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San Diegans Might Have A Tear In Their Eye After This Amazing Timelapse Video

Lights, people, natural beauty, and more flow easily together in this imaginative piece of art.

Laura Allan

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With some digital imagination and movie magic, Michael Shainblum has taken all the beauty, personality, and energy of San Diego and condensed it into one masterful musical time lapse.

Combined with haunting music, the visuals themselves really strike a chord. San Diego looks almost otherworldly, but still so welcoming and inviting. It’s hard not to feel a certain magic in this city.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this video will give you a sense of the splendor this city has to offer as well as the life springing from every part of it.

Source: Welcome Home Timelapse from Michael Shainblum

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posted on: April 21, 2014
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  1. Sophie

    This is amazing! I lived Downtown for an internship, it was the time of my life! Love San Diego, forever.

  2. Joshua

    Technically speaking, great production 10/10 Time Lapse video… But as a local San Diegan you got the most touristy spots, now that’s ok, but I challenge you to get more spots of where the locals go. You totally missed Mission Hills, North Park, South Park, Normal Heights, Adams Ave, El Cajon Blvd. HILLCREST! The real San Diego has yet to be captured and is a hidden gem because people keep filming Downtown. Downtown was a rough spot a couple decades ago but yeah it’s gotten it’s dues. Again, flawless video!

  3. ricardo

    I really enjoyed the artistic and cinematic elements of this video. Truly incredible. But from a local’s perspective, I would have like to see more of San Diego; the video only showed downtown San Diego and thats it. There’s more to San Diego than downtown!

  4. AnaK

    Thank you Michael for sharing your work, You got a new fan now. You captured the most beautiful places of San Diego. I don’t consider myself as a professional photographer, but photography is my hobby! and I cant imagine how much time and effort it took to do what you did. Great job!!! I love SD!

  5. Michael Nelson

    Amazing doesn’t give this work justice being a native of SD ….I’ve lived and worked downtown San Diego and this gives me a retrospective of how much SD has grown up and is not a suburb of LA any more…. thank you for this piece of art!

    • Scott Belair in response to Michael Nelson

      San Diego was never a Suburb of L.A. San Diego has always had its own Identity.

  6. ZJSimon

    My impulse was also to complain about everything ‘left out,’ but thankfully I read a comment by the creator clarifying that he didn’t make this to sell downtown condos. Hopefully he’ll ultimately feel complimented that everyone south of San Onofre, North of TJ, and East of Alpine wants to be a part of his beautiful work.

    • Alix in response to ZJSimon

      I absolutely agree with you. I read the filmmaker’s comment as well and it makes sense. Great production and filmography :)

  7. Lisa

    Thank you Michael

  8. Nina

    Enjoy it for what it is. Art.

  9. Kirsten

    Beautiful! Makes me want to go for a drive and take in the city. Love the cruise ship pulling in on beat with the music! Sick edit. Loved it.

  10. Jerry

    Cool camera work, part of me is sad this is all shots of the stinky piss-pit that is downtown though. Only a tourist would think that wretched bum-riddled halfway house of a downtown was worth visiting or spending a premium for drinks.

  11. Judith


  12. John

    Extremely great video. I know their is more to come for our great city of San Diego. Excellent job!


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