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You Probably Never Thought You’d Be Jealous Of Indianapolis. But You Will Be After Watching This.

Most outsiders think Indianapolis is boring and generic, but it's obvious that something exceptional is happening there. Take notes, world.

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I’m a big fan of what Donna Sink of People For Urban Progress says at the 2:40 mark, “You hear a lot of talk about being a world-class city and trying to compete with other cities. But I feel like there’s a real groundswell here of people trying to be what Indianapolis can be.” Sink continues, “I think it’s going to become a world class city through that. Not through trying to be Chicago, New York, or Paris.”

This just proves that if you embrace your city and choose to make it awesome, it will be awesome.

Jim Walker of Big Car makes that point when he says at the beginning of the video, “People can choose to be here, and choose to do something good with what’s here. [They can] work with who they have here, versus thinking they need to go away and do something else.”

I’m proud to say I’m from Indianapolis. Thanks to Dusty Frey for making this wonderful video.

Indianapolis: Circle City Rebirth from Dusty Frey on Vimeo.

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posted on: February 28, 2014
152,887 views, 4 comments


  1. Mary Marlow

    Jim Walker is a truely original person who has influenced many writers and artists Indianapolis. Thanks for staying, Jim!

  2. Chris Cooper

    “Larger cities like Chicago and Boston “. News flash, Indy is larger than Boston and surprisingly less racist.

    • Travis Sawrie in response to Chris Cooper

      Indianapolis is technically “larger” but that’s only because of UNIGOV. All of Marion county is considered to be the “city” of Indianapolis. So Marion county is more populated than the Boston metro area but The Boston metro area is larger than Indy’s and has 636k people in 48 square miles. That’s 12.7k people per square mile. All of Marion county is about 834k people and only 2200 people per square mile. Thus making Boston far more populated than Indy.

  3. Tracy Brown

    I lived the first 40 years of my life living in Indy. I never apologized and never knew anyone who did. The bulk of places shown in this video have been there for a VERY long time. I don’t know that the people in the video can lay claim to this big ” change”. It has always been great, you just discovered it. One of the guys seemed to acknowledge that, the others appear misled to me.


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