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Chicago Makes All Other Big Cities Envious In This Awesome Time Lapse Video

The Windy City is just so full of win in this awe-inspiring clip.

Randy Nelson

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Frank Sinatra famously sang about Chicago being his kind of town, and after watching this time lapse video of the Windy City shot by Eric Hines, I’m convinced it’s my kind of town, too.

I was mesmerized by the Crown Fountain’s brilliant green glow at 36 seconds and the day-night transition over the Chicago River at 1:40.

There are so many amazing sights packed into “Cityscape Chicago” that I must’ve watched it five times so far just gawking at them all. What can you see?

Source: Cityscape Chicago from Eric Hines

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posted on: April 22, 2014
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  1. Irving Charnowitz

    Chicago is the greatess city that you can find.I live now in Florida the past ten years and there is no comparing any other city to Chicago including New York.

  2. Nancy Flood

    Mike; its apparent you truly love your city. Many more buildings added since Chicago was my home.

  3. Andreas Morgen

    This video shows the pulse of a great city, though it has any faults…it has many things to offer that are positive. ..give her a chance…she rose as a “phoenix” out of the ashes once and will again.


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