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30 Things You Need To Know About Living In Austin

If you like music, tacos, donuts, and traffic, then living in Austin is a paradise.

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1. This Isn’t Your Mama’s Texas

A waffle shaped like Texas.

Source: imgur user punkeetk

Living in Austin is every bit as liberal and proudly weird as you’ve heard. It’s a blue dot in a sea of red. If Texas was a waffle, then Austin would be the syrup.

2. But That Doesn’t Mean That This Isn’t Texas

A rodeo cowboy on a bucking bronco.

Source: Visit Austin, Texas Facebook

Remember, this is still Texas and just because Austin proper doesn’t fit the stereotypical mold, that doesn’t mean that you won’t still find it. Local and surrounding areas can still be very highly conservative.

3. It’s Getting Pretty Crowded

A 'Now Hiring' sign.

SourceL imgur user fairocious

Austin consistently tops the charts of fastest growing city statistic lists and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Not only is it getting crowded but housing costs have gotten really high because of it.

4. And The Traffic Is Even Worse

Traffic on the freeway.

Source: Techzette

The traffic is bad. I know a lot of cities make the same complaint, but this one is so true, it hurts. According to INRIX, Austin has the fourth worst traffic in the country and residents can spend upwards of 38 hours per year stuck sitting in it.

5. But Rumors That Austin Has Jumped The Shark Are Ridiculous

Kevin Bacon sits under a sign that reads 'Bacon'.

Source: imgur

Where else can you find a real-life Mystery Machine driving the streets like living in a scene from Scooby Doo. Or walk into a place that specializes in bacon to find none other than… Kevin Bacon?

6. There Is Definitely A Hierarchy Here

A joke sign that discourages people from living in Austin.

Source: imgur

When you hear people complain about Austinites being pretentious, it’s not entirely off-base. The longer someone has lived here, the moodier they can get about the population boom.

7. Live Music Capitol Of The World Is An Understatement

People watch live music.

Source: Visit Austin, Texas Facebook

Live music is never more than a few blocks away when you live in Austin, no matter what time of day or what day of the week it is.

8. If All The Beer Dried Up, Austinites Would Die Of Thirst

A marquee sign for a bar.

Source: imgur

You know who drinks wine coolers? No one who lives in Austin, that’s who. Learn to love beer, there are plenty of great bars and craft selections to choose from here.

9. Breakfast Tacos Are The New Waffles

A plate of tacos.


Rumor has it that breakfast tacos are starting to make their way around the country. Just remember that they were an Austin thing first.

10. Tex-Mex Loyalty Can Get As Dicey As Political Affiliations

A table covered in Mexican food.

Source: Torchy’s Tacos Facebook

Where you get your tacos and Tex-Mex can say a lot about you in Austin. Are you a Torchy’s loyalist? Or do you prefer the dives? Choose wisely, and prepare to have your selection judged hard.

11. If Austin Were A Planet, It Would Be Made Of Cheese

Chips and queso dip.

Source: Torchy’s Tacos Facebook

I don’t want to say that Austin is obsessed with cheese, but in queso emergencies, Austinites know to pray to Cheesus.

12. You’ll Wonder How Everyone Can Be So Fit

People doing yoga outdoors.

Source: Wanderlust Yoga Austin Facebook

Austinites know how to party until the bands shut the bars down and they have a steady diet of tacos and cheese. So they couldn’t possibly be fit, right?

Wrong. Austin is rated as the 11th fittest city in the country and everywhere you go, it seems like someone just left yoga class.

13. Get Yourself Two Wheels

People ride bikes past some cows.

Source: Bicycle Sport Shop Facebook

There is an active cycling community in Austin and getting around on two wheels is a breeze. If you’re unconvinced, even Lance Armstrong agrees that Austin is as bike-friendly as it gets.

14. But Don’t Give Up The Car Just Yet

Austin at night.

Source: My Milestone

Unless you don’t plan on leaving your neighborhood, you’re still going to want to keep your car.

Traffic sucks, but the city is spread out pretty far and public transportation leaves much to be desired.

