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This Awesome Time Lapse Of Fort Worth Will Make You Want To Move There

You would never guess that Fort Worth could be so beautiful in the dark.

Laura Allan

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You may think you’ve seen Fort Worth before, but Erik Clapp and Coleman Anderson made this video to show you the city in a whole new light.

Through this time lapse, you can see the places and people that make Cowtown what it is. From landmarks to just shoppers walking past, everything comes alive. You can just feel the heartbeat of the city.

Fort Worth truly comes alive at night, and this video certainly proves it.

Source: The Fort from Erik Clapp Cinema+Photo

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posted on: April 29, 2014
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  1. Lashunda Bracey

    I been here two yrs and I have yet to really get out and explore. So I’m looking for nice places and things to do with my family..

    • Amanda in response to Lashunda Bracey

      Check out the omni theater, botanical gardens.six flags, hurricane harbor.

  2. Helen Stockton

    Is Detroit on the horizon? Can it be please?


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