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If You’re From South Carolina, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See Today. Hands Down.

Good feelings all around.

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Skyworks has filmed all over the country. This – their work in South Carolina – should be appreciated by everyone, no matter where you’re from. Even just five seconds in, you’ll notice how they’ve captured how majestic the Palmetto State is. Such a pleasure to watch!

Source: SOUTH CAROLINA (H.264 watermark).mov by SkyworksHD

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posted on: November 19, 2014
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  1. Diane Leyh

    Absolutely breathtaking, a little of everything, wonderful job

  2. Laura

    Nice coastal shots, but you’ve missed SOOOO many of the wonderful places we Sandlappers love!

  3. Kristi

    Nice coastal shots, but Sc is more than that where are shots of the Sandhills, Piedmont and Blue Ridge?

  4. Simon

    This is some fine, fine content marketing.And I like it.

  5. Ce Ce

    Great. Now the remainder of my state!

  6. david

    SC for the 1%

  7. John Bleecker

    Beautiful views of the most attractive parts of our Palmetto State–the areas which attract the most visitors-Charleston, Hilton Head and our unspoiled wetlands.


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