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This Insane Ohio Waterslide Is Called The Slip N Fly For A Reason. Your Chance To Try It Is August 23/24. Bring Your Courage.

At the intersection of gravity and OMG.

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[We recently posted the video from the 2014 event, if you want to check it out.]

The incredible Slip N Fly waterslide at Ohio Dreams sports camp in Butler, Ohio, is only open to the public a single weekend out of the year.

Get out your calendar, because that weekend is coming up.

The camp holds its annual Sports and Music Festival on August 23 and 24, with bands, DJs and, of course, the world-famous slide. It sends you careening down a 100-foot-long ramp at screaming-fast speed, then launches you for major air time about two dozen feet up—where you’ll probably scream again—before splashdown in the giant pool.

Hey…you’re not scared, are you?

Source: Epic Slip ‘N Slide Pool Party!! by bricemilleson

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posted on: August 7, 2014
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  1. Clint

    Does anyone want to sell me a ticket?

  2. Chase

    My friend has the same last name as you ( Dan Milleson). Does this help our chances to get tickets !

  3. Krista

    Even thou ur sold out can u still buy tickets.

  4. sam fulker

    You guys are sold out? Allow more people in and make more money… just saying the videos dont seem overcrowded with people

  5. Lisa

    Can’t you just go to watch?

  6. Brian

    Can we buy tickets now for next year?

  7. sam fulker

    Allow more tickets to be purchased

  8. Eric

    Too many slow-mo go-pro bros

  9. Justin

    I wanna ticket! I live in California and will fly out if I can get a couple tickets. If not how do I find out how to get tickets for next year. Please let me know! Thanks!

  10. Jules

    How can someone get tickets? How much are the tickets? How many can be purchased at once? Like how many in a family or group is allowed to be purchased?

  11. zach

    Were is it gona be at and how much are the ticket..

  12. jericc

    Is it to late to purchase tickets for this year’s 2015 event? If not how do I go about purchasing them..


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