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If You’re From North Carolina, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See All Day. Hands Down.

This is truly an accomplishment.

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After filmmaker William Mauney got into a mountain-biking accident, he turned to film-lapse photography to entertain himself through his lengthy recovery.

Filming all over North Carolina, including such stunning places as the Outerbanks, Sugar Mountain and the Pamlico Sound, he suffered through braces, canes, crutches and three surgeries to create this video. And it’s absolutely stunning. Major kudos to the resilient Mr. Mauney!

Source: North Carolina – Mountains to the Sea – A Time-Lapse Journey by William Mauney

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posted on: March 3, 2015
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  1. Yaira

    Amazing video. Poorly thought out headline.

  2. James from Ashe Co.

    William and his music man nailed this piece to the wall. I’m highly interested in your work William !! The Appalachia is so far the most beautiful landscape I’ve seen but I have recently started to explore the upper Midwest. I would love to document my own landscapes in a similar way for myself and close friends..Any knowledge and techniques you would like to pass on would be much appreciated

  3. Hannah

    To the people with negative comments, how rude of you all. This was awesome and I’m happy to know that someone took the time to put something like this together through a difficult recovery, instead of lying around crying because an unfortunate event happened to them. Way to go William Mauney, I really enjoyed your video!

  4. Vickie

    Kudos William Mauney! I think it’s absolutely AMAZING!! You have captured everything I love about this area! Best wishes with your recovery! Thank you!!

  5. Joseph McKeown

    Just absolutely stunning 🙂 Much Kudos William Mauney excellent piece of work.

  6. Melody Meachum

    Your time lapse work is jaw dropping indeed! It was a spiritual experience to behold such phenomenal grandeur. You are a photographer for the creator and you are truly gifted. I know your future has wonderful things just waiting for you to find them. Thank you for such a moving and inspirational work.You are a gift to North Carolina and I am proud to share my home state with you!


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