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The 10 Safest Cities in Maryland

Find Out Where Locking Your Doors Is Optional.

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The state of Maryland is many things – it is the wealthiest state in the country with the highest median household income; it is one of the smallest states in area, yet has a high population, giving it one of the highest population densities in the USA; and, Maryland has numerous nicknames including America in Miniature, Little America, and Old Line State. Is Maryland a good place to live if you’re looking for family-friendly neighborhoods with low crime levels? Read on to find out which are the top 10 safest cities in Maryland.

Port Tobacco Village

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Port Tobacco Village takes the top spot as the safest town in Maryland. It’s also the smallest incorporated town in the state with its population of just 13 people! Even so, Port Tobacco Village has plenty of history to share, making it a popular tourist destination. The town is in Charles County and has a crime index of 100, which is the best rating possible.


Source: Flickr user PatGavin

Source: Flickr user PatGavin

Lonaconing is located in the west of Maryland, in Allegany County. It’s a small town that’s home to around 1,170 people and is the second safest place to live in Maryland. Lonaconing has a crime index of 98 and has been famous as a glassware manufacturing town.


Dayton is what’s called an “unincorporated community” and it’s less than 30 miles west of Baltimore. Around 10,000 people live in Dayton, in Howard County, enjoying the small town feel and low crime levels. Dayton has a crime index of 96, and is the third safest community in Maryland.


Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Named for its founder, Plummer Ijams, Ijamsville is today a small community in Frederick County, about 7 miles southeast of the city of Frederick. Around 3,200 people live in Ijamsville and it’s the fourth safest town in Maryland. The crime index is 94.


Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

The unincorporated community of Clarksville has some of the most expensive homes on the East Coast. Set in Howard County it is also famous as the home of top performing River Hill High School. The town has a population around 9,000 people and is the fifth safest town in Maryland. It has a crime index of 94.


Jarrettsville is a census-designated place in Harford County, home to around 2,900 people. It was named for the Jarrett family who farmed the land in the 1800s. Jarrettsville is about 30 miles north east of Baltimore and has a crime index of 93, making this the sixth safest place to live in Maryland.


Source: redecom

Source: redecom

Set in Harford County in the north of Maryland, Fallston is a census-designated place that’s home to around 9,000 people. It’s a semi-rural community only 20 miles outside of Baltimore, and it’s the seventh safest town in Maryland. The crime index is 92.


Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Set on the shore of Little Seneca Lake, just outside Germantown, is the small unincorporated community of Boyds. Boyds has a population around 2,000 people and it’s the eighth safest place to live in Maryland. The crime index is 92.


Myersville is a small town set in Frederick County, about 11 miles northwest of the city of Frederick. Enjoying its status as the ninth safest town in Maryland are roughly 1,600 residents. Myersville has a crime index of 91.


Source: Flickr user anomalous

Source: Flickr user anomalous

Taking the last spot in our top ten safest cities in Maryland is Brentwood. This town is in Prince George’s County, just 1 mile from Washington DC. Obviously the crime problems in the nation’s capital haven’t seeped out to Brentwood yet! Home to around 3,100 people, Brentwood has a crime index of 91.

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