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This Awesome Video Of Columbus Will Make You Even More Proud Of Your City

You’ll want to go get one of these shirts as soon as the video is over.

Laura Allan

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Ohio has been home to a long and rich history, one which Homage shirt designers seek to preserve. From retro designs to historical sports and culture figures, this company reminds all Ohioans of the proud heritage they carry with them. This video put together by Showdown Visual Productions showcases this company perfectly.

Not only is the man speaking an inspiring story of business success, he’s also a proud Ohio native. He wants to share his love of this state with the world and he’s slowly doing just that. Whether you love the college sports, the food, the history, or you’re just a fashion enthusiast, you have to admire this man’s vision.

Just seeing the smile on his face, you know he’s loving his life. Keep it up, Homage!

Source: Locale-Homage from Showdown Visual

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posted on: April 22, 2014
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