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30 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Scranton

These shots of stunning seasons, quaint culture and some furry and feathery friends will show you a side of the Electric City you never knew.

Erin Hurley

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1. Because you’re sure to feel welcome here.

2. And you’ll quickly learn that this city is the definition of picturesque…

3. … even (especially?) at night.

4. Because who wouldn’t want to get schooled here…

Taken at the University of Scranton

5. … and cheer on the unstoppable women’s soccer team.

6. Because they’re proud of the nickname…

7. … snow or no snow.

8. Because the people haven’t forgotten their history…

9. … and sometimes turn it into something new.

Taken at the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel Scranton

10. Because even pigeons can make for an inspiring sight.

11. And Christmas decorations are serious business.

12. Because even when it’s freezing, this place is beautiful.

13. Although spring can be pretty spectacular too.

14. Because even if you’re not vegan, the food at Eden is scrumptious.

Taken at Eden—A Vegan Cafe

15. And Zummo’s is the perfect place to warm yourself up with a perfect cup of joe.

Taken at Zummo’s Cafe

16. Because walking down the street is basically like a tourism advertisement…

17. … any time of year.

18. Because a day on the lake is just a few minutes away.

Taken at Lake Scranton

19. And this bridge on the water is the ultimate “pop the question” spot.

20. Because you could snap your fingers to some snazzy jazz…

Taken at the Scranton Jazz Festival

21. … or be serenaded at the mall.

22. Because where else could you find an 18-foot tall Ferris Wheel made out of K’nex at the mall.

23. Or a museum exhibit on vampires.

Taken at the Everhart Museum

24. Because they know the meaning of teamwork.

25. Because everyone’s got a limit to how much cold they can stand. Even with fur.

26. Although maybe feathers are the secret.

27. Because you could stop here for a beer (or two) and then walk next door…

28. … to pick up your gnome T-shirt.

Above two photos taken at the Backyard Ale House

29. Because you never know where you might make a friend.

30. Or two, or three.

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posted on: January 30, 2014
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  1. Scranton Alumn

    I attended the University of Scranton and spent the best four years of my life there. That doesn’t mean I found the city aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The city looks like a failed attempt at modernization and 90% of the time it’s a grey sky overcast. There are many other reasons to fall in love with Scranton, but as for it’s “beauty”…not so much…

  2. David Kizer

    Scranton is an amazing city IF! You remove the drug dealers and trash. Replace the local government and fix the potholes…..then, I do agree Scranton is a historically beautiful city.


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