15. SXSW Is A Even Cooler Than You Heard It Is

People dance at a rave.

Source: SXSW Facebook

Austinites don’t like to brag but… Oh, yes they do. SXSW is the best festival you’ll ever attend. That’s right, Coachella, I’m looking at you.

16. But That’s Not The Only Festival In Austin

A crowd watches a rock and roll show.

Source: Austin City Limits Music Festival Facebook

ACL and Marley Fest are amazing, too.

17. Never Had Allergies Before? You Do Now

The Austin Allergy Calendar.

Source: Holman Wellness Center

If you can make it through this list without sneezing, you must be made of metal.

18. You’ll Learn To Not Hate Bats Anymore

Bats flying across the sky at sunset. style=

Source: Visit Austin, Texas Facebook

Unless your name is Bruce Wayne or Dracula, you probably don’t have a deep love for bats. But in Austin, they’re a local treasure.

You still probably won’t see the big deal about them since they’re bats and all, but watching a million or so emerge from under the bridge at dusk is pretty cool.

19. No Sports Team? Says Who?

The Texas Longhorns football team run onto the field.

Source: Texas Longhorns Facebook

Austin might be the largest city in the country to be without one of the four major sport leagues. But they have the Texas Longhorns and that’s all they need.

20. Hook ‘Em

Matthew McConaughey does the Texas Longhorns hand motion.

Source: Texas Longhorns Facebook

When you see someone from Austin throwing up the devil horns, they’re not channeling their inner Dio. That’s how you “hook ‘em” for the Longhorns.

21. Find Yourself A Thunder Buddy

A massive lightning strike.

Source: imgur

The storms in Austin don’t mess around. The sky can go from perfectly clear to ominous in a matter of minutes.

22. The Graffiti Is Better Than Architecture

A woman stands in front of 'I Love You' graffiti.

Source: Visit Austin, Texas Facebook

In New York, locals complain about out-of-towners holding up traffic and jamming up the sidewalk to check out the skyscrapers.

In Austin, you have to deal with everyone stopping to rubberneck all the completely unique graffiti and art around town.

23. Austin Has Fishing On Steroids

A man holding a giant fish.

Source: imgur

Sometimes you go fishing in Lady Bird Lake and sometimes the fish catch you.

24.  The Lake Is Actually A River

A view of the city next to the river.

Source: Visit Austin, Texas Facebook

Speaking of Lady Bird Lake, it’s actually a river. It’s just called a lake. That’s because there is a dam on both sides of it.

Although technically that makes it a reservoir. But whatever. It’s Lady Bird Lake, just deal with it.

25. Austin Is Proof That The Midwest Knows Nothing About BBQ

A cutting board covered in barbequed foods.

Source: imgur

You’re free to argue this point all you’d like but as soon as you try the barbeque around here, it’s checkmate.

26. Food Trailers > Diners

People eating outside of a cupcake food truck.


Food trucks are big in other cities. But Austin does food trailers because they don’t do it like other cities.

27. Don’t Forget It Is The State Capital

A start sculpture outside of a government building.

Source: Visit Austin, Texas Facebook

With all the music and the fun and the art and the weirdness, people tend to forget that Austin is the state capital of Texas. And the Capitol is the biggest in the country – which makes sense, since it’s the Texas Capitol.

28. The Pools Here Are A Bit Different

Kids jump off rocks into a swimming hole.

Source: imgur

Austin is really hot and every season is swimming season. But you don’t need a pool here. The watering holes around here turn the city into a paradise.

With Hamilton Pool, Krause Springs, and Jacob’s Springs, a cool down is never far away.

29. Gourdough = True Love

A table full of gourdough.

Source: Gourdough’s Facebook

Calling the concoctions at Gourdough “donuts” doesn’t really do them justice. They’re more like a confectionary dream come true.

30. Come To Think Of It, Living In Austin Isn’t That Great

A joke shirt discouraging people from living in Austin.

Source: Virtual Music

Like the shirt says, Dallas is lovely.

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