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21 Things You Need To Know About West Virginia Before You Move There

Do the words pepperoni roll make your heart beat almost as fast as extreme mountain biking? Then you should probably move to West Virginia!

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1. West Virginia Does Autumn Better Than Anywhere Else On The Planet

Autumn - West Virginia

Source: Google Images

As a West Virginian, the mountains become part of your blood. And when the mountains ignite into what seems like 1,000 vibrant colors in the Fall, you’ll be swept away by WV’s autumnal beauty.

2. Be Still Your Heart At Lindy Point Overlook At Blackwater Falls State Park

Blackwater Falls State Park West Virginia

Source: Flickr user daveynin

Like we said, the mountains are part of our blood. As are all of the incredible views we have when standing atop them! Lindy Point Overlook is definitely one of the most beautiful. Regardless of which season you find yourself there, you’ll be thankful you saw it.

3. Soak In The Scenery At The New River Gorge Bridge

The New River Gorge Bridge West Virginia

Source: Flickr user Jason Pratt

Standing atop the New River Gorge bridge sometimes feels like you’re on top of the world—while the height of the bridge can be a bit overwhelming for some, if you can overcome your jitters long enough to stand up there and breathe the fresh West Virginian air, you’ll get to see this beautiful state in a whole new way.

4. Love The Mountaineers Or G.T.F.O.

G.T.F.O West Virginia

Source: Google Images

If you’re moving to WV, get ready to bleed blue and gold. There is so much love for WVU, and not just because the sports are fun to follow but because rooting for the Mountaineers is part of the WV experience. It’s part of home, and you’ll feel this WVU love the moment you arrive in West Virginia.

5. Mountain Biking Is An Extreme Sport Here

Mountain Biking West Virginia

Source: Google images

West Virginia Mountain biking isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’ve got an adventurous spirit, these biking trails are certain to blow you away. Go for a on Spruce Knob, West Fork, or Blackwater Canyon and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

6. Two Words: Pepperoni Rolls

Pepperoni Rolls West Virginia

Source: Google Images

Oh. Em Gee. Pepperoni rolls. It’s one of the first things a true West Virginian will miss when they’ve been gone from home too long.

Not to be confused with stromboli, this region-specific treat is a loaf of soft, white bread with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese folded in between (all snug, baked to perfection so that the oil from the pepperoni soaks through the roll and makes the entire thing oily and spicy) is extremely craveable. It will change your life the minute you try it, trust me.

7. It May Sound Corny But The Local Mill Is Far From A Grind

Glade Creek Grist Mill West Virginia

Source: Flickr user Alaskan Dude

To many West Virginians, the Glade Creek Grist Mill symbolizes home. This fully-functional mill produces freshly ground cornmeal like you won’t believe. It’s incredibly delicious, and will make some delectable cornbread, I assure you!

8. Get Your Caboose To Red Spruce Peak

Red Spruce Peak West Virginia

Source: Flickr user dbnunley

West Virginia has a long history of railroads—follow the train tracks in WV and you’re sure to see some beautiful sights. But sometimes, just the sight of the train itself is enough to make your heart skip a beat for West Virginia. Head to Red Spruce Peak for a relaxing day of trainspotting.

9. You Won’t Believe The Elakala Falls Can Possibly Exist

The Elakala Falls West Virginia

Source: Flickr User

These waterfalls look too impossibly beautiful to be real, and yet… they are! This is, by far, one of the most peaceful spots in the entire state.

10. Life Is A Highway

Highland Scenic Highway West Virginia

Source: Google Images

There’s nothing better than the sight of the open road on the Highland Scenic Highway. When you drive this highway and look out at the mountains, you’ll be forever-thankful for whoever came up with the idea of “the road trip.” And even more thankful you hail from the state with the best highway for road tripping!

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11. Soak In The Sunrise At Dolly Sods

Dolly Sods West Virginia

Source: Google images

There’s hardly a better spot to be at daybreak than right here in West Virginia—and everyone knows that the best place to be at daybreak in the state is Dolly Sods. Watching the sunrise here is practically a West Virginian rite of passage.

