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Like the Weeds Theme Song? Here Are the Real-Life Little Boxes on the Hillside

Weeds Theme Songs - In celebration of the TV Series comedy-drama Weeds Movoto recaps Real-Life Little Boxes on the Hillside like the Botwin family residences.

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Weeds a TV Series Created By Jenji Kohan

Source: Showtime

The Movoto bloggers were devastated to learn that, after seven seasons of twisted comedic perfection, the Showtime series “Weeds”–about one suburban clan that takes family business to a whole new (and illegal) level–will soon no longer be the highlight of my Sunday evenings.

Last summer, when we weren’t working or keeping up with social obligations, many of us spent our free time cracking up at series creator Jenji Kohan’s pure satirical genius.

Little Boxes Made of Ticky-Tacky

In celebration of the hilariously dark comedy-drama, Movoto Real Estate is recapping a central facet of the entire series: the Botwin family residences. From hiding out with Andy’s nearly dead grandmother to road-tripping across the country to escape the Mexican drug cartel, here are the spectacular homes the Botwins have resided in and the fond memories that the family took away from each.

[Disclaimer: There are a ton of spoilers in here if you haven’t kept up with the show.]

1. The Agrestic House

The Argestic House a Little Boxes on the Hillside Like in Weeds Theme Song

Source: Google

This Mediterranean five-bedroom house located in the fictional city of Agrestic is where Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker), her two sons, her brother-in-law Andy, and their atypical lifestyle are first introduced. The quintessential suburban home in Stevenson Ranch, California is the perfect front for a dysfunctional drug-dealing family like the Botwins.

Botwin Family Highlights:

  • the picturesque residence of the Botwin family (until Judah’s unexpected death), this home becomes the birthplace of the family marijuana business
  • in an act of undying love, Silas attempts to impregnate his girlfriend Megan and prevent her from going away to college
  • at the end of Season Three, the house meets an untimely demise when Nancy burns it down to hide their drug activities and rides off on a Segway


2. The Grow House

The Grow House For Weeds Theme Songs

Source: Showtime

Although the Botwins didn’t actually live at this North Hollywood home, the grow house proved an important component for their business–and the site of a plethora of family drama. The three-bedroom, single-story residence has the ideal inconspicuous exterior to hide budding criminal activities, and an ornate marble-like fence lining the yard to discourage unwanted visitors.

Botwin Family Highlights:

  • the location where Conrad and Nancy coax their infamous MILFweed strain to life using hydroponics and artificial light
  • Nancy finds herself in a guns-drawn standoff with Mexican gangsters and Armenian mobsters here in Season Two’s finale
  • the site of the freak accident where a stray pitbull (brought in by Doug and named “Mister Sweaters”) bites off two of Andy’s toes


3. The Ren Mar Beach House

Ren Mar Beach House of Botwin for TV Series Weeds

Source: Showtime

Found a mere block and a half from the ocean, the Botwin’s (or Lenny Botwin’s, to be more accurate) early-twentieth-century home in Ren Mar serves as a haven for Botwins and co. from the shady dealings they left behind in Agrestic/Magestic. The five-bedroom beach house, found in Manhattan Beach, California, provides the optimal locale to recover from crazy drug confrontations–or to become embroiled in illegal drug trafficking.

Botwin Family Highlights:

  • Shane loses his virginity during a threesome at this house after attacking the most popular boy at his new school and attracting two female admirers
  • it’s in this home that Nancy suffocates Bubbie, Silas and Shane’s great-grandmother, when the family votes that she do it; after, they sit shiva
  • Lenny Botwin–Nancy’s father-in-law–blackmails her into paying him a ridiculous amount to stay here once he learns of the drug business


4. Esteban Reyes’ Mansion

Esteban Reyes Mansion Like a  Little Boxes on the Hillside From Weeds

Source: Showtime

Officially the home of Mexican drug lord (and Mayor of Tijuana) Esteban Reyes, this Mediterranean estate becomes the temporary but glamorous home to Nancy and her sons while she’s pregnant with Esteban’s child. Equipped with a pool, guest cottage, and chef’s eat-in kitchen, this Los Angeles, California mansion offers luxury aplenty to pamper a mother-to-be (or to serve as her own personal prison).

Botwin Family Highlights:

  • in the spirit of rebellious children everywhere, Esteban’s daughter overdoses on heroin and is almost taken advantage of until Shane interrupts and helps her
  • Nancy’s middle son Shane transforms from a boy into a man…with a rap sheet when he kills Pilar, a powerful female politician, with a croquet mallet at a campaign fundraiser


5. Warren Schiff’s House

Warren Schiff's House a Botwin family residences in Weeds

Source: Google

After fleeing from Esteban’s crew, the Botwins return to Nancy’s hometown (Dearborn, Michigan) and end up staying at this quaint residence with her high school teacher (and former lover), Mr. Schiff. The two-bedroom home in Los Angeles is an excellent cover for housing drug-dealing fugitives like the extended Botwin clan, since its diminutive size will be certain to throw off suspicions.

Botwin Family Highlights:

  • a journalist posing as someone who went to her high school tracks Nancy with plans of narrating her crime-laden life; she goes on record about her ridiculous past in exchange for his help
  • Mr. Schiff recalls fond memories of Nancy during high school, which leads to the exposé of Silas’s real father


6.  Shane and Silas’s New York Apartment

NYC Apartment Locations Used in TV series Weeds

Source: Showtime

Shane, Silas, and Andy return to the states after a three-year stint in Copenhagen (while Nancy was in prison) and turn this New York City apartment into their latest covert drug operations center. The loft-style pad boasts a modern design and gorgeous city views, ideal for trying to bribe fellow family members to join your *cough* business ventures.

Botwin Family Highlights:

  • Nancy awkwardly scrambles to cover the microphone she’s wearing as an SEC informant when her family starts talking business at the loft
  • disagreements about how to run the business (and how to deal with their chief competitor) provoke Nancy and Silas to compete for customers and suppliers
  • a day at the apartment finds Nancy face to face with a gun and the target of blackmail by her own sister


7. The Botwin House in Connecticut

The Botwin House in Connecticut

Source: Showtime

Season Eight opens with a bang at this modern colonial house in Altadena, California, the latest pad of the Botwins. Adorned with a backyard trellis and an expansive yard, the spacious two-story dwelling works perfectly for housing a large family (plus an annoying sister, her twin daughters, the brother-in-law that sister happens to be sleeping with, and a recently wealthy family friend).

Botwin Family Highlights:

  • during the Season Eight premiere, an outdoor dinner in the backyard becomes a scene of chaos after Nancy turns into a babbling gunshot victim
  • while battling for the love of Jill and the twins, Andy and Jill’s husband Scott hold an intense slap fight
  • a pregnancy scare, a neighborly feud over dog poop, and an offer for one son to go gay for a day are just some of the other exciting things going down here in the final season

There you have it: the now-infamous dwellings of the beloved pot-dealing, pad-hopping Botwin clan.

Likely, this overview has been as bittersweet for you as it has for us. Good thing DVDs are still around.

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