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15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

There’s no excuse for not eating awesome food in the Garden State.

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1. Get Your Cheesesteak On!

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: Donkey’s Cheese Steak’s via Facebook

Donkey’s Too
11 Tomlinson Mill Rd
Medford, NJ 08055
Yelp: 4 Stars; 24 Reviews.

In the same restaurant family as Camden’s Donkey’s Place, Donkey’s Too is even more delicious. Using round rolls instead of longer hoagies, feasting on one of the sandwiches you get here will be a meal you won’t soon forget.

2. The Pizza Here Is Heavenly

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: Flickr User Holy Tomato Pies (Formerly Alfreds Tomato Pie) via Facebook

Holy Tomato
9 S Black Horse Pike
Blackwood, NJ 08012
Yelp: 5 Stars; 29 Reviews.

If you’re looking for a great slice of ‘za, Holy Tomato is the place for you. Every pizzas from this kitchen is packed full of fresh ingredients, making these some of the best pies in South Jersey. Latest sources tell us this place is still cash-only, so hit the ATM before you visit.

The fact that Holy Tomato is also BYOB makes this minor inconvenience totally worth it.

3. Got A Hot Date?

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: Caffe Aldo Lamberti via Facebook

Caffe Aldo Lamberti
2011 Marlton Pike West
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
(856) 663-1747
Yelp: 4.5 Stars; 101 Reviews.

Specializing in Italian and seafood, the dishes that come out of the kitchen at Caffe Aldo Lamberti are equal parts beautiful and delicious. Whether you’re looking to impress a new acquaintance or you’re celebrating an important occasion, a trip here is sure to be a memorable experience.

4. American Classics With A Twist

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: Steve and Cookies By The Bay via Facebook

Steve & Cookie’s By The Bay
9700 Amherst Ave
Margate City, NJ 08402
(609) 823-1163
Yelp: 4.5 Stars; 92 Reviews.

Next time you’re in the mood for something unique, a stop by Steve & Cookie’s is exactly what you need. At home in Margate City, this restaurant has a menu full of the favorites, each with a healthy dose of creativity.

One of the most popular menu items is the lobster mac n’ cheese, but you can’t go wrong regardless of what you order.

5. These Hoagies Are Hard To Beat

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: Chick’s Deli via Facebook

Chick’s Deli
906 Township Ln
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
(856) 429-2022
Yelp: 4.5 Stars; 86 Reviews.

Another great cheesesteak place in Jersey, a sandwich from Chick’s deli will always leave your stomach smiling. With several varieties of the sandwich that Philly made famous, one favorite here is the buffalo chicken cheesesteak, tender and with the perfect amount of spice.

6. This Place Is Worth Waking Up For

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: Gilchrist Restaurant via Facebook

Gilchrist Restaurant & Marina
804 N Rhode Island Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 345-8278
Yelp: 4.5 Stars; 182 Reviews.

Known around town for their awesome brunch menu, planning a trip to Gilchrist Restaurant & Marina will make it quite a bit easier to get out of bed in the morning. While they’ve got great versions of all the breakfast staples, their blueberry pancakes can’t be missed.

7. Sage Has It All

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: Sage Restaurant via Facebook

Sage Restaurant
5206 Atlantic Ave
Ventnor City, NJ 08406
(609) 823-2110
Yelp: 3.5 Stars; 30 Reviews.

With plenty of outdoor seating and a BYOB policy, the atmosphere at Sage Restaurant is pretty hard to beat. They’ve also got a very diverse menu with something for everyone, including selections like fried artichoke hearts, succulent short ribs, and scallops.

If one things for sure, it’s that a trip here can’t be skipped.

8. When Creativity Meets Expertise

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: The Iron Room via Facebook

The Iron Room
The Atlantic City Bottle Co
648 N Albany Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 348-6400
Yelp: 4.5 Stars; 45 Reviews.

With one of the most talented kitchens around leading the charge, the Iron Room is one of the most innovative restaurants on the East Coast right now. Every dish will keep your taste buds interested from start to finish.

Not sure what you should order? A couple items that will never let you down are the truffle udon mac & cheese and the Kentucky fried quail.

9. Quick Meals On-The-Go, Perfected

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: Black Eyed Susan’s Breakfast and Lunch via Facebook

Black Eyed Susan’s Breakfast and Lunch
5th And Penn St
Camden, NJ 08102
(856) 793-5533
Yelp: 5 Stars; 6 Reviews.

Home to a menu that’s jam packed full of delicious Paninis and grilled cheese sandwiches, Black Eyed Susan’s is the perfect quick mid-day stop.

A couple favorites here include the “Black Eyed Susan” grilled cheese made with brie, cheddar, and apple chutney and the “San Fran,” which is a Panini stuffed with turkey, avocado, Swiss, and bacon jam.

