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27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

No… Illinois is not just Chicago.

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1. Everyone In Chicago Is Living In Their Own Little World

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user s_y_s

Chicagoans are a little out of touch with the rest of Illinois. Probably because they never actually leave the Chicago metro area. Literally… never.

2. But The Rest Of Illinois Has To Put Up With Their Decisions

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners


Even though Chicagoans don’t care about the rest of Illinois, everyone else in Illinois is forced to care about them. Mostly because every statewide political decision is made in Chicago.

3. In Fact, Some People Wish Chicago Was Just A Separate State

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners


Well… they do more than wishing. In 2011, downstate politicians proposed just that—to make Chicago the 51st state.

4. Giordano’s Pizzeria Is Totally Overrated

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user adam_jones

No one needs that much cheese. No one ever needs that much cheese.

5. But A Dog From Portillo’s Lives Up To The Hype

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user cgtmouse

There is literally no better fast food in the world than Portillo’s. Mention it in Northern Illinois, and everyone will start raving.

6. You’re Required To Choose Between The Cubs Or Sox

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user delusionalcubsfan

If you’re a baseball fan in Illinois, it might as well be against the law to root for both teams.

7. The Only Exception Is In Southern Illinois

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user keithallison

Southern Illinois residents don’t care about the petty upstate rivalry between the Sox and the Cubs. They’re too busy being super dedicated Cardinals fans.

8. But Everyone Can Agree To Love The Bears

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user soldiersmediacenter

You won’t hear them called “Da Bears” too often outside of Chicago, but every football fan in Illinois cheers for them.

9. Illinoisans Are The Only Ones Who Know What Real Cold Weather Is

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user davidwilson1949

Complaining about the cold isn’t just small talk here. It’s a passion. And everyone from Illinois will insist they, and only they, know what true cold weather is.

10. Someone On LSD Is Not On Drugs

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user allie444

But if it’s rush hour on Lake Shore Drive, they are on a really bad trip.

11. Illinoisans Actually Know What Casimir Pulaski Day Is

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners


But mostly that’s just because they get the first Monday of every March off school.

12. There Are Only Two Seasons… Winter And Construction

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user louisvilleusace

And you can safely bet every dad in the state of Illinois has made that joke at least once (but probably much more than once).

13. Everyone From Northern Illinois Loves Playing Six Degrees Of Al Capone

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Wikipedia user Dannie-Walker/Miami Police Department

The game goes something like this: Did you know Al Capone ate there? Did you know Al Capone got a cavity filled there? Did you know Al Capone ordered someone’s death there?

14. Champaign-Urbana Puts Every Other College Town To Shame

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user derek-and-edith/

The University of Illinois might be the driving force behind the economy, but the fact that so many Illinis stay after graduation means the towns don’t just die completely in the summer months.

15. Illinoisans Knew The New Cast Member Of SNL Before Lorne Michaels

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user David Shankbone

Since all Saturday Night Live seems to do anymore is poach from Second City, odds are Illinoisans saw that new cast member on a little stage before their big screen premiere.

16. Everyone In Illinois Has Taken A Family Vacation To Six Flags

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user intamin10

And they’re always dying to relive the nostalgia, no matter their current age.

17. All Of Your Favorite 80s And 90s Movies Were Shot In Illinois

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners


“Breakfast Club”, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, “Groundhog Day”, “Uncle Buck”, “Home Alone”, “Sixteen Candles”… odds are your favorite late 80s or early 90s movie was filmed somewhere in the suburbs of Illinois.

18. Springfield Is Actually Just One Giant Lincoln Museum

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user mrsdkrebs

Springfield is home to Lincoln’s house and an awesome presidential museum, but Springfield residents take it a little further than that. Being a Lincoln impersonator is serious business.

19. Everyone In Illinois Is Just One Of The Guys

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Tumblr user gifsforgomez

If you’re in Illinois, you probably won’t hear “y’all” thrown around too often, but everyone, regardless of gender, is referred to as “you guys.”

