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These 33 Photos Will Make You Remember Why You Love New Jersey

Get ready to remember all the beautiful things that make New Jersey great.

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1. New Jersey skylines can be dramatic.

Photos of New Jersey

Erie Lackawanna Hoboken Terminal Shot from Newport Jersey City, NJ

2. Or playful.

Photos of New Jersey

Atlantic City Boardwalk

3. No one in New York has this view…

Photos of New Jersey

NYC Fireworks 2011 from Hoboken, NJ

4. …or this ode to modern day magic.

Photos of New Jersey

The Liberty Science Center

5. The New Jersey experience can be felt in the roar of the crowd.

Photos of New Jersey

United States Military Academy’s West Point Band plays New York Jersey Jets halftime show

6. With every breath you take.

Photos of New Jersey

Asbury Park Yoga Festival

7. With that someone special by your side.

Photos of New Jersey
The Bay @ Barnegat Light on LBI

8. Time flies when you live in New Jersey.

Photos of New Jersey

One night on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ.

9. So you learn quickly there’s only one kind of restaurant you need.

Photos of New Jersey

The Americana Diner in Shrewsbury, on Rt. 35.

10. You know that New Jersey has the best bagels…

Photos of New Jersey

Bagels at a place on on Grove St in Jersey City

11. … and the best pizza in the country.

Photos of New Jersey

Mom’s Kitchen in Neptune City

12. Your mouth waters with the thought of a Taylor Ham, Egg & Cheese On A Roll.

Photos of New Jersey

13. There’s a reason they call it The Garden State…

Photos of New Jersey

Random cornfield in Sussex County

14. …because heaven lies inside a tomato…

Photos of New Jersey

Home-grown veggies from the farmer’s market

15. …and in the people you eat them with—because it’s New Jersey’s residents that really make it great.

Photos of New Jersey

Tuscany Italian Specialty Food

16. Whether they are beautiful…

Photos of New Jersey

Alyssa Campanella

17. …or infamous…

Photos of New Jersey

Snooki at Seaside Heights, NJ

28. …just bursting onto the national stage…

Photos of New Jersey

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker

19. …or are already larger than life.

Photos of New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

20. Beyond its people, New Jersey boasts some seriously breathtaking nature.

Photos of New Jersey

Source: Wikimedia user Merle9999

Great Falls of the Passaic River in Paterson, NJ

21. It can be fierce.

Photos of New Jersey

Bear fight!

22. It can even be a bit spooky.

Photos of New Jersey

A rare New Jersey black wolf

23. But there’s nothing scary about the views of New Jersey in the early spring.

Photos of New Jersey

Squan sunrise at the Manasquan Reservoir

24. Or when autumn leaves just start to fall…

Photos of New Jersey

Farmstead, Musconetcong Valley, Warren County

25. …and make taking a stroll irresistible.

Photos of New Jersey

Tucked in the back hills of Basking Ridge, NJ

26. Sure, winter brings its icy gaze…

Photos of New Jersey

The old farmhouse on Monmouth Battlefield

27. … but waking up to this in the morning makes it oh-so worth it.

Photos of New Jersey

A golden morning on the Manasquan Reservoir

28. But for all NJ has to offer, nothing beats a summer down at The Shore.

Photos of New Jersey

Starry Beach

29. Whether you’re under the boardwalk…

Photos of New Jersey

Ocean Grove, NJ

30. …or on top of it.

Photos of New Jersey

Asbury Park Boardwalk

31. You’ll never forget going to The Shore as a kid.

Photos of New Jersey

Oh the Joys of Being a Child

32. Because it’s filled with beauty, mystery, adventure….

Photos of New Jersey

Ocean Grove, New Jersey

33. …and everything that makes Jersey unforgettable.

Photos of New Jersey

The Atlantic Ocean in Atlantic City

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posted on: February 7, 2014
406,236 views, 123 comments


  1. Estel

    As a jersey girl… I’m VERY skeptical of number 28. I never saw stars like that til I took a trip to Arizona. And I notice there is no location listed. *suspicious face*

    • Jayne in response to Estel

      You need to get to the Jersey country more often. I’m a Jersey country girl. I’ve know skies like that all my life.

    • Jerseyborn&bred in response to Estel

      i thought the same thing, Estel. Never saw such a starry sky in Jersey, but then…who knows, it could happen (it just isn’t likely).

    • Colleen in response to Estel

      Ester, I lived most of my 74 yrs in rual NJ . You need to be in a dark unlit part of the state to see skies like that. Don’t give up !

