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If You’re From Virginia, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See Today. No Contest.

Going above AND beyond.

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Skyworks produces gorgeous aerial views of many states in the US but their work over Virginia is their best yet. What wonderful sweeping views it shows of Old Dominion.

Plus, that ethereal music! It reminds me of when Peter Pan and Wendy first fly together above Wendy’s house. What a magical video fit for a magical state.

Source: US Virginia by SkyworksHD
Photo Credit: Aerophoto America

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posted on: November 12, 2014
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  1. D. Luis Otero, Ph.D.

    Happy to see Fort Monroe, the birthplace of our Nation, at the onset. Beautiful shots!!

  2. kathy martin the running realtor

    visiting your beautiful state & partaking of the Alexandria area this weekend. Mt Vernon after a great 12K race along George Washington Pkwy. Never too busy for your referrals to the Long Island area. Kathy

  3. Elizabeth Yates

    Beautiful but I think you need to come to our small town of Grundy , the beautiful breaks interstate park in the fall their isn’t anything any more beautiful thanks .

  4. june hogan

    From the mountains to the eastern shores it is one gorgeous state. have been to most of the states and they are all pretty but am always glad to see HOME when I get here.. LOVE IT


  5. Nancy D Hewitt-Crosby

    I’m. From Tidewater, Newport News.

  6. Jenny

    Amazing views! So proud to say I could identify about 90% of them!

  7. Carolyn

    Proud to be a Virginian! I can smell the boxwood!

  8. Sabrina Thomas

    So excited to see Fort Monroe! Absolutely stunning!

  9. John Christy

    Kathy, VA is a historic wonderland! I grew up around Alexandria, Mt. Vernon, Civil War Battlefields, and was even a “hard core” Civil War re-enactor, interpreter & movie extra for 12 years! No better place to live, and I miss it so much! But friends tell me I wouldn’t recognize it anymore. This film tells me they’re wrong!

  10. Laurence M. "Sunny" Bragg

    Am/was fortunate enough to be sent this,y’all’s, tribute to my/the greatest State in our United States of America from my position in th mountains of north Joe Jah here in “Th Dah” —that’s Dahlonega,Georgia.When th Real Estate market gets better,i shall return to my/The Old Dominion/State,’n never more ‘roam’. A job Well Done ! Go ‘HooS , ‘n , GOD Bless you ALL – “S.”

  11. Mary

    Thank you! I miss my home so much! I especially loved seeing Mr. Jefferson’s University (UVA) highlighted.

  12. Julia

    Truly, this is mostly one part of the Old Dominion- being the Tidewater region.

  13. A Virginian with an Open Mind

    Geez, what a bunch of whiners!! It was a 2-minute video — obviously they couldn’t cover every little area of the state. Can’t you just say, “Thanks for a beautiful look at Virginia?!” By the way, all the states (and the whole planet) have sites of beauty and interest — just have a look at the other videos Skyworks has produced!

  14. Booge

    That was a nice video but I’m glad I live in th mtns of va. I was disappointed not to see th mtns in th fall or with a nice blanket of snow!! Proud to say I’m fr southwest Va

  15. Leah Tate

    Would be beautiful on a huge screen like Soarin’ at Epcot, which is aerial views of California. Perhaps some more scenes could be added and Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens could pick it up. Of course, that venue is owned by Disney, but…..

  16. KEVA

    Absolutely beautiful! The views are amazing and this menagerie of breathtaking photos really make me want to go now to visit sooner than later! VA is one of the states I has not had the privilege of exploring yet but it now has risen the top of the wish list. My parents lived here for a short while a long time ago and should have settled and stayed, then I could have said this collection of photos/video are from my home. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Vickie

    I’ve lived in Tazewell (southwest) all my life. It’s a lot of farmland and everybody knows everybody. I remember visiting the National Farm around DC and it felt like home. I also remember our tour guide explaining how people lived off the land with farming and the women canning food and drying green beans for the winter. What she didn’t realize we still do the same thing today I’m 48yrs old and we still string green beans to pressure cook on the winter which we call leather britches and we still kill hogs and still make quilts on the winter because you can’t do much outside in the winter. The scenery is beautiful the Appalachian mountains are like no other and if you know the area very well there are a few trails to hiking up to see the Indian carvings. The next county over Buchanan County has the Breaks National park which is called the Grand Canyon of the east

  18. Maggie Whorton

    Loved this beautiful clip. Just wish that they had identified the places. There were many I didn’t recognize. And suppose someone not from VA watched it. How would they know what they were looking at?

  19. LDC

    I am originally from Montana, I have been in the Rocky Mountains, Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Mountains. I have live in VA for a total of 23 years from the Tidewater, Middle Peninsula to South Central VA. I have seen a lot of VA. but not near enough. My sister and I took a trip from Clarksville to Charlottesville and South on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Fancy Gap and North to Meadows of Dan and Mabry Mill before heading home via Hwy 58. Of all the places I have visited, the BRPW was by far the most beautiful, soul satisfying place I have ever visited. We hit it at peak fall color change and we shed tears when we had to leave. I love Virginia ~ it is my home and I never wish to leave.

  20. Eileen Greene

    I live in Fredericksburg, VA The video is lovely with some of Virginia’s beauty….but there are many more beautiful landmarks, countryside, etc….that one could make many more (and longer) videos to cover all of the wonderful sights that Virginia has to offer…I have live my entire life here and love this place.

  21. Margie Stout

    If you filmed everything beautiful in VA, you would wouldn’t have a glimpse, you’d have a documentary! I enjoyed this video. Thank you to the filmmakers!!


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