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30 Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love With Tyler

What they say is true: Everything's bigger in Texas. At least when it comes to beautiful views, loyal fans, and Christmas lights in Tyler.

Adam Brinklow

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1. Because we love our roses.

2. A lot. After all, Tyler is “Rose City.”

3. Because these pieces of history are still as stunning as ever.

Taken in the Historical Charnwood Residential District

4. But there’s nothing wrong with appreciating Tyler’s less extravagant roots.

5. Because we’re deep thinkers in Tyler. All of us.

6. How could we not be when fall looks like this?

7. Because this barbecue joint is famous…

8. … and this is why!

9. Because you could drive home to this…

10. … and this could be your backyard.

Taken at Lake Tyler

11. Because we prefer the road less traveled…

12. … and our vacations simple.

13. Because the Caldwell Zoo has this big guy.

14. … and he’ll defend your front porch until the very end.

15. Because the Goodman-LeGrand House is where you’re planning your next wedding…

16. … and the Memory Lane Inn has the honeymoon covered.

17. Because Gallery Main Street shows off all the local talent.

18. No matter what it is!

19. Because who really needs speedboats here?

20. … but don’t get us wrong, we love city life too.

21. Because it’s not all about roses all the time.

22. Because Santa Land is really the only light show you really need to see in Texas.

23. And our church is as big as our hearts!

Taken at Green Acres Baptist Church

24. Because it would be hard to actually focus on this campus…

25. …which isn’t helped by the fact that this is apparently “Finals Week.”

26. But make no mistake: The University of Texas at Tyler teams dominate, and we are not afraid to brag about it.

27. Because we gladly share our city with these fellas.

28. Because yes, we do have our Texas Pride…

29. … and our Texas trucks…

30. … but we’re really just looking to have some fun!

Taken at the Texas Rose Festival

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posted on: January 23, 2014
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  1. Kengo

    As always you did a fubuloas job! I can’t decide which I like better his choice in colleges or t-shirts okay, so Tech always wins! But, those shirts are pretty awesome!


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