20. No, Chicago Isn’t Actually The Capital

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user yodudedan

As much as Chicagoans like to think of themselves as the center of the universe (or at least the center of Illinois), Springfield is the proud capital of Illinois.

21. A Trip To The First McDonald’s Is An Illinois Pilgrimage

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user huddleston

The first McDonald’s in Des Plaines may be more museum than restaurant at this point, but a trip to grab a burger and fries is still absolutely essential.

22. So Is A Trip To Indiana To Buy Fireworks

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners


At least if you want the really good hand-blowing-off kind of fireworks.

23. Everyone From Southern Illinois Goes To St. Louis More Than Chicago

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user dherholz

When downstate Illinoisans are craving a trip to the big city, they’re not going to drive all the way to their nemesis, Chicago, when St. Louis is right next door.

24. The Fourth Of July Isn’t Just Independence Day

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user kenlund

It’s also when you check the corn to see if it’s knee high by the Fourth of July.

25. Living Entirely Off Of Jimmy John’s Is Totally Normal

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Jimmy John’s via Facebook

Jimmy Johns is actually the perfect sandwich. Super soft bread, no wilted lettuce, and well… the price is a major incentive, especially for all the college students. Plus, they do delivery.

26. Illinoisans Are Still Hoping The Ice Cream Of The Future Catches On

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

Source: Flickr user rbh

Dippin’ Dots were invented by a Southern Illinois University Carbondale graduate in 1987… and still haven’t quite caught on. Maybe Curt Jones was just ahead of his time.

27. Pronouncing The S Is The Worst Crime An Out-Of-Towner Can Commit

27 Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners


If you hiss at the end of Illinois, you’re saying it wrong. Incredibly and horribly wrong.

What do you have to explain to out-of-towners about Illinois? Tell us in the comments below!

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posted on: January 5, 2015
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  1. Andrea

    No. Not every one is a cardinals,cubs or white Sox fan.

  2. Curt

    If you think that everybody in this state rallies behind the Bears. Your wrong. Please come down to Bloomington on any weekend during football season and you will see more Packers fans then Bears or Rams fans combined.

  3. megan

    I love when I say I’m from the peoria area and people automatically assume that it’s up by Chicago

  4. destiny

    Here in southern Illinois you here a lot of yall.

  5. Melissa

    San Jose is pronounces how it’s spelled instead of how it’s supposed to be. Around here it’s pronounced san jOse (hard “j”), not “san hosay” like normal.

  6. Emo

    The term “dirtleg” was coined in Illinois

  7. Angie

    You have to explain what a ghost rally is

  8. Grace

    It’s DesPlaines not DesPlains and Dippin’ Dots were not “invited’, however, they were ‘invented’ by a Southern Illinois University Carbondale graduate in 1987…

  9. Jeanne

    Cahokia Mounds is not in Cahokia, it’s in Collinsville.

  10. Fonz

    Bullshit Curt.
    I’m here now and saying Bloomington residents are gutless bandwagon Packer fans are fighting words!
    Take that crap to Wisconsin!

  11. David

    In the ’70’s I was in the Army, and all the black guys knew me as Richard Pryor’s homey as I was from near Peoria.

  12. tim

    you haven’t eaten in illinois, until you’ve had a blue room burger. in that little old crooked bar in that 1 stop sign town. no where close to Chicago

  13. Melanie

    KKK is used as an abbreviation for Kankakee. If you see a sign with KKK on it, you may want to take notice what town your in before you assume it is a cult sign.

  14. Frankie

    Lou Malnati’s or gtfo!

  15. Joyce

    What a horseshoe really is……..even Chicago (most of them) can’t explain it. Springfield has the BEST!

  16. Danielle

    14. No. I’d recommend visiting say Burlington, VT, Asheville, NC, Boulder, CO, etc. just google a top 10 colleges list you’ll see why it’s a good idea to travel.
    19. Selena Gomez (the girl in the .gif) is from Texas. So this whole “you guys” thing is not exclusive to Illinois.

