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This Incredible Video Of Omaha Will Give You Chills (The Good Kind)

I am totally enchanted by this.

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Even if you had all day, it would be so hard to experience all the awesome things that Omaha has to offer. Thanks to this time lapse that is jam packed with Omaha sights and cityscapes, you can see so much in just four minutes.

Eric Anderson really outdid himself and gave us all this wonderful gift called “Welcome to Omaha”. From the sites of Memorial Park to action at TD Ameritrade Park, this whole video will blow you away.

Source: Welcome to Omaha by Eric Anderson

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posted on: August 6, 2014
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  1. Cindy Doucette

    I love this video. It shows the rest of the world we dont all live on Farms and Omaha is a beautiful place to live. Jod well done on your part.

  2. Tammy Herr

    I enjoyed that very much! It was absolutely awesome! That must of been very time consuming, but worth every second you devoted to it. GOOD JOB! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BEST VIDEO I THINK I’VE SEEN IN A VERY LONG TIME ERIC ANDERSEN!


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