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If You’ve Never Been To San Diego, This Video Will Put It At The Top Of Your List

This will be the best 5 minutes of your day.

Laura Allan

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The “World’s Finest City” deserves the world’s finest time lapse video, and in my opinion they don’t get much better than this. It perfectly captures everything that makes San Diego so amazing, and the visuals, well, they’ll blow you away.

From the magic of Comic-Con to the Gaslamp Quarter to Coronado and beyond, this exceptional video by Kevin Andrew Falk fits it all into just five minutes. If you’re not ready to go out soak in San Diego by the time it’s over, you need to watch it again.

Source: World’s Finest Time Lapse by XOXO Wedding Studio

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posted on: May 16, 2014
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  1. Sylvia Montoya

    That is not true about illegals. All the crime is always blame to illegals. All cities have crime. San Diego is one of the most beautiful city that exist in the United States. All year round perfect weather. People from all over the world come to San Diego for one reason the experience our weather and our beautiful beaches. Visit San Diego and you won’t regret it.

  2. Justin Hensley

    What music was used for the video?

  3. Cory

    That was actually a pretty neat video. I am a native San Diegan. That is, I was born here. And also raised here. I like our city pretty well, but it could be just a tad cooler. That said, there are some pretty neat sites, and many were caught on this video, such as the skyline from both Coronado (which itself is wonderful) and Liberty Station (which also like).

    I will say, though, that as much as I love all the neon signs for our neighborhoods, the city may try helping to make the actual neighborhoods themselves look, and function, better.

  4. Valeria

    What about Chula Vista, National City & San Ysidro lol
    Not nice enough for the video ah

  5. Sandy

    Beautiful as I am from San Diego. But you need to add Old Town and those wonderful restaurants there. I always tell everyone we were no more than 15 minutes from the ocean, mountains, desert and all attractions. Thanks for taking me home again.

  6. Jorge Carlos Brandão

    Well,i lived there,and i have a hoy with 14 years ,thanks God ,im so happy about my son live in on off the great places i bene in my life ,beleav me ,and i travel arond the world ,im frome Portugal ,
    Last week a ,u,s, magazine vote lisbon the capital off Portugal the 4 BEATIFULL citeis in the world ,ok im glad ,but realy You are só lokie to be born in san Diego ,i miss san Diego so much its únic ,the best place i ever lived im my life. God bless san Diego .

  7. Jorge Carlos Brandão

    Enjoy to be ther ,i was for 7 years. The best place i see im my life ,thanks .

  8. Mark Ramirez

    I lived and love SD but I couldnt rent for the rest of my life or dont think it would have been a good idea but what a great video

  9. Debbie

    where do you live now?

  10. Kevin Falk

    Reply Valeria,
    I tried to make it just about the core of san diego. Those outer cities are nice to though.

  11. Cindy

    Great!!!! Wonderful shooting and editing — great great great all around! Thanks for doing and sharing!

  12. kClaire Santry

    Sorry…but I don’t think this time lapse would entice me to visit San Diego. I won’t be sending it on to family
    members. There is so much more beauty to be found here…I know…having lived and traveled around different
    communities since I moved here from Illinois in 1960. Speed of the photography plus views of traffic + traffic
    without capturing so much of the beauty and uniqeness of this place was a disappointment. Perhaps the photographers
    really don’t know where to find the best objects & subjects for their material. The emphasis of their photo journal
    was to “capture speed…without essence” in my opinion.


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