  17. Kaylye

    Pizza is life and the city is your world.

  18. Evelyn

    not all of Illinois is flat. Here in Southern Illinois we have the Shawnee National Forest, orchards, and the Shawnee Wine Trail in our beautiful rolling hills of the Illinois Ozarks

  19. Roseanna

    I have lived in central Illinois my whole life. When I went to summer camp in Wisconsin they asked me what part of the south I was from.

  20. Illinois

    When people from the metro east (Alton area) go out of town they say they’re from St Louis when asked where they’re from.

  21. Tawny

    I miss Aurelio’s Pizza

  22. Krista

    It is a right of passage into the working world to detassel as your first job at 12 years. If you can make it through those three-four weeks, you can make it through anything. And corn that is only knee high by July was planted VERY late.

  23. Ann

    In Illinois both Athens and New Athens are pronounced with a long A at the beginning of Athens, not short A like Athens, Greece.

  24. Kandi

    When I moved out of IL I was surprised that no one else in NC knew what Sweetest Day was!

  25. Hep

    Monicals Pizza!!!! Enough said

  26. Jennifer McNay

    Quincy is home of Maid Rite! They are so good that people who have moved away will have them shipped to them or that is always the first place the go when they come back!!!

  27. Lorel

    We drink pop, not soda

  28. Walt

    Just becauses Diary Queen closes after harvest doesn’t mean that it went broke. It will reopen in the spring !

  29. Suzie Cue

    I have lived here most of my life and never heard of al Capone game. Illini is also plural (like deer) – it’s not Illinis. In my four years on Springfield I never met a lincoln impersonator. And everything south of Chicago isn’t called “Southern Illinois.” Do people from Illinois actually write these things?

  30. Claire

    I go to Chicago every 5 years or so, to remind myself as to why I don’t go to Chicago…

  31. Ron Blankenship

    When out of state and asked where im from…i say Illinois….automatically the first thing asked….”Chicago?”

  32. Dawn O'Malley

    After moving to Springfield from Chicago I learned that there is something called “Central Illinois”. In Chicago, everything south of I-80 is “Southern Illinois”. They also say “sucker” instead of lollipop, “sack” instead of bag and “soda” instead of pop in Springfield. When I moved here, I thought everyone was from Mississippi because their accents sounded so thick to my ears. It took me 20 years before I could hear an accent from people from Chicago. Another thing, people down here say “It needs cleaned” or “The grass needs mowed” without using “to be”. I’ve heard that they do that in Kansas City also. Drives me nuts.

  33. Colleen

    When in Florida, I corrected so many people saying IlliNOISE!!!!! Drives me nuts!!! Come on, REALLY!??? STILL!!??

  34. Maggie

    What about a mentioning a Chicago style hotdog?

  35. Kim

    And then there’s the South side of Chicago….

  36. Chuck

    People in Illinois are called FIB’s in Wisconsin and Michigan (Fucking Illinois Bastards)

  37. MANDY

    In northern Illinois, Beef A Roo is our EVERYTHING!

  38. David

    The writer was obviously from Northern Illinois (probably Rockford), because she confuses central Illinois with Southern Illinois, and because about half of the claims she made about Illinois are only true of those living within an hour of Chicago. Anyone who can drive to Chicago within an hour is not REALLY from Illinois, but are actually part of what I like to call “Chicagianasin” (Stealing letters from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana). Of course, without the mainland to support them, Chicago would be nothing. US route 52 should be the Northern border between Illinois and Chicagianasin. For all of you Chicagianasinners, just think of all the Federal aid you guys could get if your state population wasn’t thinned out by all that empty farmland! (Illinois, relieved of the financial burden of supporting Chicago, wouldn’t need Federal aid, taxes would go down, and the economy would run in the black, like Indiana!)