    • Phil in response to Estel

      it clearly states “A golden morning on the Manasquan Reservoir”

    • photo person in response to Estel

      Estel, this is very easy image to achieve. This is probably the “steps” they took, or similar.
      1. Tripod, SLR Camera and Cable release
      2. Point camera east and focus
      3. set your shutter speed (most likely less than 40 seconds as anything more you will get movement in the stars and create a “trail”). See, the Earth is rotating and the stars are moving away from us so the longer the exposure the more movement will be as well as letting in more light into the sensor/film.
      4. set you film speed (depends on the camera and sensitivity). You can do different ranges, sometimes you have to test it a few times to get it right.
      5. attach Cable release (if you want)
      6. Take picture.

      I have done this hundreds of times all over the place in NJ the Southwest etc…. You can get very dramatic images doing this. I hope this helped explain how that shot was done. Look it up online, search Night Photography in Google and look at the images that come up. Its really very cool.

  2. Pam

    #31 should read..”going DOWN the shore”

  3. Patricia

    It’s not “down at the shore,” it’s “down the shore.” Really miss Jersey tomatoes & Jersey corn. Absolutely the best!

    • Chris Kolmar in response to Patricia

      That’s what Sister-in-law said, but it looks weird to write it out like that.

    • Rob in response to Patricia

      For us locals it was called, going over the bridge or going to the beach. The word shore was never used.

      • Janice in response to Rob

        I lived in NJ most of my life 50+ years, and we always called it the shore. We were going on vacation “down the shore” ALWAYS.

    • Chris in response to Patricia

      and Jersey peaches…

    • Andra English in response to Patricia

      Don’t forget the peaches!

  4. Frank Gyetvay

    All so true!


    Oh, the memories. Thanks. My family is all in the with Candy and family ten minutes away and son Neil now at Hilton Head. There is no doubtthe Philadelphia area will never be forgotten Bill

  6. Honey Jablonski

    I am so proud of being a life-long resident of NJ, and I treasure family memories of “going down the shore.” We have mountains, lakes, resorts, beautiful residential areas and lively urban areas that draw the young and upcoming professionals of this great state. Thank you, Lord, for “planting” me in this fabulous state! Nobody does it better!

  7. kappa

    when has the jersey shore’s water ever been that blue?

  8. Meg

    It’s pork roll not Taylor ham and people who actually live at “the shore” never call it that. We call it the beach.

    • charlie07726 in response to Meg

      Taylor Ham was the name of the company that first made “PORK ROLL”.And the other 99% called it down the shore

      • Razz in response to charlie07726

        Wrong Charlie! We who were born and raised there NEVER said “shore” it’s the beach! It’s the 99% from North Jersey who have moved there who called it the shore….!

  9. Kitty

    It’s called pork roll. And it’s the beach, or if you really want to use shore it’s ‘down the shore’.

    I miss the boardwalk, too, specifically the Seaside one… and my town’s is still not fixed either. =[

    And I remember all the field trips we would have back in grade school to the LSC, those were wonderful. =]

    I also was shocked when, recently, I took a trip down south and discovered there were no diners! I had no clue they were regional! D=

    • Cat in response to Kitty

      Kitty, is most certainly IS the shore and going down the shore to everyone else from Jersey EXCEPT for the three people that live in Shore towns year round since the majority of visitors are from parts of Jersey other than the shore or are Jersey transplants to other states that don’t have good ocean access of their own and come back to the shore (or the ten French-Canadians that visit Wildwood to keep the Quebequois hotels open there). The shore is the shore is the shore, the beach is what non-Jersey people go to when they want boardwalks and ocean access.

      • Pat in response to Cat

        Cat – there are a million and a half of us living in Monmouth or Ocean County and every one of us, when we are in the mood, “go to the beach” – never, and I mean never, go “down the shore”.

  10. Barbara

    Having grown up in Cape May Point, I thought northern NJ started north of Atlantic City as a chile. We didn’t mind being “left out”. CMPt was our secret.

  11. Barbara

    Oops. I was not a “chile”. I meant to write “child”. :)

  12. Michael F Drexler

    I was born and raised in Paterson and could not be more proud of this fact.

    • Terence Coates in response to Michael F Drexler

      I’m from Paterson too. Retired Paterson P.D. The picture of the Falls was great. Live in Calif. now. Miss buttered Hardrolls, Taylor Meat Pies, and fireflies.

  13. Helene

    How about salt water taffy. I was born and raised in Asbury Park, been in Jersey for 70 years and would never think of moving away. Yes it is “pork roll”.

  14. Lisa Bell

    Being a homegrown Jersey girl, I am proud to say that I think we had it all!!! Living in the south now I really miss it. Especially the food, shore, the old days!!!!!

  15. Bill

    Great pictures. You missed NJTransit.

  16. Jersey Dude

    I’m all proud of jersey and all, but half these pictures can be found in just about any state in this country (not to mention countless other countries).

  17. Robert Hillstrom

    These photos raise fond memories. I loive Jersey.

