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If You’re Not Jealous Of West Virginia, You Definitely Will Be After Watching This

Can you say southern charm?

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West Virginia’s older sister might be the state that’s for lovers, but after watching this awesome video, you’ll see why the Mountain State should get just as much love as its neighbor.

Being from Boston, I’ve never really understood the concept of southern hospitality, but this video screams (or politely hollers?) southern charm. Just look at 1:18—that adorable bubbling brook and rustic wood bridge, just begging to be skipped across. And the music? It’s just too darn perfect.

Source: West Virginia HDR Time-Lapses by Jeffrey Santos Facebook Facebook Like

posted on: September 2, 2014
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  1. Nicole

    West Virginia is known as the Mountain State, not The Garden State. New Jersey would be known as The Garden State.

  2. Stacy

    This video was obviously produced by someone who has never lived in WV, beautiful photos but way too many random guns and you missed all of the amazing landmarks – Dolly Sodds, New River Gorge, etc. And poor choice of song, anyone who has ever lived there would have chosen Country Roads

  3. Shelly Adkins

    I love this video!I will always live here and be proud of it!

  4. Bob

    This was mostly if not all from Mingo co. wv. The guns were put out as props for the History channel show White lightning Hatfield and Mccoy moonshine show. I am guessing Jeff Santos worked on that and gathered this video from his time here filming. How beautiful are these hills and those clouds passing thru are amazing great camerawork.

  5. Mary Alice Sneed

    I got the impression that the couple pictured at the beginning were maybe on vacation so that they may not have been able to see all the glorious sites in our beloved Mountain State. That being said, sure took me back home…..

  6. Justin

    Beautiful video. Too bad the once “Wild and Wonderful” Mountain State is being reduced to rubble at the hands of Mountaintop Removal Coal Companies. In fact, the governor changed the state motto a few years back to “Open for business.” What a joke. Enjoy these gems while they last.

  7. Kitti

    Justin, it was changed back to ” wild and Wonderful ” which is exactly what it is !!


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