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Top 10 Cloudiest Cities in the US

Sun-worshippers should avoid these ten cloudiest cities.

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A couple years ago, The Daily Beast posted its list of the 10 Coldest U.S. Cities. Does that mean the sun never shines in these places? Not necessarily. With the help of, we took the survey of dreary weather to another place, seeking out the cities where those who love to take in some rays would be hard-pressed to work on their tans. These cities’ residents hardly ever see the light of day. And some of them are freezing, too.


 Burlington-Vermont - Cloudiest Cities in the US

#10 Burlington, VT

Burlington’s got UVM and is the home of Ben & Jerry’s. But sun? Don’t count on it. This town’s cloudy 206 out of 365 days. And the snow starts in October and doesn’t quit ’til April.



Missoula Montana - Cloudiest Cities in the US

#9 Missoula, MT 

The home of University of Montana and the biggest city in the Western part of the Big Sky state unfortunately has its sky clouded most of the time. Yearly, you’ll only get 157 days of sun in Missoula, but winters are pretty mild.



 Bufffalo, NY - Cloudiest Cities in the US

#8 Buffalo, NY

The weather coming in from Lake Erie isn’t pretty. Lots of snow in the winter, and violent rains in the summer. Wind, wind, wind. And with that, bet on 208 days of clouds each year in Buffalo.



Fairbanks, AK - Cloudiest Cities in the US

#7 Fairbanks, AK

Our first of the Pacific Northwest entries on this list, it’s probably also the coldest, with yearly lows in January around 20-below. While you’re fishing for salmon in Fairbanks, it’ll be cloudy 210 days.




 Binghamton, NY - Cloudiest Cities in the US

#6 Binghamton, NY

On the way to the Finger Lakes, you can pass through this quaint college town, with probably one of the best schools in the SUNY system. But if you want sun in Binghamton, you’ll only get it 153 days a year. And it snows here, too. A lot.




 Portland, OR - Cloudiest Cities in the US

 #5 Portland, OR 

You’ve watched Portlandia, right? This town is hip. But not when it comes to sun. You can expect 222 days of clouds each year.




 Seattle - Cloudiest Cities in the US

 #4 Seattle

Like Portland, Seattle has great coffee and a great music scene. And not much snow. But you’ll probably have to wait until late summer to see some semblance of sun, and even then, it’ll only reach 65 degrees. Bet on 226 days of cloud cover.



 Astoria, OR - Cloudiest Cities in the US

 #3 Astoria, OR 

You remember that movie The Goonies that was filmed here? The sun only comes out at the end, when the pirate ship finally sails. There’s a reason for that: 239 cloudy days a year.



 Anchorage, AK - Cloudiest Cities in the US

 #2 Anchorage, AK

Fairbanks was too cold, and now you’ve gone to milder Anchorage to get your salmon canned. But to do it in the sun, you’ll have only 126 days per year.



 Juneau, Alaska - Cloudiest Cities in the US

#1 Juneau, AK

Alaska’s capital, and its mildest big city, with temps comparable to Seattle. It won’t snow much here, either, with only about 4 inches the average in January. But take your Vitamin D, because you’ll be facing 280 cloudy days each year in Juneau.


Honorable mentions: Caribou, ME; Erie, PA; Grand Rapids, MI; Syracuse, NY.



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posted on: January 17, 2012
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