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10 Things Only People From San Diego Understand

San Diego’s got 99 problems but a beach ain’t one.

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1. Weather That Always Feels Like May And June Except In May And June

10 Things Only People From San Diego Understand

Source: Flickr user Sunburned Surveyor

San Diego has some of the best and most coveted weather in the entire country. The temperatures rarely reach the 90s and never get frosty. The city also only sees an average of 10 or so inches of rain every year, which does nothing to help the drought, but sure does help keep that tan even year-round. Being able to wear flip flops in December really never gets old, either.

Even the overcast “May Grays” and “June Gloom” usually burn off by mid-afternoon. The moral of the story here is that even San Diego’s gloomiest days are a thousand times better than virtually everywhere else’s best days. Deal with it.

2. Fish Tacos Are More Important Than Everything Else You’re Doing On Tuesday

10 Things Only People From San Diego Understand

Source: Quick Meme

Taco Tuesday is much more than a cute San Diego activity. It’s downright mandatory, bordering on an official religion with Tuesday being the Sabbath. San Diegans’ love for fish tacos is very real and taken extremely seriously, which is why everybody here knows the best places to go and at which times. You’ll even see people sporting Taco Tuesday t-shirts, all in the name of the mini-weekly holiday. Tacos are everywhere and they’re delicious, especially when fish is involved.

The biggest rule of thumb is that the quirkiest or dingiest (or both) are the most likely to have the best tacos. Taco Surf is a quaint taco shop that also doubles as a surf museum. Taco trucks or street tacos are all the rage and you don’t have to order fish. But whatever your preference, just don’t miss Tuesday.

3. It’s Not Hot Sauce, It’s San Diego Salsa

10 Things Only People From San Diego Understand

Source: Tacos Perla Facebook

San Diego-style hot sauce is truly an art form (and Tacos Perla is a museum of that art). It comes in different styles, different flavors, different textures and even different colors. What other places call salsa is what San Diego considers hot sauce. Alternately, what other places call hot sauce, San Diego calls hot water. With the exception of a bloody mary, what do you even do with that stuff?

4. Everyone You Meet For The Rest Of Your Life Will Remind You To Stay Classy

10 Things Only People From San Diego Understand

Source: Giphy

You don’t have to be a native San Diegan (and really, who is?) to understand this one. If you’ve lived here for almost any length of time, you know that the Anchorman quotes will probably never die. Ever.

Don’t take that the wrong way. Will Ferrell is great and Anchorman was funny. In 2004. It stopped being so funny somewhere around the seven billionth time some outsider reminded anyone here to “stay classy.” San Diegans know that they’ll never be able to stop outsiders from quoting this movie to ad nauseum. But if you’re new here, do yourself a favor and just say no to the gratuitous Anchorman quotes. Unless, of course, you’re looking to give yourself away.

5. San Diego Is The Michael Jordan Of Craft Beer

10 Things Only People From San Diego Understand

Source: Stone Brewing World Bistro & Garden Facebook

Everybody everywhere loves craft beer. I mean, it’s craft beer… you’d have to be a world-champ dumb-dumb not to. But nobody loves craft beer the way that San Diegans love craft beer. No, it’s not an exact science, but if this were Vegas, I’d put 98 percent of my cash on it being true.

San Diego is the Craft Beer Capital of the country, with more microbreweries than anywhere else. If you can’t claim places like Stone, Karl Stauss, and Coronado, then you can’t really claim to love craft beer. It’s not your fault, of course; you simply just don’t know craft beer. In fact, the only reason I’d be 98 percent of my cash instead of 100 is because crazier things have happened. I mean, the Terminator became governor, for crying out loud. Twice. And then there was that time Michael Jordan became a baseball player. We all make mistakes. Just not when it comes to beer in San Diego.

