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People From Philadelphia Need To See This Awesome Time Lapse Of The City

Don’t let the title of the video fool you, this filmmaker loves Philly.

Laura Allan

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I dare anyone to call Philadelphia ugly after watching this sarcastically titled video by native Nathaniel Dodson. If anything, this stunning time lapse just confirms what you already know: this city is one of a kind.

The sun starts to set at the 2:50 mark and things get even prettier. Just make sure you watch this awesome tribute all the way to the end, and you’ll see exactly what the filmmaker is really getting at. I think this “ugly” video is just plain gorgeous.

Source: Philly Is Ugly from Nathaniel Dodson

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posted on: May 9, 2014
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  1. Greg

    The bible verse at the end:

    1 Corinthians 10:31
    Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.


    • sixsisters in response to Greg

      This is lovely. I have traveled and have seen many cities. None of them can out shine Philadelphia. Thank you. To all of the naysayers. LIghten up and smile. Life is too short not to see the beauty around you even in the meanest part of life.

  2. Brian

    Who said ugly is bad?

  3. Joan

    Outstanding absolutely breath taking Philadelphia is an art form. There is nothing to compare with driving down East River Dr n on to the parkway there the majestic city reaches out to U.

  4. Lisa Setz

    I’ve lived in London, San Juan, visited Paris, New York, lived in Boston, too. Philly is my home town, I’ve NEVER apologized for it. It’s a big city that has the same problems that other cities have, but, like London and Paris, it’s a great walking City.

  5. Kathy

    Totally awesome. Thank you for reminding us of how beautiful Philly is!!!!

  6. Beth McConnell

    This is great, I love it. Thanks for the work. I would love to see you do phase II with some neighborhood shots. We have incredible neighborhoods that are the veins of this City and feed the vibrancy of downtown. You did a great job with Center City/University City and your talents would be welcome and appreciated further out. I work with a city-wide non profit that would be happy to help if you need it. Thanks again and great work. Pretzel pride.

  7. Mary Lou

    Very nice, Mr. Dodson et al! VERY nice!


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