  18. Arnold Cunningham

    Left and never looked back. LOL on the filthy shore and stuck in traffic trying to get there. The people? Seriously? Nastiest humans ever placed on the earth, led by the biggest jerk of all: Chris Christie. What a dump from the disgrace of the decaying cities to the stench along the turnpike. The worst.

    • Lucy Budnick in response to Arnold Cunningham

      I agree 100 percent. The people are the most unfriendly people on earth. I miss NYC where I grew up. The property taxes are through the roof and the state is full if crooks.

      • rw in response to Lucy Budnick

        lucy—guess you forgot about all the crooks in new york—-much larger state and many more crooks than new jersey—-glad you and arnie are happy where you are—like i said to old arnie—stay there—we’re happier without you both :)

      • Colleen in response to Lucy Budnick

        Lucy, most of the rude people in Jersey seem to be the transplants from other states. We forgive them & play host to our want to be Jersey residents.

    • rw in response to Arnold Cunningham

      hey arnie—-glad you left nj—much better without you—you don’t mention where you are now—-do us a favor and stay there—thanks :)

  19. kathy l

    it’s taylor ham…the other stuff,i.e. cases, etc may be pork roll because they cannot use taylor ham’s name
    …tomatoes, the best…corn, the best…salt water taffy, mmmmmm, makes my teeth hurt thinking of it! our state has it all. when we lived up north,exit 15njtp, we went down the shore, now we’ve lived here since ’64, we go to the beach! and snookie has no business being on the list–not from here! how about springsteen, Edison, bongovi, Sinatra, lou Costello….

  20. Bo Salsberg

    Patricia — it was definitely DOWN THE SHORE & TAYLOR HAM AND EGG ON A HARD ROLL

  21. Jim

    Moved to Arizona in 1981,still miss the shore.

  22. Donna

    Why do people have to always complain? This was a beautiful little bit of New Jersey for us to remember. It wasn’t meant to be a movie with 100’s of pictures, it was what this person remembered with fond memories from their times in Jersey. Don’t knock it, it was beautiful! If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

    • Chris Kolmar in response to Donna

      Thanks Donna! You sound like my mom defending me against my little brother :)

    • Joe in response to Donna

      I grew up on the shore and back then we were called clam diggers. Great thing about being from New Jersey is that we all had experiences that would last a lifetime… Although my town is now in my review mirror there will always be a place in my heart for the friends and good times I left behind.



    • carolyn hankins in response to CATHY BORWEGEN

      You can order it online and they mail it to you!!!

    • Bob in response to CATHY BORWEGEN

      Cathy, There are plenty of opportunities to buy Taylor Ham or other brands of pork roll. Start by Googling Taylor Ham, and take it from there. A little spendy, but I’m sure you are worth it!

  24. barbara wagner

    if you lived in north jersey, you had to drive “down the shore” [south] to get to the beach
    or “up the cape” [north]to get to cape cod -the other bit of heaven on earth

    • Roganne LaPenna in response to barbara wagner

      I was born & raised in northern Jersey. As young adults, we’d say….”lets go down the shore”. Never said which shore cause we all knew it was Seaside. Pile in the cars, leave at 3am & beat the traffic. Get a room for the weekend & have a great time. Once there we’d say….”lets go to the beach”. Walk the board walk, walk the beach, under the board walk, in the ocean, buy T shirts, play games & on & on. Lots of great memories. I was forced out of Jersey, taxes to high, moved to PA 11 yrs. ago.

  25. Dennis Nobrega

    Born and raised in NJ, left the state a few years after college. One thing you never completely lose is the NJ attitude, a bit aggressive, somewhat outspoken, but full of confidence. I’m familiar with almost all of the places shown in the photos and also a lot of the type that no one likes to take photos of or talk about. But as unsightly or depressing as they may be, they are still part of my memories and I cherish every one of them.

  26. Bette Ann

    My memories of growing up in N.J ARE JUST LIKE THESE PIC’S. Awesome and I keep coming back all the time.

  27. Lorraine

    I still miss Sea Isle City NJ . Had a lot of great memories there .

  28. Wanda Zygmunt Salek

    I remember New Jersey well, growing up was great. The shore, lakes and countrysde were amaing. Was to croweded then & more crowed now. Live in Florida now & love it to. Great memories but would not go back to Jersey. Its never the same.

  29. Terence Coates

    Chris, Thanks for these great photo memories of home. From Paterson, live in Calif. now. Miss buttered Hardrolls, Taylor Meat Pies, and fireflies. Also, does anyone remember Palisades Amusement Park, or the giant statue of an elephant in Margate,NJ ?

    • Karen in response to Terence Coates

      Left NJ 30 yrs. ago, miss area I lived in and the food (good pizza, hard rolls, Taylor ham, Italian bread, good Italian pastry etc.) I great memories of palisades AP. I could see NY City from the top of the roller coaster. Some times when talking etch. Jersey comes out. I don’t take any crap from anyone. Good luck.