  39. Jimmy

    There’s Chicago, CENTRAL Illinois and Southern Illinois. It’s NOT Chicago and then the rest is “Down state”. Springfield and surrounding areas are NOT downstate.

  40. Mich

    U of I is overrated. Clearly whoever wrote this hasn’t experienced STATE. Win or lose, we booze.

  41. Pam

    Corn hole is not a game

  42. susan

    Des PlainEs

  43. Pam

    I’m 90 miles sw of Chicago..If Chicago news reports something positive in my area, we are referred to as a “suburb”..if it’s bad news, we’re “downstate”…and I’d never heard of a “horseshoe”.

  44. cindy

    What a “parker” is. As in “I’m looking for a parker.”

  45. Karen

    I’m constantly telling people there’s no “noise” in Illinois. It drives me crazy to hear how many people mispronounce it.

  46. Bill

    The writer of this “piece” is incredibly bitter towards Chicago and some of the items read like the inane ramblings of her tea party uncle or father. Almost nothing on this list of “Things People From Illinois Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners” needs to be explained to out-of-towners. Typical viral listmaking garbage.

  47. Mike

    Reading the comments, it’s funny how many people from outside of Chicago think their opinions on this topic are relevant.

  48. Barry

    Interesting to hear about the Dippin’ Dots “still haven’t quite caught on”. The ice cream is in a thousands of locations WORLDWIDE (theme parks, fairs & festivals and franchised store locations). The company has been featured on numerous TV shows and I’ve seen product placement in a few movies. All this from humble beginnings in Curt’s parents’ Grand Chain, IL garage over 25 years ago. Guess I’ll have to review the actual definition of a successful product. BTW–if you have kids, they want Dippin’ Dots NOW!!

  49. Stacy

    For all you from southern Illinois (Clinton County) let’s not forget ski. Best way to get your morning started.

  50. amy jo

    And we say muck fichigan…

  51. John

    – 16″ softball, no glove
    – no ketchup on hot dogs
    – expressways in Chicago area are known by names, not numbers: Dan Ryan, Kennedy, Edens, Eisenhower, etc.

  52. Rich

    Maggie, a Chicago Style Hot Dog is not celebrated more than at Gene & Jude’s Red Hots. There’s no ketchup in the place and Mc’Ds next door charges for it. lol

  53. Michelle

    What a pork tenderloin sandwich is! We don’t have them out in the DC area. And people in the DC area think I’m a foodie because I order morels to go with my Crab Benedict or steak and eggs! And they wouldn’t DARE consider (and in fact considerate it sacrilege) eating
    morels dipped in egg and crackers then fried.

  54. JoElla

    Beef a Roo??

  55. Candice

    Well I think Chicago is the best thing in Illinois and I don’t even live there but have lived all over the state. How about Whitey’s Ice Cream. Voted the best Ice Cream in THE WORLD by Conte Nast. Happy Joes taco pizza. Taco pizza originated in Quad Cities. Northwestern University is no slacker school. Worst abuse of the English language in Southern Illinois. “What was you wanting, What was you thinking?” ARGGGGHHHHH.

  56. JoElla

    People in Illinois are generally good-hearted people. Of course you’re going to have those people who have no class, but for the most part people from Illinois are eager to extend a welcoming hand and see to it that new comers feel right at home. Whether you’re in Chicago or in the southern most part of the state, a true Illinoian will welcome you with a firm handshake, a warm smile and don’t be surprised if he/she even offers you a nice cold pop on a humid summer afternoon.

  57. jo

    how about the chicago accent? I lived in a “suburb” of chicago for one summer and came home. Eveyone would ask me if I was from chicago because of my “accent” Orginally from Indy.

  58. Angie

    I love all of these comments, everybody kind of went off about some horseshoes. My bf likes Texas toast with chicken strips, fries, cheese sauce and drizzle Franks hot sauce and ranch dressing over top of it all. It’s kind of amazing. And I’m from central Illinois and people from Chicago say I have an accent…Nuh uh, they do!! And I love their accents : ) they say I sound southern…whaaat! Get outta here y’all! Lmao

  59. Susan

    Explaining that Effingham is a town and not swearing about pork….

