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Not going to the Royal Wedding? No big deal! Look at some castles!


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It’s that time – time to jump on the Royal Wedding Bandwagon. No, we’re not talking about buying commemorative refrigerators. But what better time to take a peek through Epic Royal Real Estate History? Without further ado, may we present England’s Top 5 Palaces:

Buckingham Palace – Located in the heart of London just outside Green Park, Buckingham Palace is still actively used by QE2 and the royal family. In fact, this enormous royal residence will host the reception/dinner which will follow Kate and William’s nuptials tomorrow.

Hampton Court Palace – Though Buckingham Palace carries the day in terms of name recognition, Hampton Court Palace is arguably one of most authentic and historically-rich pieces of real estate on the Angel Isle. The Palace was a gift from Cardinal Wolsey to Henry VIII and actually had running water in the year 1514! Which, we have to say, is pretty amazing. Also, the palace was occupied by Mary I (Bloody Mary) and her sister Elizabeth I – and, according to tour guides, it’s still home to the ghost of Katherine Howard (5th wife of Henry VIII who was beheaded at the age of 19 for adultery).


The Tower of London is famous for horrifying intrigues, including the executions of scores of “traitors” during the Tudor dynasty – particularly Anne Boelyn and Sir Thomas Moore. However, it’s also home to the glittery, glorious Crown Jewels and Princess Mary’s enormous doll-house.


Blenheim Palace is without a doubt one of the most beautiful in England. Though not strictly-speaking a royal palace, it is the birthplace and ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill. Though Churchill never lived there and wasn’t technically royalty, he was second-in-line to the Dukedom of Marlborough.


Leeds Castle is small, somewhat remote, and absolutely stunning. Buried in the Kentish countryside, it’s one of the oldest royal palaces in England – it housed King Edward way back in the 13th century.


Anyway, we hope you enjoyed that little foray into English Royal  Fantasyland.  Now, we’re going to take a nap so we can get up in the wee small hours, make tea and scones and glue ourselves to the Royal Wedding coverage.






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posted on: April 28, 2011
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