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20 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Flint

These Instagram photos reveal why this Michigan town with gorgeous weather, throwbacks to history and a touch of French cuisine makes its residents proud.

Lauren Atkinson

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1. Because Flint is “Vehicle City” and proud of it.

2. Because old school advertising works just fine here.

3. These classic burgers were born right here in Flint.

4. Or, maybe you’re more of a crepe person.

5. Because even though Hansel and Gretel don’t live here, this could be their house…

6. … and you could forget where you were going staring at this architecture.

7. Because it might just get you nostalgic about times gone by.

8. If it’s seasons you want, Flint has got them all.

9. You might find art in some unexpected places.

10. Because if you doubt that Flint takes its sports seriously, get a load of Atwood Stadium.

11. Now that’s big sky.

12. Because even in the winter, that river is majestic…

Taken at Stepping Stone Falls

13. … and the University of Michigan symphony will blow you away.

14. Because the U.S. 23 Drive-In Theater is the place to see a movie.

15. And Lake Mott is the perfect spot for some “me” time.

16. Before it was Vehicle City, it was Carriage Town.

17. Table and Tap has got you covered for brews…

18. … and Cafe Rhema will serve you coffee in style.

19. Because festivals here have got it all.

Taken at Buckham Alley Fest

20. And when Flint celebrates, they do it big.

Feature Image Source: Flickr user virgohobbs

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posted on: January 21, 2014
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  1. N L Boyer

    Thanks for the nice assortment of photos of Flint (and the surrounding area)…make it 30 photos in the future by adding such photos as ones of UM-Flint, Kettering University, Mott College, Applewood Estate, the ballroom inside the beautifully restored Durant Hotel, a photo of downtown Flint along Saginaw Street in the spring by the beautiful churches when the magnolias are in bloom, the bricks, other downtown restaurants and businesses such as Blackstones,the engineering firms; other small businesses popping up, the various dormitories, downtown Flint at Christmas time in the evening with the colored bulbs in the arches, some of the beautifully restored historic homes and other historic buildings, close-ups of the festivals including Back to the Bricks, the Crim Race, and the Flint Art Fair and get a photo of the new ice skating rink at the restored historical Atwood Stadium, put in by Kettering University, allowing free ice skating for the community, some of the new statues that have been put in; I’m sure others could add so many more possibilities. :) If metro Flint area is the goal, don’t forget another jewel in our community…For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum…which is near Flint City limits but technically in the city of Burton,a Genesee County Park that certainly serves the entire area just as Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad does. Makes me think of another example of who can claim a which treasure…the fantastic Detroit Zoo is actually in the city of Royal Oak but definitely serves the entire Detroit metro area. :)

  2. CSmith

    When were these photos taken…my family relocated to Flint in 1955 and I don’t ever remember any of these things! In the 1970’s a decent person wouldn’t go near Atwood Stadium (usually the police), and I don’t ever remember an arch! Why not post some up to date photos and see how many people want to move there!

    • LMACE in response to CSmith

      All of these pictures are recent! Atwood Stadium has been revitalized and that arch has been there ever since I can remember..

  3. Mickey

    I was born and raised in Flint and lived there from 1943 to 1988. It was a wonderful time and city in which to grow up. I only have wonderful memories and still have childhood friends with whom I’m still involved. I went back for my 50th high school reunion with mixed emotions. Sad to see the ruination of once a vibrant city, but glad to see the rebuilding that was going on. These pictures were great.

  4. Maynard Sumner

    I have good memories of what was at one time. It could become a great city again if people would get their eyes back on the true GOD.

  5. AugDog

    I moved to this area late sixties. I could not believe one of the major car cities of the world has its main street paved with bricks which have deteriorated to a street that is almost to dangerous to drive on. It has continued to die and now it is dead. These pictures give a false impression of Flint. Many of the pictures are not of Flint. People are only fouling themselves.

  6. CS

    I live in Flint, and truthfully I can NOT wait to get out of there. To much crime, to much hate, to many people look at a person for the color of their skin. Not if they are a good or a bad person. People do not understand we all put our pants on one leg at a time, I feel once we can all start to leave history..IN HISTORY we would all get along a whole lot better..


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