    • John J. Kaye in response to Terence Coates

      The Margate elephant “Lucy” still stands watch over the Atlantic Ocean. Palisades Park is gone. I have lived my entire 77 years in New Jersey and never once considered leaving. Too much to do and see if you get off the main roads and do some back road exploring. The greatest state to take day trips as everything is within easy driving distance. I have relatives living in Florida and they make trips to New Jersey just to buy things like hard rolls,Taylor ham,kielbasa, pierogie,etc. things that they can’t get down south. Try Pulaski Meat Market in Linden for an experience of being in a European butcher shop. When you want to see great star displays you head to Island beach at night where there aren’t any glaring lights to hide the beauty of the night sky. Born in New Jersey and will be buried in New Jersey. Amen.

  30. Harriet Scott

    I loved all the pictures and loved going to the beach and also up North to the mountains. They say if you live in Jersey you can live anywhere, but I will always live in Jersey. Love the 4 seasons and nothing like a good Jersey tomato.

  31. Bill Carter

    Lets get it right, Its Taylor ham if you live at the shore, don’t what they call it north of the Edison bridge, and if you live north of the bridge you are “going down the shore”, if you live at the shore you are “going to the beach”, because you are already at the shore. Jersey has the best tomatoes, corn, bagels, pizza, among a lot of other things

    • Ann Potter in response to Bill Carter

      The Hudson River – North Jersey – Hard Rolls – miss it all

    • Ralph S. in response to Bill Carter

      If you live in the Northern half of the state you call it Taylor Ham. Go to any diner or bagel shop and that’s what you see on the menu and that’s what we all call it up here. In the Trenton area and some parts of Southern NJ they call it Pork Roll. Its actually made by Taylor Provisions in Trenton and its called Pork Roll on the box or sack. Up North we say we are going “Down the Shore” because that’s where we are headed. If you already are down the shore, you go to the beach. Why is this so difficult for some people here to grasp??

  32. joseph gerardi

    jersey was great when i was a kid growing up in paterson,and moving to totowa boro was great to the wonderful kids i met and have as friends now all these years later.these things i will remember forever.

  33. Bruce C

    Lived in North Jersey for 55 years — We ALWAYS called it Taylor Ham and mine had to be on a hard roll with Mayo– split/cut it on three sides to cook properly.
    Lake Hopatcong , Succasunna, Kenvil , Dover — all nice towns to visit in thye summer years ago [ don’t know about now]
    We had beautiful country before route 80 came through and ruined a lot of it .

  34. Kim K

    Lived in NEW Jersey (not “jersey”) all my life. Traveled the globe and still there’s no place like home. Yeah some places like THE SHORE are beautiful and other places might be a little rough around the edges! But when you get that hot PORK ROLL egg and cheese with your coffee, or the ice cream on the boardwalk, or walk the path of revolutionary soldiers at Jockey Hollow, or climb the mountains near High Point, you KNOW there is no place like this on earth. And if you don’t like it – you can move!!! Who says we have attitude!! :) Go New Jersey!

  35. Lois McKenzie

    Lived in NJ all my life, its taylor ham, down the shore, we live in Warren County now very country like farms and lakes go to Florida in the winter, but back in April to good old NJ….
    I never found the people nasty, you get what you give….

  36. Chris

    Grew up in Lincoln Park, summers on Long Beach Island. Now in northern Wisconsin, which believe it or not is it’s own slice of heaven, but I’m still a Jersey girl, I love the look on people’s faces when I tell them. Thank you for the jetty at Ocean Grove – it’s where I scattered my Mom’s ashes at sunrise.

    • Tony in response to Chris

      I lived in Lincoln Park. I’m 41 now. Lived there from 1982 to 1994

  37. Joe Corbisiero

    Born in Teaneck NJ, lived in Hudson County, Monmouth County most of my life in North Carolina now retired. Miss the Jersey Shore and the Taylor Ham & Cheese on hard roll.

  38. Kathy Martin

    I was born in Plainfield, been in Pa for 40 yrs but my heart is still in New Jersey. My family and friends from my 20’s still in NJ; see them often as I can. Love pork roll and yes NJ has the best pizza and italian subs. And, no, you don’t put mayo on an italian sub as they offer in Philly, you must use vinegar and oil. Pa. is known for its beauty but people have to get off the Turnpike and discover the wonders of New Jersey. Thank you for this wonderful journey.

  39. Margaret

    Came to NJ 1956 as a 17yr old immigrant. Great place to live and bring up family. Take Taylor Ham and Italian bread to family in other states. If you have lived in NJ you can live anywhere. It is a cultural wonderland and beautiful besides.

