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If You’re From New Hampshire, This Will Be The Proudest And Funniest 4 Minutes Of Your Day

Don’t be too jealous, Maine.

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Comedian Juston McKinney grew up in Maine. That means, of course, he grew up jealous of New Hampshire and its awesome “Live Free Or Die” attitude. In this hilarious bit, he explains some of the funnier parts of his understandable jealousy.

He mentions New Hampshire’s loose policy on seatbelts, how there are liquor stores on highways, and the awesome legality of fireworks. He even compares Portsmouth to Tijuana, which is absolutely hilarious.

Carpe diem, New Hampshire. Try not to be too jealous, everywhere-else (we’re looking at you, Maine).

Source: New Hampshire: Live Free or Die! by JustonMckinney

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posted on: August 26, 2014
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  1. mac

    State liquor stores = kommunism.

  2. Jeff

    I lived in NH 13 years. Nothing like it. I am SO glad I was educated in NH. HUGE advantage. West Lebanon NH will always be my home.

  3. john

    Nh blows… Live free or die by the side of the road… Exactly like TJ

  4. Andrew

    New Hampshire is very weird they are so lenient with some thing but not with others. In mass and Maine you can have a little bit of weed but not in NH they can arrest you if they want to be an asshole.

  5. Crystal

    Very good! I live in VT and am always going across the border to shop for groceries, liquor, fireworks, etc. I thought your performance was so true and people laugh but it is true!

  6. diane

    Moving back to n.h. for good.

  7. Irene Duval

    I was born and brought up in N.H., love that State, now I live in Florida, sun is great but the rest is BAD.

  8. Pete_in_NH

    And just think –every four years WE get to pick the next President! -manic grin-

  9. cheryl

    Love NH, born here,never left, but wish this comedian knew that in Hooksett,Nh you probably won’t even get a speeding ticket even if you admit to speeding,being preoccupied(phone) and slam into the back of my husband’s van which caused his eventually death from a TBI The officer who put both my husband and CHARLES PINNEO in the ambulance to the same ER wrote on the traffic report,0 deaths,ONE INJURY. Maybe they forgot to learn math. Besides that,we finally have a no texting law but not a no phone law, while driving
    but we do have no smoking in most restaurants.

  10. John G

    Mac: you should be thankful you have liquor stores selling the good stuff at the prices they put on the bottled spirits. Come out here to Washington and then walk into one of our privately owned stores, pick up a half gallon or a gallon of your favorite spirit and then get out your credit card or check book. Make sure that you figure out how long it will take you to make your purchase last because when you get the retail price of the item, then have to put the state, county, city taxes to the cost, you may not want to spend too much time buying your booze here in his state. A half gallon of tequila out here will run you a cool $50 plus or a fifth of Canadian Club around $32.00 to keep you happy when you pop the the top. I drink bottled water and nothing added to it because they tax you for putting stuff in your bottle not to mention the tax you have to pay just for the water you just bought.
    If I had to chance to do so at my age I would move back to NH in a heart beat, and believe me I would select a home to live in or an apartment that would find me just a block or two away from that store of spirits with their reasonable costs. Cheers Mac!

  11. NH_will_always_be_home

    Love this! Wonder how old it is, I thought NH banned smoking in restaurants/bars in 2007.

  12. Susan N

    Love this — grew up in Salem, NH and every word of this is true!

  13. Jim

    raised and went to school and college in NH. Lived in other states but NH is the best. Isn’t it great that you can chose how to conduct yourself? and not wake up thinking you have broken several laws by 10:00AM? Laws written to protect you from yourself are useless and have no place in a free country. I like this comedian but it seems like although he is making humor about a few freedoms in NH he is actually starting to understand how we think and enjoy the freedoms we have in spite of government. Look at Detroit Michigan and Chicago Illinois…. Two of the worst sewers in the country despite strict gun control and tremendous lack of individual freedoms. NH got it right 250 years ago and still hanging in there.

  14. Kath

    I LOVE NEW HAMPSHIRE! I miss N.H. since I moved to Florida and cannot divorce my family, so there you go. They like the heat; I like the cold and would love to be a snow bird, but who can afford that with the high price of living in Florida?? Most people that move here end up moving back (lucky people) and some day I will too. It’s not because it’s tax free, seat belt laws, etc., it’s because it was my home for so many years and I felt safe there (unlike Florida). I know, danger lurks in every state, but not like here, that’s for sure! For those who do not like N.H., that’s okay; we all have our likes and dislikes, but I will always and forever call New Hampshire home. I do love the video though; good laughs!

  15. Kath

    They did ban it; in the bars too.

  16. Betty

    Was brought up in Mass but liived in NH 18 years befor moving to Fl. Husband and I tried to go back last year but the cold weather almost killed my husband. We don’t like south Florida especially in the summer. We are in our 70’s and can’t afford to be snowbirds. We love New England but you can’t go back especially when you get old. This guy is awesome.

  17. Lanney

    i lived in NH all my life and I moved to GA what a difference between here and there I love the warm weather but can’t stand the snow I miss my home town nothing will be the same without NH it’s a place to be here in GA people here are rude and mean what ever you do don’t ever move here cause you’re husband will be taken from you black women love white sugar daddies so I’m letting you know what it’s like I’ve been here for 9 years

  18. Noneya Business

    Justin is hysterical! Went to a charity performance he did for a teen who lost both parents and grandmother, he is a sweetie! And I love how he handled the heckler in the crowd!


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