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I Said, “Big Deal…Another Video Of Portland.” But Just 11 Seconds In, My Eyes Were Riveted To The Screen.

Power up your PDX pride!

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This video is a high-speed, visual postcard to the diverse interests and activities that Portland offers. It defines that PDX has something for everyone—from yummy food and drink venues to unique retail shops to cheering the Trail Blazers with 19,979 others at The Moda Center. Rock on, Portland!

Video source: Portland, Oregon by Travel Portland

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posted on: July 25, 2014
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  1. greg

    MLS Timbers are absent because the copyright on the film is 2009.

  2. Ing

    Glossy! Portland looks better in this bit than in real life. As if it’s always sunny here. What is this? An advertisement to get even more people to move here?! Where’s the footage of the grey days, the now congested roads, the razing of historic, beautiful buildings to make way for condos, the conflicts between bikers and drivers, the crummy streets that don’t get fixed, the costliness of almost everything? We have that, too. I long for the days of Gov. Tom McCall.

  3. ASCAP

    Where are the credits to the music used? c’mon.
    You are celebrating the arts of Portland and using portland artists in the video, but no mention of who they are, no credit, and didn’t even secure the use of the copyrighted recording. not cool. at all.


    a SOCKEYE production

    directed by JOE SPENCER and JAMES WESTBY
    produced by LAURA HARDIN and SHELLI JURY
    executive producer ANDY FRASER c
    reative director PETER METZ
    cinematographer TOM GRISSOM
    edited by JAMES WESTBY
    motion designer ALPHONSE SWINEHART colorist BRAD REEB

    “Space Hole” by MarchFourth Marching Band ()

  5. Donna S.

    they forgot the Rose Festival.

  6. Tony

    As a lifelong resident of the area, I would say…….. Get rid of the socialist mentality and a lot less rain, and Portland would be great!

  7. Carole

    i was raised in Portland. When my husband joined the Air Force we were gone for 20 years. I have lived in many places and never found a city or state that was better than Oregon. So we are back and I love it, everyday rain or shine. There is never a day that you can’t get outside. Little snow, and by the way, you don’t have to shovel rain. Weather is mild, I have lived in Montana, Chicago, Texas, and Arizona. Give me Oregon any day. I love it here..

  8. Heather Owens

    I too am a native Oregonian but I am not happy with the direction some things are going. Portland has become a mecca for the libetards. We rank below the 50% mark on education nationwide, we used to be so much better. Our roads suck, we are taxed at every turn. We have become a haven for illegals whom abuse our welfare system. I know a lot of people who should have assistance but they are denied, but if you are here illegally the system bends over backwards to help you. There are illegals on welfare who drive better cars than I do, buy food that most people can’t afford. This is due to the Democrats who get voted in over and over again by the “Good” people of Portland. Sure, Portland has a lot of beautiful places to visit for the tourists but do the average person living here really do that. Some of these places we can’t afford to go to because the cost is prohibitive. We have tax on tax.

  9. krken2000

    Asians? where are they?

  10. gaab

    Whine, whine, whine! Portland’s always had rain, always had crappy education and roads, always given a damn about people or been a little “socialist” as you say, we’re not a “haven for illegals.” It’s perfect just the way it is, in fact it’s been a bit dry the last few years. I would have liked to see the artists whose music was used credited at the end of the video and sailing or kayaking or bicycling Sauvies Island or one of the wildlife preserves would have been a better pick than golf; this area isn’t what you’d call a golf mecca, now, is it?

  11. Maureen Forgeng

    Though I lived in Vancouver, WA. for 14 years, I SO enjoyed my trips over the Columbia river to Portland. It’s a beautiful city and I am grateful for the hours I was able to spend there.


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