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30 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Cedar Rapids

The City of Five Seasons is home to art, architecture, picturesque landscapes and delicious Czech treats. It’s also a place where everyone enjoys life in their own unique way, which, as these photos show, means you’ll find beauty and fun where you least expect it.

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1. A sign you’re almost to Cedar Rapids? American Gothic appears on your way.

2. And when you finally get there, you’ll find beauty in unlikely places…

3. …And art that can’t be missed.

CSPS Hall, home of the nonprofit Legion Arts

4. You can even watch art in the making.

5. But this city isn’t just about art; it’s also a great place to catch a baseball game…

Veterans Memorial Stadium, home of the Cedar Rapids Kernels

6. …Catch some air…

7. …Fly high…

8. …Or even just hover for a while.

9. You can always go out and play…

10. …Or head inside for some quiet time with a book, surrounded by modern architecture.

Cedar Rapids Public Library

11. But if you’re after some entertainment, go see a show (and these ceilings)…

Paramount Theatre

12. …Or catch something on ice.

Cedar Rapids Ice Arena, home of the RoughRiders

13. This is the city of five seasons…

Cedar Rapid’s signature symbol, which stands for “The City of Five Seasons”

14. …Where, from summer…

15. …To winter…

16. …And back again…

17. …You’re reminded to enjoy life. That can mean meeting your hero…

Cedar Rapids Titans

18. …Skating your heart out…

Cedar Rapids Rollergirls

19. …Or giving it your all in the ring.

Paul Bradley, two-time All-American wrestler and mixed martial artist who has fought for Ultimate Fighting Championship and Strikeforce

20. The fifth season reminds you to see the beauty all around you, from historic places…

Veterans Memorial Coliseum

21. …To the way the sun lights up a statue…

Bridge of Lions

22. …To the billowing of industry…

ADM ethanol plant

23. …To your best friend’s face.

24. Enjoy every season, no matter what it brings to the table.

NewBo City Market

25. Here, everyone is an original…

Sonya Darrow, local Cedar Rapids artist

26. …Except for the koláče and kava, which will transport you to Praha with every bite and sip.

27. So do what you love…

28. …And enjoy the view…

29. …Because you never know what you might see…

30. …And you never know what will light up the sky when you least expect it.

Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival Balloon Glow

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posted on: March 12, 2014
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  1. Anonymous

    Number 1 should be a photo of a factory (preferably ADB or Quaker) because the real sign you’re almost to CR is the terrible smell, especially when arriving from Iowa City. There should also be a photo of a few of the terrible potholes on our roads, as well as speed-cameras along the interstate, and possibly some road construction (the true Fifth Season). Don’t forget one of a thermometer during the bitter-cold and dark, depressing winters. How about someone in line at the unemployment office since it’s very difficult to find a career here? Independence Day celebrations would make for a good photo, followed by an ironic photo of a skateboarder being arrested for riding their skateboard anywhere but the run-down skatepark. Maybe even show a photo of some factories (General Mills, perhaps) that are producing some of the world’s most notorious GMO foods as well as a GMO-infested cornfield. Finally, for the last photo, show a photo of a black-hole, because anyone who leaves will eventually be sucked back into this blunder town.

    • Me in response to Anonymous

      There should also be a picture of what seems to be the favorite past time in Cedar Rapids – someone complaining on the internet…but, i guess you took care of that didn’t you. Good job.

    • Sean in response to Anonymous

      Those smells you dislike are produced by the economic engines of Cedar Rapids and are partly why the CR unemployment rate is about 5% (far lower than national average). The tax revenues from those factories also help to keep the schools in Cedar Rapids some of the best in the whole country. Then there is that part that companies like General Mills are taking the enormous bounty that Iowa farmers produce AND FEED THE WORLD including poor people in nations where people don’t have the option to purchase their food from luxury organic grocery stores.
      It sounds like you live in Iowa and are unhappy about it. Instead of complaining about your home go someplace that would better fit your lifestyle demands.

    • Bev Myers in response to Anonymous

      Maybe anonymous should lighten up or leave! Seems if you don’t appreciate the smells of progress and employment, then you’re not doing enough to improve things. Go plant some flowers! I for one kind of like the smell of ADM (reminds me of Mom’s ham and bean soup!) and the Crunchberry smell at Quaker Oats! How about Fruit Roll-Ups day at General Mills? You can find the worst of any place you go, but it’s finding the best of where you go that you learn to appreciate life! I love the numerous parks where you can find almost anything to do winter or summer. Swimming in the pools, watching the kids at the splash pads, sledding down the hills at Jones Park. How about local community theaters? Stop at Little Bo’s for great food and history at the same time? Block parties, boating at Ellis, fishing off the 1st Avenue Bridge? And the festivals and parades? Stop complaining and go enjoy!

  2. Anonymous

    Correction: that should be ADM, not ADB. Where is the edit button?

  3. Krystina

    I think this was beautifully done and shows many of the wonderful things about living or being from cedar rapids.

  4. Mitch

    Kind of shocked there was no photo of the famed Hawkeye Downs Speedway, where many fine race events have been held for over 70 years!

  5. Ron Sundermann

    That was an excellent rant. We need to invite this cat back to CR and install him as our resident complainer. I’ve not seen unhappiness expressed so well since the Hawks blew it last night in the Big Ten BB tourny. No question about it — this guy likes to bitch. He’s the champ. The photographer is pretty good, too (or were there several?)If our bad attitude pal would come back and find he needs something to wine about he could carry the photo-guy’s tripod on a scuba patrol of Cedar “Lake” and see if his view would lighten up. Poor man. Somebody send him a card.

  6. Jeremy

    Photo 7 was taken by DR Photos (Doug Ross) from the Moline, IL area. It was taken after a race at Cedar Rapids BMX in June ’13. The riders were jumping and riding after a long weekend series of races and there were a ton of great photos taken. Thanks for including it in this story!


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