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What We Read Around the Office – Feb 22nd 2013

What we read around the office over the course of the last week.

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David Cross

  1. You might be in a murder hotel
  2. I’m a vegetarian, but this makes me miss my hometown. A lot of people hate this type of chili because it has chocolate and cinnamon in it, and because it’s plated on pasta. Every couple of months I order the spices and make a faux-chili. It’s some serious nomin’s.
  3. I’ve lived in the Tenderloin from almost a year now. Every day I walk from the BART station to my front door. I’ve seen more sad and strange things in that year than I have in the rest of my life. Here’s a glimpse: Social work in the Tenderloin.

Chris Kolmar

  1. Forbe’s list of the most miserable cities in the US
  2. Some styles definitely go out of style
  3. What 200 calories looks like in different foods
  4. Cities that college educated women should avoid

Nick Johnson

  1. A look at Google’s new ranking algo

Sally Olsson

  1. Geography of happiness
  2. Green Packaging
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