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If You’re From Denver, This Video Will Be The Best 4 Minutes Of Your Day

So many people want to move to Denver, and after watching this video I can see why.

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Denver is a city that is experiencing a major influx in population. Not everyone’s a fan of it, but from what I’ve experienced most Denverites are flattered that their city is so loved.

Whether you’re a lifetime Denver resident or you’re on the fence about moving there, I’m pretty sure this video will make you fall in love with the Mile-High City.

This video was obviously made to get you pumped up about Denver. It had that affect on me, and I’ve only been to the airport!

Breathless from Air Ball Creative

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posted on: April 25, 2014
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  1. Aldo

    The voice of this poem is the very talented Theo Wilson. Find his work on YouTube, you will be amazed by the power he can create with just his heart. I’m honored to call him a good friend.

    • jill in response to Aldo

      His voice makes the entire video. I am native and I want to live here! ha!

  2. ronaldo magucci

    yeah this place is no New York City. I think its over rated. I love colorado but Denver is second or maybe even third or fourth to NYC, which is of course #1

    • Chuck "The Rack" Ricardo in response to ronaldo magucci

      Ricky my man. I totally agree with you except for one point. While I enjoy the “reel frills” of NYC, especially above 83rd, I think there is little doubt that Chico CA is the best city in the US and quite possibly the world. I always tell people that when you go to Chico you better prepare yourself for non-stop excitement. It’s amazing. Go now. Thank Me later.

    • leo moon in response to ronaldo magucci

      ronaldo magucci says, “It’s no New York City…” Yayyy!!!!

  3. jill

    Well… You East coasters are forever going to mark your land. Smiles. I am a traveling girl, although I grew up in Denver. The old Denver. End up living here again and again… I have lived throughout the country. My Brother actually lives in Manhatten. 30 years now.
    It’s the small stuff the narrator picks up on. No one but a native would notice. No one but a native would realize it’s small, but important. Just like you would notice… in NY. I never ditch anywhere, because everywhere is important. And? Everywhere has a ditch! Smiles!

  4. Meredith Crumb

    …I like that we ‘Play Harder””….so true…here a weekend is about where you skied, climbed, tubed or camped…ate…biked or boarded (skate or snow)…manuel transportation is always the favored option..this is Colorado! :)

  5. Patty Muich

    As a child, we traveled in the summer to my dad’s job. We drove through Colorado, the first time, in 1963 when I was 7. I told my mom… I will live here. People who have not been there do not understand Colorado and it is hard to explain. Colorado is a special state of mind. It lives in my soul. And yes… I moved there and raised my children there. Only bad heath took me away. My body may be in WI but my heart, soul and love is always in Colorado. God bless you for sharing your Colorado with me…. I will pass it on. Love Patty

  6. Jerry carrera

    Denver the place to be. And if you move from here your missed . like Amanda carrera and her family .love you all from uncle jerry.. Denver is happening and that’s right…

  7. Chuck Dernny

    Shoes are optional!

  8. Jim

    Colorado is boring. Winters in Denver are cold and windy, not snowy. Stay away.

    • james davis in response to Jim

      Hay if you don’t like colo Get out you don’t have to live here!!

  9. Laura

    I’ve went to school in Manhattan and it’s a great city with a million things to do and see. And I’ve often visited San Francisco and Seattle, lovely cities with amazing food. But as a Denver/CO native, I will always love this city. It may not have all the glitz, style or pizzaz of those other cities, but to me, it’s the things you can’t quite find in them also. Present day Denver is savvy and cool enough to enjoy culture, sports and arts every day of the year. But it doesn’t have the pretense of a larger city. And then there’s the amazing weather!! Yes, we have winters, but that also means we have SEASONS! And each one is beautiful! It’s always unpredictable. It can be 70 and sunny in the middle of January and snowing in April. A good Coloradan is always prepared! And the people are genuine and generally laid back and happy. I attribute it to the many, many days of sunshine and easy access to some of the most beautiful nature in the country.