  40. Tom Z

    As a teenager I spent every summer as soon asNY CITY’s Schools closed in in the north west Quadrant of New Jersey’s town of River Styks in the hill’s of Lake Hopatcong. A young boy could not ask for a better Summer, The Mad House night Club on the Lake Front, right at the River Styx Bridge, dancing with the Girls every Friday and Saturday night. No booze , just Coca Cola with a pinch of lemon. My friend’ 75 Horse Power Vetnor speed boat tied up at their boat dock. All this till Labor Day, then back to NY City’s High school. Later after serving in the military during the Korean War my Wife and I raised 5 children spending Two weeks with them each Summer at Cape May on the Jersey Shore of the Atlantic Ocean. They still talk about the great times we all had there. Tom Z

  41. David D

    Born in NYC. Moved to NJ in 1966. Thought it was Heaven. Moved to South Carolina in 2009. Found out NJ was not Heaven. Here, we have beaches – much nicer and warmer than in NJ – warmer weather, MUCH lower taxes, friendlier people, white and black, Taylor ham, Kaiser rolls cheaper gas, cheaper booze, and better looking women, no guidettes. The Jersey shore was OK for a while, but the bumper to bumper traffic going home in a sticky sweaty bathing suit was a drag; the “Bennies go Home” bumper stickers belied the “friendliness” of “The Shore”. Down here, everyone is friendly, no matter where you’re from. Our tomatoes are just as good as if not better than NJ’s, our peaches are fabulous, and I should have come down here sooner. The only negative is too many damn Yankees moving down.

    • Barbara in response to David D

      where in south Carolina did you move to?

  42. Ray Andrejewski

    You know the posters are from Jersey because the biggest topic is an argument about the name of the meat in a sandwich.
    I read an article in a magazine called “Down-a-shore” which is the way I remember my parents saying it. The “th” sound was not prevalent in my neighborhood.
    Nice piece, but the captions are inaccurate. “under the boardwalk” is actually a pier.

  43. Lennace

    Pictures are stunning! Inaccuracies in the labeling are unimportant. A real visual treat considering when I read this email it was snowing AGAIN in Long Island!

  44. Ron O

    Starry sky’s?? Long Beach Island, North Beach. 10-11 pm go on the beach and the stars will blow you away. Awesome…and beautiful.

  45. Ron Beck

    Born and raised in Paterson with my dad building a log cabin in the 1920’s in Stokes State Forest. He also had one of the first day camps in the country in Upper Saddle River. i was a counselor at 9! Went to Paterson Eastside where the movie was made, fished every body of water in the state and have nothing but fabulous memories. Met my wife at Asbury Park beach, went to Fairleigh Dickenson and then, at age 24 moved to Capr Cod (another great 10 years, and then on July 4, 19812 moved to sunny South Florida and never looked back. But my life was formed with my upbringing in New Jersey. Tahnks for the memories. I almost cried when I saw the beautiful picture of the Passaic Falls. I spent so many hours looking and climbing it!

  46. Ray

    Born and raised in Jersey City. Summers down at Lavalette, Point Pleasant, Belmar and Bradley Beach. Tended bar at Kelly’s in Neptune City, best bar on the Jersey shore. Jersey Strong!!

  47. diana rizzolo

    NewJersey is my home, yesterday,today and tomorrow. Love New Jersey. Florida is wonderful, but New Jersey is my home.

    • Bev in response to diana rizzolo

      I totally agree Diana. Have been in Florida for 10 years. My entire family is in NJ so we go up twice a year. NJ will always be my home!!

  48. sandi

    Very beautiful! I also am born and bred in NJ. Never lived anywhere else. Born in Newark actually, and graduated Weequahic High. Always spent my summers in Bradley Beach, as grandmother, and parents had houses there. Enjoyed the shore, and the parks. I did not see Olympic Park? There were fun times there too. Live in the sticks now, but my community is loaded with people. By Lake Hopatcong! Lovely area. Again all in New Jersey!


    I LOVE NJ!!!!!!!

  50. Leo Tierney Sn

    You left out all the houses that were destroyed by Sandy and not repaired because the Ins. co. would not give them enough money to rebuild.

  51. Kathy

    Don’t like the shore at all…went once and thought it was boring. Also, so happy to be rid of NJ property taxes. Thought it would have been appropriate to include photo #34 of a property tax bill of $8,000+ for one acre of land/home.

  52. Judy

    Born and raised in Nutley,New Jersey and was fortunate enough to have raised my five children there. Best school systems. I will never leave NJ so those of you who don’t like it left. Good ridance! As for Kathy, everyone cannot like the same things. My Mom used to have a saying – this would be a boring world if everyone was the same.
    Love the pictures and would like to see more. I often think about the beauty in this state while driving, not on the Parkway or Turnpike, but thru the state. Every state you drive thru has Interstates. We are no exception. Get on the side roads. No way you can judge a state from those roads. Get off the beaten track and enjoy the beauty of our state as well as the mountains, the shore and the four seasons.

