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If You’re From Nebraska, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See Today. Hands Down.

Get ready for a major “wow” moment.

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The “World From Above” series has filmed gorgeous videos from all over the world from Brazil to the Middle East to Africa. This may or may not be surprising to you but what they filmed In Nebraska might be their most breathtaking work yet.

Source: Nebraska From Above – Best Highlights Montage (HD) from WorldFromAboveHd

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posted on: October 31, 2014
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  1. Marion McDermott

    This is great but where is the The Archway? How many other states have a historical monument dedicated to transportation that spans the Interstate?

  2. Mark

    Beautiful job. I was a little disappointed, however, when I shared it on Facebook and link showed someone in a cornhead. That image really is a disservice and will likely keep many from clicking on the link, thus negating your beautiful work of showing what the state has to offer.

  3. Dean Harrifeld

    Loved it. I would love to have had the locations sub-titled..

  4. Mike Eaton Rapids Mich

    Beautiful, Now pl do one of Michigan!!!

  5. well-traveled Nebraskan

    Oh Brett…. you need to venture out and experience the landscape 😉 In only the first minute of this video I’ve identified The Platte River, Missouri River (obviously the channelized portion near the Omaha area) The Wildcat Hills, the HEART of the Sandhills, Snake River Falls, Halsey Forest, Chimney and Courthouse rocks, pronghorn sheep, rail yards at North Platte, the cornfield of the FLAT lands of the Platte River valley…and so on….none of these are nearby South Dakota.

  6. Lyle Spahn

    I grew up during the 30’s in middle of this great state and am still enjoying the
    GOD given wonders of this state!

  7. Bob Eberly

    I have not yet watched the video but I Can tell you now beauty is all around us wherever we may be living sometimes you have to look a little harder to find it but it’s there. The same goes for Nebraska. I was born in Lincoln and pretty much raised there except for some time in Santa Clara CA when I was very young and a 1 1/2 year stint in Norfolk during my 2nd grade I left Nebraska when I was 17 to join the Marine Corp and saw the world but a year after my discharge I was back in Lincoln. While I have always been a bit restless no matter how many times I moved away I always returned to The Good Life and when people tell me how boring their trip was through Nebraska it’s all flat I wouldn’t make that trip again unless it was after the night cause there isn’t anything to see anyways. Well I just smile and tell them they are right no sense in me bursting there bubble and we don’t need people moving there who can’t see the forest through the trees. Nebraska has a big problem and that is the location of interstate 80 because it does run through the flat part of the State but those of us who were from there know a bit north and a bit south of that interstate is some of the most beautiful land in this whole country and sometimes I wonder why I am living in Arizona.

  8. Maryjean Ritter Nagy

    Awesome pictures of my beautiful home state which I miss.

  9. Ruby Red Slippers

    Beautiful and amazing land we live in! I feel that you did an amazing job of featuring the whole state……as far as the Archway…’s not as beautiful as the landscapes you capatured!

  10. Ruby Red Slippers


  11. Sue Spellman

    I was impressed! Haven’t lived in Nebraska for many years. It was really nice to see the video of the entire state. Thank you!

  12. Fay Lindseth

    I never realized how beautiful Nebraska is. Ole and I stayed with my cousin,Dawn Frieberg, that is the daughter of Aunt Ruth Bishop in Omaha on the way to Harold’s son’s wedding about 17 years ago. The family lives in Pappilion.
    It is on the Nabraska River. We have lost track of each other. Thank you for the video.

  13. Bernie Trausch

    Just ask Jack Nicklaus and Ben Crenshaw about the beauty to be found in Nebraska. They have designed two great golf courses utilizing the beauty to be found in this state

  14. Mary Sue

    Spectacular views and glorious music. Just drove thru the western part of Nebraska and it was amazing.

  15. Diane Burress

    What a great clip, my husband Brett and oldest son “Bailey” are the cowboys moving bar99 hereford cattle on the Arthur Bowring Sandhills Ranch-State Historical Park at Merriman, NE. Nice segment.

  16. Philip L Ward

    Beautiful video.Nebraska s need to get out and see their state and promote it to all their out of state friends and relatives.



  18. Sherry Fischer

    Love this but wish it could be slowed down to be able to see more.

  19. D.K.Lyons

    Nicely done.

  20. John Cole

    Great film clip, but moves too fast.

  21. Cody

    This is a great video but does anyone know the locations? I’ve lived here my whole life (19 years old) and didn’t really know we had any of this stuff. I need to get out and explore my own state.

  22. Cody Sherry

    Does anyone have a full list of these places here in Nebraska? I would love to go visit these places but I have no idea what they even are! I had no idea these things existed in Nebraska and I have lived here my whole life.

  23. Lindsay Vernon

    Great video. Nebraska is awesome, and the best representation of the state was at the end of this video, with all of the people waving. Nebraskans are some of the best people you’ll ever meet!

  24. Sondra Koetter

    My husband, Ray, and I are from McCook and we are died in the wool Huskers!!!! I agree with Cody – I don’t know where most of the places were. Does anyone know what and where these places are. Thank you Brenda for sending this to me. It was awesome!

  25. Connie Bell

    It is not Pappilion it is Papillion French for butterfly. Nebraska is a beautiful state and the people are just grand. I really miss it all but Mississippi is not too bad either.


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