10. This Bar Is On Fire

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: Jug Handle Inn via Facebook

Jug Handle Inn
1018 S Fork Landing Rd
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
(856) 665-8696
Yelp: 4 Stars; 182 Reviews

Serving up all of the American bar favorites, dishes like the Jug Handle’s nachos or their wings are the perfect accompaniment for any libation. If you’re a big fan of spicy heat, their extremely hot yet flavorful “Bald Eagle” wings will have you falling love.

One things for sure…after a trip here, you’ll be recommending to the group for your next night out in Cinnaminson.

11. A Place Where Everyone’s Your Friend

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: Friends Café via Facebook

Friends Café
319 Friends St
Camden, NJ 08102
(856) 203-7380
Yelp: 4 Stars; 14 Reviews.

Thanks to a laid back atmosphere and a long list of Ramen bowls, bulgogi, salads, sandwiches, and wraps, Friends Café is sure to become an instant favorite on your list of South Jersey restaurants.

A great place to study or hang out during the day, complete with delicious food, you’ll feel at home with their free Wi-Fi and friendly staff.

12. Southern Cooking At Its Finest

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: Kelsey & Kim’s Restaurant via Facebook

Kelsey & Kim’s Southern Café
201 Melrose Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 350-6800
Yelp: 4 Stars; 110 Reviews.

When it comes to soul food, the South does it best, and there’s no better place to get this style of cuisine in Jersey than at Kelsey & Kim’s. They’ve got all the Southern favorites, including fried chicken, collard greens, black-eyed peas, and cornbread.

After a trip here, there’s no doubt you’ll leave with a grin from ear to ear.

13. Tori Knows Best

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: Tori’s Bistro via Facebook

Tori’s Bistro
1218 Chews Landing Rd
Clementon, NJ 08021
(856) 346-1407
Yelp: 5 Stars; 4 Reviews.

A hidden gem of Clementon, Tori’s Bistro delivers a classy, delicious experience every time you visit. Everything here is extremely fresh and the entrees have a huge flavor that you won’t find at most other places.

The menu stays exciting as awesome daily specials (like a lemon butter sauce-topped tilapia over shrimp and spinach risotto) will have your mouth watering the second you step through the door. Head to Tori’s Bistro ASAP, you won’t regret it.

14. Live Local Here

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: The Farm and Fisherman Tavern & Market via Facebook

The Farm And Fisherman Tavern & Market
1442 Marlton Pike E
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
(856) 356-2282
Yelp: 4 Stars; 133 Reviews.

Committed for bringing their patrons the best from local farmers, fishers, and brewers, it’s easy to taste the freshness at the Farm and Fisherman Tavern & Market.

Every dish that comes out of the kitchen here packs a punch, including a few favorites like their bloody beets salad, the chickpea fries, and the highly recommend industrial burger, topped with aged brisket, cheddar cheese, and onion jam.

15. Add A Little Spice To Your Life!

15 Restaurants In South Jersey That Will Blow Your Mind

Source: Reggae Grill via Facebook

Reggae Grill
2121 Federal St
Camden, NJ 08105
(856) 361-7067
Yelp: 4.5 Stars; 5 Reviews.

Bringing Caribbean favorites to the Garden State, Reggae Grill is sure to become one of your go-to joints after your first bite.

One of the only places you can find authentic Caribbean food in the Camden area, dishes like the jerk chicken with rice and beans will fill you up and keep you coming back.

What’s your go-to for great grub in South Jersey? Tell us in the comments below!

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posted on: March 24, 2015
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  1. Kim

    The Pour House, Westmont. Best burger I’ve ever had!

  2. Carol Grant

    Cotardo’s in Clementon on Blackwood Clementon Road.

  3. Barbara

    sadly most of these places are not south jersey. But than again iT all about paid advertising

  4. John

    The Pub in Pennsauken is the best. Not just in SJ, I’d take their steaks over anywhere in the country.

  5. joy

    Lobster House, Lucky Bones, and almost any restaurant in Cape May. Sorry but down here, Cherry Hill area is not south jersey and none of the restaurants are south of Atlantic City and there is a whole county with amazing places to eat

  6. Bill Grubb

    There are so many great places to eat in south jersey its impossible to include all of em in a list of 15. Almost every restaurant in collingswood could qualify

  7. amanda

    I would NEVER EAT at the pub as a former employee that has seen the rats,mice and roaches !!!

  8. Sandy

    Ventura’s Offshore Cafe, Northfield, NJ. Everything is relish.

  9. Sandy

    Oops, delish!

  10. Mike C

    Sugar Hill subs is way better then white house subs in AC and should be number 1 this list. Best breakfast I’ve ever had is at Shea’s Cafe in Galloway. There is an hour wait every morning because it’s that good. Lastly Alumni Grill in Wildwood. The Jekyll and Hyde sub is original and outstanding!!


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