12. West Virginia Does Bluegrass Better Than You

Five River Campground West Virginia

Source: Google Images

West Virginia is where bluegrass really started, what with all the the banjos and fiddles and dulcimers. They are all… wait for it… instrumental parts of this Appalachian state. Which is why bluegrass encompasses the sweet, sweet sound of West Virginia like no other musical genre can.

Get your bluegrass fix at one of the states summer music festivals. Music in the Mountains in Summersville is held every June in Summersville. Picken in the Parsons happens the following month at the Five River Campground.

13. Become A Brony-aire By Betting On The Ponies At Charles Town

Charles Town Races West Virginia

Source: Facebook User Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races

There’s nothing quite like experiencing the horse races in Charles Town: horses, gambling and a buffet that will knock your socks off? You just can’t go wrong: it’s the definition of good old fashioned fun!

14. Get Into The Swing Of Things At Your Local Swimming Hole

Local Swimming Hole West Virginia

Source: Flickr user boltron

One of the best parts about living in WV is finding hidden swimming holes with that perfect rope swing…There’s nothing quite like getting up the courage to let go of that rope, all the while bracing yourself for the crisp, cool water.

15. No Trout About It, Elk River Is The Best Fly-Fishing East Of The Mississippi

Elk River West Virginia

Source: Google Images

Elk River truly is one of the best place to go fly fishing—it boasts some of the best big browns, rainbows, and native brookies and the catch is always great year-round. And if fly-fishing isn’t really your thing, you still don’t want to miss the trip—the river boasts some of the most beautiful sights in WV.

16. Flex Your History Buff Muscles At Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry West Virginia

Source: Facebook User Harpers Ferry National Park

Harpers Ferry, nestled in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains where the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers meet, is a small, quaint village filled with rich United States history, especially Civil War history. So if you want to get your history buff grind on, you can’t miss Harpers Ferry.

17. Get A Double Scoop Of Ice Cream So Delicious You’d Swear It Was Made Of Unicorn Tears

Homemade Ice Cream West Virginia

Source: Facebook user Austin’s Homemade Ice Cream

You may not think WV would be known for it’s ice cream, but Austin’s Homemade Ice cream in Ceredo is some of the best the region, let alone the state, let alone the world has to offer! One delicious bite of the homemade ice cream and crunchy waffle cone will make you rethink all you know about “America’s best ice cream”

18. Get Your Heart Beating Rapidly Down At The River…

Gauley River West Virginia

Source: Flickr user nukeit1

West Virginia is home to some of the fiercest, most exciting rapids anywhere, and draws thrill-seekers from all over the world. If you’re really looking for a heart-racing rafting trip, try the New and Gauley Rivers in the southern part of the state come Springtime. In the Spring, this water ride will be sure to thrill you.

19. Or Kick Your Feet Up At Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake West Virginia

Source: Google Images

Living in the Appalachian Mountains, right near the Appalachian Trail, is by far one of the best parts about being a West Virginian. And there’s simply nothing more calming than camping in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains at Big Bear Lake. This breath-taking spot will be sure to bring you back to zen in a way nothing else can.

20. West Virginia Is A Beautiful Time Machine

The old Victorian architecture West Virginia

Source: Facebook user Capitol Theater

The old Victorian architecture in West Virginia will draw you into the past immediately. There are also so many grand buildings, like the neglected Bank of West Virginia building, the well-known Capitol Theater and the massive old B&O Railroad terminus, which is now home to a community college. And this is just a very small number the beautiful architecture you’ll witness while in the state.

21. West Virginians Are The Friendliest People On The Planet

Friendly People West Virginia

Source: Facebook user West Virginia University

You could say that the mountains act like a protective wall between the outside world and West Virginia’s small town communities. And, because of this, the people in West Virginia have a strong sense of community. This makes us some of the most neighborly, friendly people you’ll meet in the U.S.

There’s definitely a simplicity of life here—no one is competing, no one is in a hurry. West Virginians don’t look down on people and are basically, they’re the nicest people around. So if you do decide to become our neighbors: welcome!

