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Just When You Thought You Couldn’t Love New Hampshire Summers Any More, Someone Made This Awesome Video

Grab your blinks and your drinks!

Maggie Owens

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Forget California or Hawaii—the jammers in this awesome video prove the real place to soak up the summer sun is New Hampshire.

Seriously, I just found you your summertime soundtrack. The lyrics are equal parts ingenuously clever and accurate. (“No disrespect to Maine. This Is the way life should be.” Amen!)

This is all the proof I need. New Hampshire life is the greatest, especially in the summer.

Source: Summer In The 603 by SuperSecretProject

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posted on: August 7, 2014
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  1. debbie driggs

    Absolutely loved the song.

  2. april driscoll

    I’m so Proud to Live in the 603… You guys killed it. I was Dancing to the Music….I wish everyone that Lives in the 603 will be able to see this <3

  3. Mahoney

    You guys rock, this is awesome!

  4. Colleen Quinn

    Spent a lot of time in New Hampshire.Weirs beach was the place to be.Let’s not forget beautiful Lake Winnapasake too.


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