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This Hilariously Accurate Tour Of Kansas City Will Make You Love It

A local sketch comedy troupe made this video and it’s gloriously funny, not to mention accurate.

Randy Nelson

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I’ll be honest: “I really need to visit Kansas City” wasn’t a thought that had ever crossed my mind before now. Thanks to this tongue-in-cheek video by local sketch comedy troupe Bottoms Up, I now know the city has a totally unique personality in addition to some really cool places.

Although it’s clearly meant to be funny, I think this is exactly the kind of video more cities need. It points out all the best stuff and pokes fun at the rest. The bit at the 1:19 mark almost made me spit my coffee.

I hope that guy got his free pizza!

Source: Bottoms Up Comedy on YouTube

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posted on: April 27, 2014
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  1. Doug

    out of date now Chiefs and Royals both winning and Hostess gone along with favorite Suzy-Q

    • DB in response to Doug

      Until the teams win a SB or WS again… let it ride.

  2. Rick

    You should go deeper into Indian territory east of Troost , spend as day at the Zoo. OR find all the War markers, my favorite is the Spanish American War cannon taken from Cuba located at 10th and Paseo, most the big guns around town disappeared in the late sixties.

  3. Celeste

    Love this!! Very funny. Forgot to tell everyone that the Wine Barn Winery & Vineyard is where to get wine…. :)

  4. Ione

    Funny. Will pass this on to my friends. Thanks.

  5. Carrie

    Love this! You’re missing Lamar’s Donuts though—originally founded in Kansas City since 1966.

  6. Richard

    Dula Sugafoot…I totally support your comments and replies….said no one ever. However back to the video. Spot on!

  7. Sue

    This is hilariously true!

  8. Martha

    Too “yuppie” for you, Dula? Well aren’t you just the hipster’s hipster. Protip: Lighten up. It was meant to be funny, and it was.

  9. carol

    No drag racing at that race track. But overall video was funny. Enjoyed seeing my old hometown


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