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posted on: April 24, 2014
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  1. jill

    Very nice article! Thank you! (They are actually called pepperoni ROLLS here though)

    • jill in response to jill

      I see you changed Pepperoni Bread to Pepperoni Roll :) I didn’t want any of the “friendly” WVians to bite your head off about it and ruin our nice reputation.

    • Judy French in response to jill

      Still say the best thing I miss are the WV slawdogs. Nothing in Delaware like that. I’ll also agree on the friendly people – a lot different than here. I will always love WV.

      • Eugene R. French in response to Judy French

        You are always welcome to come back to West By God Virginia

    • Judy French in response to jill

      Still say the best thing I miss are the WV slawdogs. Nothing in Delaware like that. I’ll also agree on the friendly people – a lot different than here. I will always love WV. Oh, another thing, I have never seen Dolly Sods and would love to see that sun rise.

    • Josh in response to jill

      I don’t know about pepperoni rolls, but I do love me a Peppy Biscuit from Tudor’s Biscuit world. And it has to be from the one in Ceredo on Main Street. None of the other Tudor’s can come close.

  2. Rob

    I’m gonna disagree with #4, I’d rather shower in Penn State than cheer for WVU!

  3. chad

    This was a wonderful depiction of West Virginia. Thank you for your article.

  4. Kaitlyn

    First, Rob your comment was offensive. You’re not from wv if your that rude.
    2nd- real pepperoni rolls do not have cheese.
    Last but not least, go mountaineers!

    • Michael in response to Kaitlyn

      How is his comment rude? It’s not rude in anyway. Not to be a buzz kill, but there are a lot of people in WV that doesn’t bleed Blue and gold. Some bleed green and white. There are TWO major universities in West Virginia.

      • Anita in response to Michael

        Go Herd! No couches were harmed in the celebration of this game.

      • Mike in response to Michael

        Uh…Sandusky? Thick much?

        • Jackson in response to Mike

          Mike, I don’t understand your comment. I do agree with Michael, the comment wasn’t rude. And to address the offensive statement in the original comment. How is it offensive? He was talking about himself, not anyone else. He would be the only one to be offended by his suggestion. So if it is rude and offensive, then that would suggest the WVU fans see themselves as being the only nice people in WVa. If that is true, then it makes them very conceded, arrogant, self righteous, and separatists, what about that makes them nice. I agree, Marshall University also exists in WVa. it is also the older University in the state, and was founded by the Supreme Court Judge John Marshall. So although I respect WVU and Bobby Bowden for what they did after the plane crash in the 70’s, I will always love the Herd. Go Herd!!!!!

          • Big Tom in response to Jackson

            Jackson, you must have either forgotten or never heard of Jerry Sandusky, the former assistant coach at Penn State. He was raping children in the Penn State showers and was the basis of Rob’s comment. And, yes, many people find jokes about child rape to be offensive.

      • Jeff in response to Michael

        Who roots for Marshall?

  5. Mariah

    All completely true, it’s beauty is mesmerizing, everyone always thinks they wanna get out but always come right back (: nothing like home

  6. Nicole

    All these are fine but #4. GO HERD!

  7. Greg

    hmmm….It is pretty here I gave it a try 3 years here. Not for me just a little to weird in my opinion. It is another world here. Back to Fort Lauderdale FL for me. Great if you love it though!

    • Christine in response to Greg

      Greg, I agree. I’ve been here two years and am ready to leave. It truly is a beautiful state but things are a little to strange for me to. We are already planning on moving ourselves.

    • Russ in response to Greg

      weird? What did you find weird?

    • Libby in response to Greg

      I totally understand, Greg. Every place in the US is crazy, but we all feel more comfortable with the crazy we grew up with, the one we understand. I thought South Carolinians were weird. Going to either of WV’s panhandles is like going to another world, too. The Eastern Panhandle thinks they are Virginia or Maryland and the Northern Panhandle thinks it’s Pennsylvania. I lived in the Eastern Panhandle for a eight years and when I move back south, I realized I had forgotten what rednecks were.

    • jpf in response to Greg

      I understand. I’ve lived in other states, and even Florida and thought most places and people are weird in one fashion or another.

