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What We Read Around the Office – Feb 15th 2013

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The Harlem Shake – Movoto Edition

Kristin Crosier

  1. The cutest guy you’ve never heard of… a Quokka

Megan Radich

  1. The real question that came out of the super bowl
  2. Sometimes you can fail so hard it’s cool

Chris Kolmar

  1. Our calculations seemed to have been a little off
  2. Getting what you want without going to college
  3. That’s one dramatic oreo
  4. The awesomeness that is AirBNB and what it means for all of us

Nick Johnson

  1. Top 100 Tech Stars – I’ve never heard of #1…
  2. The Biggest Websites in the World – It’s who you’d expect

Sally Olsson

  1. Beware of roommates you find on Craigslist
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