  53. Colleen

    I was born in Newark….was raised in Ringwood (a subdivision of Heaven) and spent many years there in the Cupsaw Lake section of town. We made lots of trips “down the shore” with the family…mainly Point Pleasant and Barnegat Light…then, when I was a young adult doing the shore with my friends, it was Sandy Hook, Belmar & Seaside. Lots of great, nostalgic memories stirring here. I really feel like we had it all….the lakes…the shore…close to NYC…the mountains!
    I now live on the beach in South Florida….not the same…you don’t smell the salt air…no boardwalks and the only hills here are made of land fill. I’ve been down here for 10 years and still have to fight the urge to head north on I95! I will always be homesick for New Jersey…her seasons, her rolling hills, beautiful beaches, her woods, wildlife and her great people! I’ll ALWAYS be a Jersey Girl! Thanks for the memories! :)

    • Isabel F. in response to Colleen

      I definitely agree with you. Born and raised in Paterson, raised our family in Oakland, NJ and now live
      in Surf City. We go to Fl. for the winter months and I can’t wait to get back home to NJ. Where else do
      you have the ocean to the south, lakes in the north, spend a day in NY and see a show. I wouldn’t want to
      live anywhere else!

  54. mike r

    chris,i loved the pictures.i was born an raised in jersey city,spent summers at seaside heights,day trips to bud lake.unfortunately jersey city is no longer the same town,streets are filthy,english is rarely heard,journal square is a horror show,no longer a place for seniors…..very sad..but the photos were fantastic….mike

  55. Frankie

    First of all, Taylor Ham and other types of Pork roll are totally different. Best thing to do is to taste each one. You will see the difference.
    For the uninitiated, Taylor ham is actually the brand name for pork roll. John Taylor invented the original Taylor ham in Trenton, New Jersey in the late 1800s. It does say pork roll on the ham package, but the prominence of the word “Taylor” is one reason why it has come to be known as such, at least in North Jersey. South Jerseyans tend to call it Taylor pork roll. Other companies came along and also made pork roll, but to a true New Jerseyan, North or South, these imitations are of little consequence: there is only one “Taylor Ham”.

    For those of you that want the real thing, There are several internet services online that will directly ship Taylor Ham to you. is one. They also carry other New Jersey brands you may be craving like Tastykakes (yes, they have Peanut Butter Kandykakes), or Drakes Cakes. is another.

  56. Fran D.

    Moved to Florida 6 years ago. Never realized how much I disliked living in N.J. No snow, no cold weather and the people are great. I do miss the food available in N.J.

  57. EvaMae Gifford Musgrave

    Even though I have been gone for 42 years I still miss the Jersey shore. My four generation of roots still call to me. It is just a special place in which to live and grow up.

  58. Dennis Cuff

    Being a “Jersey Boy” I have lived in all parts of Jersey my whole life. I still eat at the Americana Diner. You can’t beat those Jersey grown tomatoes and corn. The only pictures that were missing were the Wildwoods. That was my “beach” along with Belmar and Asbury Park beaches. We Jersey folks are JERSEY STRONG.

  59. Cathy Morrow

    I lived in North Plainfield & Edison 1940 to 1980 when I moved to Illinois.Miss the mountains, shore esp. the boardwalks, history and small towns. Just found out that Muhlenberg Hospital in Plaifield closed. Illinois is just as expensive esp. Chicago to live in and no small towns with “greenery”. I have to go to Wisconsin to find a little similiar towns.

  60. Vicki Possumato

    Wow!! Beautiful pictures!! I moved to Florida 8 years ago and I miss NJ on a daily basis. NJ has the BEST restaurants and of course the bagels are amazing, along with pizza, tomatoes and pork roll! True NJ treasures. Miss my friends and family and the wonderful NJ attitude. Beautiful people in a majical place so different from anywhere I have ever been. May and September are the best of the best! Miss you NI

  61. Don Mousted

    Still, to this day, over 50 years later, I have never had as good a Italian submarine sandwich as I could find in any number of places along Route 17 in north Jersey. Great salami, ham, and provolone with just oil, vinegar, lettuce tomatoes and onions on a crusty sub roll. Never found one the same; never been able to reproduce it either. Subway is a joke compared to that!

  62. Kyle Keyes

    You overlooked the Jersey Devil. (Leeds )

  63. Mike H

    Too funny…up in North Jersey it’s alway a Tayor ham, egg & cheese on a hard roll with salt, pepper and catsup!
    I actually had a proud Jersey moment today as I passed along to my sixteen year old nephew, something as important as driving a stick shift or opening the car door for a woman…my nephew was cooking us Taylor ham at home this morning and the slices were just cooking at the edges and not in the middle…until I showed him how to make three slits in the slice of Taylor ham and it would lay flat! He thought it was great and I felt like I was passing down important history!

