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If You’re From Pittsburgh, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See Today. Hands Down.

Now that’s how yinz make a video.

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Normally, travel commercials are stuffy and boring. But leave it to Pittsburgh to have THIS awesome of a video. It’s fast-paced, dramatic and artistic. It’s almost like a movie that was filmed here in the city. Seriously, is this the fourth installment of the Dark Knight series? We’re so lucky to call this place home.

Source: Pittsburgh. Mighty. Beautiful. by VisitPittsburgh

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posted on: November 3, 2014
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  1. Dianne Monroe

    The most beautiful of cities…..

  2. ed

    Every time I go there its more of a dump. The airport??? Lol, its vacant. Bunch of run down mills and factories, surrounded by ppl with mullets and high top sneakers

  3. Barbara Stephens

    The greatest city in the world & my hometown. Even though I live in South Carolina “The Burgh” will always be my “home”. Even though I’ve moved Pittsburgh is always with me in my heart.

  4. kiko

    Hastily made Pittsburgh video

  5. PhatManDee

    Thanks for the compliment about our fair city, but honestly, your headline needs some work. I am from Pittsburgh, and this video, its content and production are no surprise to me. We have one of the oldest Filmmaking Collectives & schools in America , Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and we know how lovely our town is, its why we stayed, or why we returned if we left. Glad you can see it too! See yinz arahnd n’at!

  6. Maria Liss

    Moved away.. Not by choice! Born an raised on the North Hills. My entire Family and a ton of friends are still living there. And live very well. Maybe you idiots that say you have been there are visiting people that live in a crapping area. Let’s be Honest . EVERY city has a “bad section” that need work. But this video doesn’t even truly put a dent in how beautiful our City is! Go there with someone who actually knows the city and suburbs. You won’t want to leave!!!

  7. Michael Cunningham

    So let me get this straight. Those of you that hate the city of Pittsburgh so much that you have gone on lengthy dissertations about how terrible it is, clicked on a promotional video about the city in the first place?? If you can’t stand anything about Pittsburgh, way did you spend the time watching a video all about it??? I don’t like Philly, Cleveland, Newark, etc., hence, I don’t watch their promotional videos!!!! Haters love to hate. Pittsburgh has it’s problems but, it is making progress. Philly hasn’t made any strides since it unveiled the Rocky Statue.

  8. taunya

    Beautiful… Yet shocked there was no mention of the Steelers

  9. Michael Singer

    Pittsburgh a nice place to visit.

  10. Gina

    Lived Pittsburg for 43 years. Pa in general is a gorgeous state. For all the negative comments, if it’s such a rust bucket dump then why are the Movie Studios flocking to film here?

  11. Ed

    Well Michael Cunningham.. One thing the philadelphia metro area doesnt have that the pittsburgh metro area does….. population decline. yup. ppl not only actually move from pittsburgh the city, they move from the entire METRO AREA. along with Clev and Det, it is like one of the only 3 or 4 US major metropolitan areas that actually LOSES ppl every decade. Not ppl moving out of the city itself. tons of cities have that. Phila and Chicago included. But ppl in places like pittsburgh and cleveland actually pack up and get the eff out of the entire effn region… good luck marketing against that. you know what that says? It says, shit jobs, lack of opportunity, and greener pastures elsewhere. so make as many damn videos as you want saying otherwise. the truth is in the facts!

  12. Jason

    Well said Michael

  13. Jesse

    Beautiful video, and I didn’t see UPMC or the Steelers once! The sunny skies in every shot is pretty misrepresentative though.

  14. Molly Fallone

    Maggie Owens and Movoto, thanks for posting this and your kind words about the commercial! It was a treat when someone shared this with me on Facebook and I realized this is a spot my company Aapple Box Studios produced for Visit Pittsburgh. This project was TOO fun (although it didn’t hurt that it was a topic the whole crew was so passionate about ;)). We’re excited to continue working with our new drone equipment and hopefully we’ll have the chance to capture even more of of the beautiful Burgh from above! As Maria was getting at, there’s SO much more to capture! And I agree Taunya, the Steelers should definitely be in the next one!

