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You Won’t Believe What A Phoenix High School Student Made To Celebrate His Hometown

Both the city and nature are simply breathtaking to behold.

Laura Allan

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If you know someone who says there’s nothing special about Phoenix, show them this. They’ll be forced to admit it’s an absolutely gorgeous city after watching Michael Heiland’s stunning video.

I was really impressed by the way Heiland was able to capture the feeling of this thriving, busy city. What’s doubly impressive is that this was made by a high school student. Yes, you read that correctly.

It’s true: Even someone still getting a report card can recognize what an amazing place Phoenix is.

Source: The Valley by Michael Heiland

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posted on: May 6, 2014
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  1. sindy

    My friend from Arizona totally proved me wrong.

  2. Anonymous

    Yea, beautiful but HOT!!!

  3. Diana Schultz

    What a WONDERFUL piece of art…such talent for a young man. Hope he pursues a career is this field.

  4. JJ

    This was a fantastic video of seeing Phoenix at day and night. The photography was absolutely brilliant

  5. Lee Reminick

    Amazing and really beautiful. My daughter lives there and I keep trying to get her to come back to Ohio or Florida where I am. I’ll never ask again.


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