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Video From This Crazy Waterslide In Ohio Will Make You Want To Move There

H2OMG, you guys.

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You may have seen the amazing Slip N Fly waterslide from last year’s video. (Go watch…we’ll wait.)

The Ohio Dreams sports camp in Butler, Ohio, only opens the ramp to the public one weekend a year and limits the number of attendees so everyone gets some quality time with the 100-foot-long ramp that launches you about 25 feet in the air.

Well, if you wanted to go this year, you missed it.

Here’s the new video from the August 23rd event, which is packed with more incredible action. You’ll see people screaming, flailing, cannonballing, bellyflopping, and generally enjoying the place…oh, yeah, and Tony frickin’ Hawk.

Ohio Dreams will start selling tickets for next year’s event on October 1. The line starts behind me…

Source: LEGENDARY SLIP N FLY! by bricemilleson

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posted on: September 2, 2014
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