  8. Chris

    Really enjoyed the trip down memory lane. The comment about pepperoni rolls being missed is true. I moved to a neighboring state. Walked into a bakery. Asked for PRs and people looked at me like I had two heads. “You want what?” Ditto on no cheese in the originals.

  9. Brian Keen

    Yes, there are some nice people in West Virginia. There are some nice people everywhere you go. I’m sorry, but I was in Tennessee this past weekend for vacation, and the people there were much nicer than people I’ve met from West Virginia. It may have been just me, though. However, I will agree with everything else (aside from #4. I am not a die hard WVU Fan. However, I am not a die hard Marshall Fan, either. People from all over the state have different opinions.) Before you assume that I don’t live here, I do. I live in the almost heart of the state (about 30 minutes from Flatwoods. The TRUE Heart of West Virginia.) I live in little ole’ Clay County. GREAT post though! Loved reading it all!

    • John Keen in response to Brian Keen

      Nice to see another Keen from West Virginia on here Brian, thought I knew all of our clan lol.

  10. Richard

    Must be a Htown thing, hotdogs with slaw, the ohio river, and we LOVE our HERD.

  11. David

    If you are a faithful resident of WEST VIRGINIA, please keep your negative remarks to yourself. You make this wonderful state look bad. Every state has bad roads and pot holes and flaws. No one is keeping you here. I love the beauty of my state and proud of it.

    • Jackson in response to David

      David, your not helping the effort that WVa. has the nicest or friendliest people in the US. You are suggesting that there is no tolerance for original thought or differing opinions, not very nice or friendly. In fact that is very dictatorial and closed minded. WVa. is a great state, with amazing people living in it, but to suggest only positive statements can be posted by West Virginians, makes it appear that you are a fan of propaganda. There was another man back in the 30’s who used propaganda to create a country with a single minded focus and that blinded the people to some of the worst atrocities in world history.

  12. Samantha

    Everything is perfect, but #4 needs to be deleted and replaced with Marshall University! Go Herd!

  13. Diana

    Pepperoni rolls are a northern WV thing. Was raised in southern WV and we never had them until we moved north. But we do love them.

    • Mak in response to Diana

      We have pepperoni rolls in Cabell County and we’re not northern

  14. Lance Schrader

    You forgot one of the very best things about West Virginia: Mountain Stage!

  15. Will haverty

    And me and the boys play a banjo and like to hear a tourist squeal! Love it how the pictures bring in new fun every so often! Who ever you are who took these pictures your lucky…. Maybe next time it will be me an the boys turn to be lucky…..;-)

  16. Melissa

    Yeah, the picture of the pepperoni roll was not a picture of a pepperoni roll. I’m getting married near the New River Gorge bridge in September. Would have liked the foliage in October, but I’ll take what I can get. We’re even putting the best pepperoni rolls ive ever had in the guests hotel gift baskets. I’m hoping the out-of-staters fall in love with the state too.

  17. GAM

    I’ve lived in WV for 4 years and I disagree about the people being nice. I get along with my co-workers but have been told “f you” by people when I had the gall to cheer for my college at a football game. The rest of the people I’ve met have not been much better

  18. Eric

    Yea, I thought pepperoni rolls were a northern thing too. Big in Pittsburgh as well. And never did I have one with cheese, unfortunately.

  19. Bixby

    Only a native WVian could interpret the state as the “friendliest.” As a transplant from out-of-state, my experience was quite the opposite.

    WV has long been the butt of a lot of jokes (inbred, hillbillies, etc.), and the state has been treated much like a third-world country with exploitable resources historically. The land and the people have experienced significant abuse over time, and the result (understandably) had been that communities and individuals are guarded and suspicious of outsiders.

    Add to that the fact that much of the state is incredibly unhappy, uneducated, and unhealthy, and you have the recipe for a pretty unpleasant populace.

    When my family moved here more than 15 years ago, we all remarked about how sour everyone looked as they went about their business. Make the mistake of waving or smiling at someone as a polite acknowledgment, and you’d likely be met with a confused scowl.

