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30 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Wilmington

If you’re looking for a beach town with beautiful beaches, world-class restaurants and a great nightlife, Wilmington, NC, is the town for you. Here are 30 Instagram photos that will convince you it’s a town worthy of your affection.

Liz Hester

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1. This could be your morning run.

2. And this could be where you dip your toes.

3. Because even the abandoned boats are charming.

4. It’s a great place to ride a wave.

5. Or ride a bull.

6. You could climb this tree.

7. Or get up close to nature.

8. You can spend time reflecting on life.

9. Or simply stroll down the river.

10. Because even cloudy days are beautiful at the beach.

11. And magic is just around every corner.

12. When you’re tired of the beach, you can hang out in this park.

13. You could catch your own dinner.

14. Or sample some of the local delicacies.

15. You can explore by kayak…

16. Or by streetcar….

17. Or by horse-drawn carriage…

18. Or by bike….

19. Or by foot.

20. You can shop in historic buildings.

21. Or you could go to college here.

22. You can visit a battleship.

23. You can relive summers past.

24. And be reminded of what’s important.

25. This could be your route to work.

26. You can admire the old architecture…

27. Or modern engineering.

28. And hunt for treasures.

29. You can explore nature.

30. Or just enjoy a beautiful day.

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posted on: January 28, 2014
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  1. boo

    There are no beaches IN Wilmington. And you have to pay a ton at the ones nearby. Topsail baby!

    • uh... in response to boo

      Wrightsville beach is technically not in Wilmington, but give me a break, It’s a 10-minute drive from campus.

      • wbplease in response to uh...

        or a 30-50 minute drive from anywhere else in town. and then you have to pay 20 bucks a day to stay at the beach in parking fees. and then you have to put your towels down in a space thats 5×6 because its the only open spot on the beach thanks to all the tourists. and then you have to deal with the rich douches who live out there and think no one but them should be there. wrightsville beach is a joke.

  2. jamie

    Less than half of those photos were shot in Wilmington – Wrightsville Beach isn’t Wilmington. Brunswick County isn’t Wilmington. Topsail Beach isn’t Wilmington. Carolina Beach isn’t Wilmington. Fort Fisher isn’t Wilmington. Seriously?

  3. April

    Too many pictures of the beach. Very misleading. And if you actually commute back and forth over that bridge you’ll quickly learn to HATE IT!! The traffic from Brunswick County coming into Wilmington is Horrible. See for yourself. I love downtown Wilmington and there should have been more photos of historic architecture. Thalian Hall restoration for example. But alas, I guess the beach sells. They’re trying to get more people to move to Wilmimgton again. That’s one reason I left, too many people, and not enough management of the traffic.

  4. Matt

    Wrightsville isn’t a 50 minute drive from anywhere in Wilm. I make that drive four times a week spring through fall from my home in Wilmington proper and a daytime trip in the thick of tourist season may take 30 minutes, but that’s it, and shorter anytime else. 5×6 is a gross exaggeration – I’ve never had an issue finding room for four people without feeling like anybody is on top of me.

    Can’t speak for what an entire town thinks of visitors – I haven’t personally canvassed the town for opinions. Anything short of that would be just putting words in peoples’ mouths.

    Beaches near any population area will charge for parking. That’s just life in a tax zone that makes money off tourism and tourism alone (most beach towns). But Kure Beach has year-round free parking and is never crowded, even on the most touristy summer Saturday. Why not head there?

    And that these three nearby beaches – Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, and Kure Beach – are their own towns and not in Wilmington proper makes no practical difference. The author’s point could very well be that one reason to love Wilmington is that you’re a half hour or less away from three beautiful beaches that happen to technically be in three bordering towns. I live in Monkey Junction in Wilmington. In ten minutes I can be stepping on sand in Carolina Beach. Somewhere during that ten minutes I cross an imaginary line, but I still count being 30 minutes or less from three beaches as a positive of living in Wilmington. Los Angeles has no state or national parks within city limits. But it has, what, seven national or state parks within 15 miles? Therefore, it’d make sense to say that the number of nearby national parks is a reason to love L.A.


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