  15. Jeff


    Exactly what I was thinking! Flawless, except they missed the boat not referring to the number one sports team in America’s Most Livable City!

  16. Lustr1

    They mentioned shopping and not our six time super bowl champion Steelers!?!?!?!?

  17. Mike

    To the person talking about population decline… The Pittsburgh region’s population has actually been growing in recent years.

  18. Mike

    This is the stupidest headline that I will see today, “hands down”. It was a decent video, but the hype in the headline is obviously a weak attempt to get more traffic. You are not helping journalism, and don’t tell me how I will feel or judge other things I might see today!

  19. David theuri wanjiku

    I will be coming there soon,beautiful town,am from kenya,you are also welcome

  20. gary

    good video but it could be great if it mentioned the richness of professional sports that pittsburgh offers.

  21. Patrick

    Pittsburgh – the most beautiful of cities
    Ed – the most clueless of trolls.

  22. slider

    If your not from here and knock our city I have a suggestion “DON’T COME HERE”. If you live here and dont like it the suggestion for you is “MOVE”
    I was born here and will probably die here . Lived on Mount Washington walked Grandview Avenue more times than I could ever count,Still remember the haze that covered the sky from the mighty steel mills that supported our troops in WW1 and WW2.We have now transformed in so many ways Clear Sky’s one of the most top rated marathons in the renown health care and research facilities.Not to mention the technology that has come from our colleges,and university where people from around the world come to attend .
    As I said earlier,if you don’t live here and don’t like us “DON’T VISIT HERE”. if you live here and don’t like it “MOVE’

  23. Stan

    I can’t believe this was written in 2014. Clearly this person hasn’t been to Pittsburgh since the 1970s. He is not talking about a city that exists today. I just spent four nights in four different hotels planning on taking a conference of 500 people there in a couple of years. Believe me, this is not the Pittsburgh of today. It is hard to find a city that is taking care of itself as well as Pittsburgh.



  25. jack sabo

    just drive thru the fort pitt tunnel at night and enter the city of Pittsburgh. You will then see what a beautifull city this Pittsburgh is.

  26. Sean O'Toole

    Love Pittsburgh. Been there many times.Plan to go back. Love all my relations and all the Irish connections as well as the diverse cultural make-up.
    Sean O’Toole

  27. robert thornton

    iam from ny long island area have visited your city many times it is very nice love the bridges and the rivers that flow bye nice views from mt Washington… pittsburg has it all….hi marg, wally and the rest of my family

  28. Donna Warrington

    Though I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland, I love Pittsburgh….it’s a beautiful and safe city. I love the Steelers the most and they should have been featured in the video (but, not taking away from the video, it was greatly enjoyed)…but, c’mon, you guys have the greatest quarterback in the NFL….would have been nice to see him. If I ever get a chance to move, I would move to Pittsburgh and be happy to call the place home.

    Great Job!

  29. Ken

    How could you not include the Pittsburgh Steelers in this video?

  30. Jim Mathe

    My home town. a great town, friendly town. not like Cleveland. If your gonna’ give the world an enema…that’s where you would shove the nozzle ! Go Steelers !

  31. Jim

    Great things have come out of this town.

  32. Tom Pepper

    At 56 years old, I finally see my hometown like it really is!!!

  33. Ed

    This deserves a “Clio” award

  34. Katie

    Steelers, UPMC-hospitals, city parks, not to mention the numerous choices for higher education like Pitt University, Duquesne University, Robert Morris, Chatham, and Carlow College… Are all missing.

  35. Emily

    Did no one see how gross the water is in that video? That’s not very beautiful…

  36. Kim

    Loved this video! Pittsburgh proud, PLEASE PLEASE change the music…it’ s awful! Made it so intense instead of inviting !!!


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