  64. BetteLou (Burchell) Tobin

    Kim K is right, please do not say Jersy. It is New Jersy,thank you very much. I grew up in Mine Hill and went to high school during the 1940’s in Dover. Mine was an idyllic childhood, growing up in the woods and fields, swimming in the cold creek,”Indian Falls,” or at Lake Hopatcong where there was an amusement park, “Bertram Island.” Yes, the stars shone brightly in the countryside. Now I live in Phoenix, AZ and the glare of city lights blots out most of the stars. The weather is great here and I will never again live in the snow, but I still miss New Jersy. sometimes.

  65. Julie Frederick

    This should be titled Why You Love North Jersey. The only thing mentioned south of Princeton is Atlantic City. Next time, include the ENTIRE state of New Jersey.

    • Reg Wayton in response to Julie Frederick

      You were right on with your comment about not including any pics but one from South Jersey. It’s how they think in North Jersey. So sad that people North of 195 have no idea of what South Jersey is like!

  66. Mario Disoteo aka Murph

    I live in Manchester NJ (thats at the shore, 12 miles from Belmar NJ) born and rasied in Clifon, but I wil be moving back to Clifton due to illness. Love it down here


  67. Mario Disoteo

    Born & raised in Clifton NJ Now LiveIn Manchester NJ 12 miles from Belmar NJ
    loved it here but due to illness must move back. whover sent the photos GREAT JOB!!! THank You

  68. Marlene Mango

    This Jersey Girl had the best of New Jersey. I was born at Columbus Hospital in Newark in 1943 and lived in Vailsburg until 1953. It was still a great neighborhood when we left. Lived right across from Boylan Street Pool. Had Aunts and Uncles living one block on each side of us and my Grandmother a couple of blocks away. We WALKED when we visited them.

    Move to the Country in 1953 – East Brunswick. And I mean the County!! Route 18 was only 3 lanes – horse farms, apple orchards along the road – not shopping centers until much later. Any time my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins came down to visit they brought the sausage and Italian bread with them as there was no place to buy any Italian food in the whole area. My Father had to drive to New Brunswick – 10 miles away to go a grocery store. But besides the food it was great growing up there. Always somewhere to go – to the teenage dances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons (Linwood Ballroom in Edison)

    After there I moved to the place that I love calling home now “the beautiful Jersey Shore”. I live in Brick on the Metedeconk River. Would not want to live anywhere else at this stage of my life.

    I just read all of the comments here – and yes we have alot of negative things we can talk about but if you lived in New Jersey during the 1940’s, 1950’s and the 60’s you can’t have anything but fabulous memories of growing up here – I don’t care where you were – North, Central and South Jersey. Back in the 50’s I think our family was the only family from New Jersey that went to Wildwood!!! Everyone we met was from Philly – and I love Philly people just because of the memories I have of Wildwood. Spent the whole Summer of 1959 in Seaside Park and went to the Casino dances every weekend – the best best best!

    For all of you too young to have lived during the 50’s and 60’s it really was the best of times – especially in New Jersey – New York too I suppose. The best music came from here, New York and Philly too.

    We had the best of everything living here and sadly some of you are right, things are not the same – alot of us can not go home from where came – all we have are our memories. I could go forever with my stories, but you get the drift.

  69. Roy Egatz

    Down the Jersey Shore was fine, but I spent most of my summers, “Up at the Lakes.” Upper Greenwood Lake, the Jersey side of Greenwood Lake, Lake Lookover, Lake Hopatcong, Waywayanda Lake,Highland Lakes,etc.

  70. Paul W

    What’s with the infighting people?
    I live in north Jersey but love all parts of the state.
    The mountains to the north, the farmlands and rivers of central & west Jersey
    and of course ALL 126 miles of our beautiful beaches!

  71. Kent Loudon

    If my Doctor saw mw eating Taylor Ham with egg and cheese, he’d have a heart attack!

  72. barbara singer

    I spent havf my life in NJ

  73. Millie Warshawsky

    The photos are beautiful!!! Lived in Paterson, E. Paterson, then Edison for 25 years until the Edison explosion. Remember that? We were one of the displaced families at that time. We were ready to retire and decided to move to Florida. STILL miss New Jersey. STILL consider myself a Jersey “girl”.

  74. Regina N

    Agree with Ray and Bev,
    Florida is great but New Jersey is where I am from. The pictures bring back memories of the shore at Lavalette, Avon, Belmar and more.

  75. Laura Elashewich

    I am soon to be 80 years old. The beautiful New Jersey I new is no longer there. For instance, Atlantic City had lovely old mansions, no casinos, clean beaches and a nice boardwalk. I was at Atlantic City for a family reunion 2 years ago. The boardwalk is a mess, as are some of the casino hotels. The state of Virginia where we have lived for over 30 years is great. We also have all the things shown in photos from N.J. including pork roll and good pizza.