  60. Pj

    Here in the deep south of IL..we do not call a soda a pop.

  61. Susie

    I had Dippin Dots at the Illinois State Fair way before 1987 so how is that possible ? And a pony shoe is the small version of a horse shoe. The horse shoe has more than one piece of toast.

  62. Sarah

    Anybody catch they spell Des Planes as “Des Plains” for the Mcdonalds statement?

  63. Maria Smith

    They did.

  64. connie

    Saw Sly Stone at the Bradley collisum

  65. Bri

    People don’t know what pop is or they make fun of you when you say it. Since I don’t live in IL anymore I call it soda so I don’t get looks. Also, no one ever ever knows what a granita is. It’s an Italian ice they sell them in my hometown of Rockford. It’s very popular there no one outside of my city has ever heard of them :/ they are amazing!

  66. michaelnatali

    any word about that chicago italian beef sandwich topped with italian gardiniera….OR. sausage , submarine sangwhich. DON’T FORGET DA PEPPERS.

  67. Alissa

    No down here in a small Illinois town, Packers are the ones to root for!

  68. Erik

    How is a trip to Six Flags unique to Illinois?

  69. Mark

    This is literally the stupidest “state” list I’ve ever seen. I’m not even gonna start to list the inaccuracies because it would take me all day.

  70. Connie

    How about, “If you don’t like the weather in Illinois, stick around, it’ll change”.

  71. jaime Longobardi

    Coal, train loads of it! and Oil

  72. Nancy

    I have lived in Illinois all my life, across the river from St Louis, and if I am out town, and I travel a lot, I never say I am from St Louis–I say I’m from Granite City, IL, and I have never in my 62 years called soda pop.

  73. Emmet

    people from Illinois (OK- from Chicago) have to explain 16-inch softball.
    Go ahead…explain it!

  74. jordan

    illinois has so many different oppinions, we just need split in half because anyone from northern Illinois believes that it’s northern Illinois and southern Illinois. Li live in northern Illinois and have never heard of have these thing on this list.

  75. red

    That “running over” to Iowa on a daily basis is normal.

  76. Megan

    I’m from the Alton area. When I’m asked where I’m from I reply with 25 minutes from STL. Defenitely a Stl Cardinals fan and lets not forget our STL Blues. Alton’s home of the tallest man Robert Wadlow,the Lincoln Douglas debate and named one of the most haunted towns in America. We’re home of fast Eddies and I travel across the river every week for cheaper gas.

  77. Victoria

    monicals pizza is the. Shit. Old orchard lane. Pizza. Is. Great as well. <3. Champaign. Let's. Not. Forget Monica's ordinated in Tolono il.

  78. idlehands

    When people are from Chicago and they move to the burbs they still say they’re from Chicago.

    When people from the burbs move to Chicago they tell people that they’re from Chicago.

  79. evergreen63

    Yes, someone from above I-80 claiming to be from downstate again. Obvious to anyone who isn’t.

  80. Linda

    I have to put in a couple of plugs. Has the only Carlinville in the world. Home of Million dollar courthouse and Taylor’s chilli.

  81. Al

    Beef-a-roo is a local fast food chain based in Rockford. They are known for their decor themes (classic diner, log cabin, firehouse), have a dozen shake flavors, and THE BEST CHEESE FRIES in the world.

  82. Michelle

    im from Joliet so I get asked you live in the prison town aka Stateville penitentiary and how could you forget the movie The Blues Brothers

  83. Camille

    When I moved to the NW side of Chicago in the 60s everyone asked me what nationality I was. It took me a while to realize they wanted to know what country my ancestors immigrated from.

  84. Ricky

    I never heard of the food horseshoe, until I moved by Springfield. They are AMAZING!