6. You’re Not An Official Nerd Until You’ve Been To THE Comic-Con

10 Things Only People From San Diego Understand

Source: Visit San Diego Facebook

So, you dressed up like Thor or Wonder Woman and went to your local comic book convention this year, eh? That’s cute. Even if it was one of the smaller, local “Comic-Cons,” it wasn’t Comic-Con.

In case you live under a rock, the San Diego Comic-Con is the real McCoy of Comic-Cons. The ones that you see springing up in other cities are better than nothing, I guess, but they’re kind of like a Louis Vuitton knockoff bag: it looks okay from afar until you get up close and realize that the LV looks more like the Yankees’ logo. Further proof that it’s always better to invest in authenticity. At the real Comic-Con, you’ll get to spend your weekend with over 130,000 of likeminded fangirls and fanboys who automatically know you’re dressed as the 11th Doctor, not the 10th (duh). So, invest wisely.

7. San Diegans Are Livin’ In A Panda Paradise

10 Things Only People From San Diego Understand

Source: Visit San Diego Zoo Facebook

Show me a person who doesn’t melt into a pile of goo at the sight of a panda and I’ll show you Grinchy McGrincherson. Show me a person who doesn’t melt into a pile of goo at the sight of pandas playing together up close, in person and I’ll show you a damn liar.

The San Diego Zoo more than lives up to its reputation as one of the best zoos in the country. And the panda exhibit there has a lot to do with that. San Diegans are in love with their resident furry friends, but it’s not like people can visit the zoo on a weekly basis with jobs and bills and whatever. So, the zoo developed the Panda Web Cam in order for people to tune into the everyday hijinx of Gao Gao, Bai Yun, and company.

8. San Diego Has The Coolest Beach Bums

10 Things Only People From San Diego Understand

Source: Flickr Nathan Rupert

There is no doubt that San Diego is land of the beach bum. It’s a place where surfing is more common that baseball and flip-flops are considered perfectly acceptable footwear almost everywhere you go, from a fancy date to a Bar Mitzvah. It’s a laid back city with no use for watches, drama, or suits and heels. But along with following Frankie’s advice to relax, they’re also a pretty unique bunch.

There’s the guy who was so good at wearing a chicken suit in public that he bawked his way into becoming an advertising mascot for the Padres, hanging out with Ronald Raegan, landing a movie role. And no list of San Diego would be complete without a nod to Slo Mo, a former-neurologist who picked up and threw in the towel on his pre-planned life to pursue his passion of rollerblading the boardwalk of San Diego. Mission accomplished, he’s a local legend.

9. Seals Steal All The Best Sunbathing Spots

10 Things Only People From San Diego Understand

Source: Flickr user Łukasz Lech

So, we’ve established that San Diego has the best beach bums. But I neglected to mention the other beach bums that flock to the shores to soak up as much sun as they can: the seals.

La Jolla’s reputation of old money and the upper crust barely does it justice. It’s a corner of the world reserved for the wealthy and the beautiful…and the seals. Head to the oceanfront cove to see the beauties bathing in the sun in packs. But don’t let their floppy appearances deceive you. San Diegans know all about their rough nature, but tourists are always a little surprised to see them body slamming each other like they’re in a WWE ring rather than one of the hoitiest beaches around.

10. All Of Your Distant Friends Become Your Best Buddies When It’s Vacation Time

10 Things Only People From San Diego Understand

Source: We Know Memes

At first, you just like to think that everyone really enjoys the pleasure of your company and that you’re this awesome friend everybody wants to be around. But after your tenth house guest in the same season, the charade slowly starts to unravel and you see it for what it really is. Your friends don’t really love you, they just love your beaches. And your weather. And your fish tacos. And surfing. And all those gorgeous people. And Legoland. And Comic-Con…. Basically, you realize that your friends are using you to make out with San Diego.

It’s not really that harsh of a reality, though. Because deep down you know that if you didn’t already live here, you’d be doing the same thing. Which is exactly why you live here.

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