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“Most Extravagant Listing Price Ever” Finds a Buyer


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The Spelling Manor in Bel Air has finally found a buyer – despite its epic $150 million price-tag. You have to admit, that in itself is pretty outrageous – not too many people are throwing around that kind of pocket-change these days, even if they’ve got it. We shudder to think of the property taxes on this thing:


But what’s even more surprising is the fact that the lucky(?) new owner is a twenty-two year old British chick named Petra Ecclestone. It goes without saying that her father is a billionaire many times over, but it’s still a bit strange. After all, Petra’s dad recently bought her a flat in Chelsea for fifty-six thousand pounds, according to the Zillow blog. And what are the odds that two relatively obscure celebrities (Candy Spelling is the home’s previous owner) would occupy such a tremendously flamboyant house?

In fact, there’s no proof yet that this gargantuan “manor” has actually sold – no one knows the sale price, and celeb real estate snoop-extraordinaire the Real Estalker suggests that the claim might be fake. Still,, Zillow, and the Wall Street Journal have all reported Ecclestone as the buyer.

(To see more pics of this wildly-priced and lavishly-landscaped listing, click here.)

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posted on: June 15, 2011
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