  85. EC

    Lol. Looks like the writer in an Ohio native! It’s like she was trying to anger people from both halves of the state at once.

  86. Preston Hall

    the guy in orange is my at #25

  87. Roxie

    People of Southern Illinois dont claim Northern Illinois. We might as well be part of Tennessee or Kentucky. We’re just good ol southern folk and proud of it!

  88. Loretta

    I’m from Illinois originally and I think it’s great and the ( S ) is silent on the end of Illinois. I live in NJ now and believe me it’s not great here .

  89. Barb

    I didn’t see the comment about Illinois politics: “The head barks in Chicago and the tail wags in Springfield.” Did I miss it? Also, Illinois is getting a reputation (like some of the southern United States) for singularly corrupt state government.

  90. Maureen Biles

    love this stupid list, LMFAO

  91. Carolyn

    When people ask me where I was born & raise I tell them Rockford Illinois oh your a flatlander Right!

  92. Sarah

    How about Illinois Government being the most crooked in the country? How many of our governors have been in or are in prison or have been investigated for wrong doing? Now a congressman resigns due to misusing funds and God knows what else… Oh and lets not forget the most crooked of them all… Our President! Ugh! Makes me sick!

  93. Josh

    A lot of these are stereotypes, I live in Illinois but 6, 7, 8, 11, 15, 16, 25, and 27 are all false. In some parts of Illinois number 27 is true but I have heard people in Chicago pronounce the s. Also Jimmy Johns isn’t really that cheap, subway is cheaper and jimmy johns bread isn’t soft it is hard. If you were going to say something about jimmy johns you should have said Charleston, IL is the birthplace of jimmy johns.

  94. John

    Lorel, in southern Illinois it is soda, not pop. And we’re not “downstate Illinois”, we’re” southern Illinois.

  95. Gigi

    I think everyone is forgetting BEER NUGGETS!! Not sure if they are in SOuthern Illinois, but they have been very popular here in Northern Illinois for decades! And sadly I haven’t been able to find them in other states. Love our Beer Nuggets

  96. ozdawg

    I realize these are more Chicago items, but no mention of Italian beef, stuffed pizza or mayo on everything from burgers and hot dogs to fries and nearly every sub created.

  97. Sheena

    In Mt. Vernon, we drink SODA, not pop.

  98. Gayle

    I’ve had to explain that all of Illinois is NOT flat farmland. In Southern Illinois, there are bluffs and lots and lots of hills. And no, we do not live close to Chicago.

  99. Miles

    One thing missing is the mention of small towns in central IL being super country-folks. I mean, shit, take a look at Fulton County’s fair! You get every darn redneck, hillbilly, hick and his dog comin’ to watch the Demolition Derby on Saturday night! And if you look at all the vehicles, more than 2/3 of them are trucks. Illinois is much more diverse than it seems, folks. Much more.

  100. Erica

    Heavenly Delight Ice Cream Shop Murrayville, IL!!

  101. Phil

    I have lived in Chicago all my life.
    The large majority of people here do not worry about the stuff you mentioned on the list and most of it is just stereotyping or myths.

    Unless you are under the age of 25 you grew up eating thin crust pizza and 99% of that was from the local mom & pop pizza places in the neighborhood.
    Pan pizza and the chains like Lou Malnati’s are for the tourists.
    A Polish & fries from Jimmy’s is better than anything Portillo’s makes.
    I don’t know anyone that talks about or even thinks about Al Capone unless you walk past the lot on Clark Street where the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre occurred. It was 86 years ago and people have moved on.
    I have worked with Packer fans and they pretty much become Packer fans because they either live in the sticks where they identify with that Larry the Cable Guy thing or they are trying really hard to make a statement that no one really cares about.
    We do leave the city all the time but we prefer it here because to be honest…. the burbs, Wisconsin and Indiana get boring pretty fast.
    Nothing personal.
    If you like it better in Carbondale or Peoria or Woodstock than that is ok.
    It does not change my life at all.


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