  76. Walter Harrington

    Just had my 86 birthday and will never forget my growing up in New Jersey East Camden. Yes we always went to the shore. Work all week and then the gang went to Wildwood. When it got to hot on the beach we went ‘Under the boardwalk”. That song brings back many fine memories Lots of sing alongs, some beer drinking eating tomato pie “pizza”. Mom and I would take the ferry to Philly for a day of shopping then stop for a hot dog on the way home. Always went to Philly for the Mummers Day parade. I’ll always have the Jersey blood in me. Thanks for the memories. Walt Harrington

  77. Karl

    How do you have pics of NJ and not include Cape May or mention the incredible music heritage, revolutionary war history, the best schools on the planet, great fishing, etc, etc? I’ve lived all over the US…Alaska, Texas, California, Florida and in Europe…NJ has everything one could want…where you can live and be in the greatest city (NYC…and to a lesser extent Philly) in the world within an hour and half, ski slopes within 2 hours and the beach in 10 minutes….

  78. ruth ann ciallella

    nothing better than a jersey girl

  79. Name *

    I moved from Jersey about 21years ago but looking at this pictures make me miss Jersey I now live in North Carolina and it’s NOTHING Jersey most of all the GREAT food I miss the most!!!!!!!!!!

  80. bob

    we take a beating in new jersey…mostly because of people and things like the “snookster” and the entire cast of the jersey shore …(what an embarrassment to all new jersey-ans) that said, it’s a great place to live. i’ve enjoyed the jersey shore for most of my life….great fishing, boating and beaching…. i’ve always been proud to call the jersey shore my home. lets hope cory (do nothing) booker doesn’t get much further in his political career??????

  81. linda

    Can’t you all just accept that some people call it taylor ham and some pork roll. I grew up calling it taylor ham but it doesn’t bother me if someone says pork roll. also, I grew up saying we’re going down the shore, but call it what you want it’s sand and the ocean. learn to accept others.

  82. Sharon Duerbig

    Love Jersey. Thanks for sharing this!

  83. matthew pace

    Photoshop can do a lot of things! But I do miss Jersey, especially the attitude that has often been misread by those who didn’t grow up there. Where else can you say Hey F*&K Face…or instead of hi..hey how the F*%k r ya? and add after that come on let’s get a beer. Wasn’t crazy about the shore but did love the woods,rivers,farmlands…yes farmlands to those outsiders who only know Jersey from the turnpike side and the Sopranos.It is a beautiful state full of extremes…and people? If you don’t LIKE people, they will suck anywhere in the world.Now how about some real pizza?

  84. Deana Cawthorne

    Living on the eastern shore of Maryland is great but to find a real good Italian food place it’s not going to happen. Life is good!!!!

  85. Deb Zahorenko

    born in Ridgefield Park, moved to Hillsborough, moved to West Portal- couldn’t afford the insurance & taxes. Had to move to WV. Miss the food of Northern NJ. Miss the home in those Hunterdon hills, miss the friends. Don’t miss the harsher winters.

  86. Joe B.

    There is no such thing as wolves in NJ

  87. Randi Lipkin

    Was born in Denmark and grew up in Canada, lived in Mexico for 5 years and then came to Jersey. This state has always gotten a bad rap but it’s really beautiful here. All the the small towns, one on top of the another add a culture that can only be idenfified as Jersey. A place where you know your neighbors and they look out for you. Best schools in the nation. I love New Jersey except for the freezing cold winters.

  88. Andy B

    What about lighting bugs and punks (cattails)? No one mentioned that Jersey had the first Drive in Movie.

  89. linda m

    loved reading all the comments. brought back a lot of memories. lets not forget the photos,they were great. taylor ham and cheese on a hard roll, going down the shore, how about everyone pitching in and sending their great photos in. also don’t forget between frank Sinatra and bruce springstein, there was joey vann the original lead singer of the duprees from jersey city, and Frankie vallie and the four seasons from Belleville both of whom I knew. How about the cape may ferry up to high point state park with all the beautiful lakes on top of the mountains.i have lived in all parts of nj for 55 years and I love it and hate it both at times, too cold last winter, totally out of the ordinary, but the summers always make up for it. traffic not included in any comment you need to know when to leave to go down the shore and when to come home to avoid it. anyone who lives here knows for sure you will never have time to really see the entire state there is so much to see and do. and the most famous question what exit on the parkway? only familiar to people born and raised here.

  90. Ray Liddy

    To “Ray”
    My old friend Don kiernan worked at Kelly’s Bar in Neptune! Did you know him? And do you know how I can reach him?

    Thanks Ray.


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