  10. Caitlin Rose

    Born in New York, but I’ve really grown up in Colorado; the tons of sunshine, beautiful mountain sunsets, the friendly outdoorsy people, and chilled atmosphere are familiar to me now, but yeah, we’re always flattered by visitor’s seal of approval!
    I recognized many of the streets and shops in the video, and I love all the references to the places like City Park, Colfax, Red Rocks, and 16th Street, even the more subtle “A birthday’s not a birthday without sopapillas and cliff divers” reference to Casa Bonita. Film-making wise, I would have mixed in some more steady, focused shots to offset all the blurry shakey cam. Some Avalanche hockey footage would’ve been awesome for sure too.
    Also, where’s the shots of the actual Rocky Mountains?! I know it was more focused on the city, but we’re world-renowned for ’em, they could at least be in the background, just like they always are for us in Denver :)

  11. Ellen

    It didn’t start with a pick-ax. Indigenous peoples lived here long before the Europeans occupied Denver. Perhaps a little education is in order, which is tricky when Denver universities, museums and theatre are missing. As is B-cycle.

  12. rachel

    What an inaccurate perception this video leaves in your mind. If I didn’t live here and watched it, I’d want to move here too. Haha, what a joke. Colorado is a pathetic state in general and is nothing like this video depicts. If you don’t feel like being judged for where you’re from and who you are, don’t move here. The people here are, in general, the rudest most egotistical, condescending group of people I’ve ever met in my life. Think you can change that? They don’t budge. I’m over it.

  13. Brian Olson

    Wonderful! Brilliant! Inspiring!

  14. Raoulduck

    Denver is alright. I lived there in the wake of the boom days of the 70’s and early 80’s. So I remember the sun setting through the empty sky scrapers of downtown and the unfinished condo buildings along county line road next to the new unfinished loop road. The oil industry busted, Frontier Airlines died for the first time, and the Silverado Savings and Loan sank without a trace, with nobody butch the Bush family making money.
    I loved the mountains and enjoyed hanging out in Boulder. For fun, I mostly left the city and headed West. The video just sounds like chamber of commerce boosterism from the 1970’s. Unintentionally nostalgic.

  15. Ruth Beliveau

    I am concidering transferring to Colorado. After those comments I`m no too sure. I guess it`s the same wherever you go. It has it`s good points and its bad. I have family there a nd here. I am really torn. I have a wonderful church and my church family cannot be replaced. I just don`t think I could ever find people like them anywhere. I`m praying about it . I`m sure the Lord will guide me.

  16. Terry J Snyder

    Denver fits like a broken-in pair of blue jeans. No matter where you’re from it can feel familiar and yet overflowing with new experiences to be discovered and become familiar. The folks who don’t like it, you probably don’t want to spend too much time around anyway. You can hang with plenty of snarks and flakes, but the rest of us can easily avoid you in the wide open spaces. There’s more clarity to life here, a state for optimists and celebrating having sufficient solidness to retreat to after pushing the envelopes. It’s extraordinary goodness with the burdens of greatness. Why Colorado has more of its share of mass mayhem I’ll never understand, never. I don’t like overcrowding but hey, freedom includes living where it feels right. As long as newcomers help solve challenges of growth, we’ll be fine.

  17. Kate University of Denver

    Wow! Negative, negative, negative!!!! I grew up in Denver, but moved to San Diego for college and stayed there for nine years. I found the weather there BORING, and talk about too many transplants!!!! I missed the seasons so much, so after two years in London and 17 in Utah, we moved home. The skiing in Utah was actually better than it is here, and it takes a lot less time to get to, but there really is no city like Denver. People here really are far more friendly than one would be led to believe from the rather ugly comments here. I feel very fortunate to call myself a Denverite.

  18. DenverHater

    I completely agree with Rachel. I’ve lived on and off in Denver for 20 years. I’ve got to get out of this place….freezing winters, rude, ugly, hypoxic snobby people, dangerous pothead drivers, bad economy, expensive vehicle registration, bad, bad, bad doctors and did I mention terrible people?!

  19. M. Voice

    this video is so like denver…it’s presentation takes a big heaping helping of the big fat corporate big box conformity, that is denver. if people want to be led by the nose of the big powers that be, and let the corporate culture control them while making them believe they are cool, just because they live in denver…then this video has accomplished it’s mission of preying on the weak minded…that denver so exploit$.


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