The Central Florida Zoo

A little girl feeds a giraffe

Source: Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens Facebook

A short drive out of the city will take you to the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Sanford. Kids will love feeding the giraffes and cooling down in the newly refurbished splash pad.

But definitely come in the non-summer months when most of the animals aren’t trying to escape the Florida sun.

18. Golf Down The Congo

A safari themed minature golf course

Source: Congo River East Orlando/UCF Facebook

Every family loves challenging each other to a round of mini golf. Come to Congo River Golf course to work on your putt and check out the live gators.

19. Say Hi To A Manatee At Blue Springs State Park

A manatee at Blue Springs State Park

Source: Orlando Sentinel

Did you dream of getting to see a manatee in person when you were a kid? You may have seen one or two behind glass in an aquarium, but they’re right out in the open for you to make friends with at Blue Springs State Park in Orlando.

20. Crickey! Hold Your Very Own Gator

A group of kids hold a baby alligator

Source: Gatorland Orlando Facebook

Gatorland brings all the crazy wildlife of Florida front and center for some spectacular shows. You can view the giant albino alligator and see a gator wrestling show, as well as bobcats and turtles bigger than a sumo wrestler.

21. Go Where The Force Is Strong

People at a Star Wars convention

Source: Star Wars Celebration Facebook

Star Wars lovers rejoice! You don’t have to travel in Hollywood Studios every time you want to have some Jedi fun. The Orlando County Convention Center holds annual Star Wars Celebration weekends that the whole family can enjoy.

22. Catch A Broadway-Worthy Show For Kids

People perform Shrek as a Broadway show

Source: Orlando Repertory Theatre

Don’t expect some low-budget production when you visit the Orlando Repertory Theatre. This is Orlando which means they go big or go home. And it doesn’t get much bigger than Shrek.

23. A Little Something For The Sports Lovers

A soccer mascot stands in front of a goal

Source: ESPN Wide World Of Sports Facebook

Sport-crazed families in Orlando will probably find themselves at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex quite a bit. It’s almost like being at a professional sporting event, just in the happiest place on Earth.

24. Brace Yourself For A Typhoon

Two girls at a water park

Source: Trip Advisor

But this one is the good kind. Typhoon Lagoon will fill your whole day with waterpark fun, making it one of the best ways to keep cool in Orlando for families.

25. Ride The Wooden Roller Coasters And Go Karts At Fun Spot

Kids ride go-karts

Source: Fun Spot America Facebook

You don’t have to travel into the resorts to have fun on rides. Fun Spot America has all the fun you could possibly hope for in one day with roller coasters, go karts, and a ton of other family-friendly adventures without those massive lines and crowds.

26. Head Downtown… Disney Style

People walk through Downtown Disney at night

Source: Pennquinn

Downtown Disney is a great way to get in a little dose of Disney without hitting the actual park. You can eat at some of the great restaurants, catch a movie, and shop in the fun novelty and candy shops without ever having to pay admission into the parks.

27. Drink Your Way Through Every Country In Epcot

A woman dressed as a barmaid pours a beer

Source: Chip and Co.

The most culture-filled of all the Disney parks, Epcot is probably the best mixture of fun for adults and kids alike because it melds all that Disney fun with the ability to drink something from every country for the adults. And who can have a bad time when it’s always Oktoberfest?

28. Meet The World’s Most Famous Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Source: Walt Disney World Facebook

You knew it was coming eventually. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom might be Touristville, USA but it’s also pretty awesome.

They don’t call it the Happiest Place On Earth for nothing. Don’t miss the parade with the whole family and bets are you’ll see a smile on everyone’s faces.

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  1. earl

    I have a condo in Orlando and spend my holidays for 10 years in a row there. Now i found this Blog and all those funny things to do in Orlando. I have to say that i did not even do half of them. So I know what I am going to do this summer in Orlando. Hope my family will also do this things with me. I get goosebumps when I think about our summer this year =)
    Keep in doing your Blog!


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