    It takes time to find the friendly in WV. You have to become a known part of the community before you’ll start to see the politeness you would get from the outset in friendlier states.

    • Libby in response to Bixby

      When I lived in South Carolina I was surprised by how friendly the people were. I thought I had made dear friends. When I moved across town, those people never thought of me again. That’s when I realized in South Carolina people hug you but it doesn’t mean anything. It’s like shaking hands. It’s a custom. In WV, if someone hugs you, they are a dear friend of a family member. Our no touching policy might seem unfriendly to you, but it’s just out kind of weird. Everyplace has different customs. Once you realize that and find out what the norm of the place is, things seem friendlier.

    • Dewain in response to Bixby

      You need to see it live it and then you will understand West Virginia, until then live a real life .

  20. Josh G

    Thank you for showing the beauty of my state. It’s always so hard to click on a link dealing with West Virginia due to the rampant jokes about our state, culture, and history. What a wonderful piece you have put together here!

  21. alexandra

    Great post! I have to say there is “good and bad” in every state…however, since my daughter and son in law relocated to West Virginia,from upstate New York, I have been spending a great deal of time in West Virginia. (almost 5 months on and off.) Since then I have fallen in LOVE with the state! The beauty is beyond description, the people I have met are friendly and very helpful. The cashiers in the stores, address you like family. Everyone seems to talk and start up a conversation…and always about their family, church and their state! My grand children’s schools are amazing clean and structured! There is nothing I Dislike about West Virginia except…I AM NOT THERE! I live in Florida…the most unfriendliest state there is! I currently have my house up for sale and CANNOT wait for it to sell and relocate to the Summersville area. I will not miss the ungodly heat, bugs, red ants, CRIME and unfriendliness! I can’t wait to be part of what you West Virginia folk have! You are blessed! Oh…yes I did have Ramps and they were delightful! :)

    • Libby in response to alexandra

      How nice of you to say so, Alexandra. I lived in Florida for two months, June and July (bad ones, I know). I decided that it was a place to visit, but not to live. I came home. I hope you enjoy your time here. I’m going to Maryland to live with my son’s family. I hope Hagerstown is nice.

  22. X.Edwardd

    My people are from Galax i hav
    e live in Delaware all my life i was impressed when i went back to my roots like something telling you belong here God wish i had the money to move there

  23. Nancy York

    Nice, but you should have included other universities and/or colleges In addition to WVU. They are not the pride of everyone in West Virginia. I bleed green, always have always will. We Are….Marshall!

    • Robin in response to Nancy York

      I was born in WV, and have lived here getting close to 50 years now. I have never experienced the love of WVU football that you say you feel once you enter the state. I agree with the comment that #4 should be changed to High School football. Every community loves their High School teams. Not Every West Virginian, born or transplant loves WVU. You changed bread to roll, time to fix this error too!!

      • jpf in response to Robin

        High school football is no where near what it is in other states. The majority of the state does root for WVU because it is the flagship university. And it never was pepperoni bread, it has always been pepperoni roll.

  24. Jeff M.

    Overall, a good article…but #4 is pretty narrow minded…with two major universities in the state, it’s pretty narrow to say that a true West Virginian roots for WVU.

    I hear ya, Bixby, but I still think West Virginians are fairly friendly for the most part.

  25. spring

    I am a fifth generation West Virginian. I grew up along the Ohio river and people from Ohio and Pennsylvania made rude comments and jokes. I agree we are guarded. I now live in Mineral county, WV. I love to travel around the states and now the world but I am always glad to come home. I love my farm and my friends and neighbors. Number four should be high school sports. I went to WVU but I’m had many friends who went to Marshall. We are West Virginians first. I was thrilled to get to go to any college. I went where the scholarships were offered.

  26. Bridgett

    I live in West Virginia. Born & Raised here. I live in Calhoun County. A very small town. Everyone says “Hi, How are you?” I have also visited other counties in West Virginia and have also met a few rude people. I think it depends on what Part of West Virginia you visit. I would also agree with the statement “The mountains act like a protective wall between West Virginia and the outside world.” I tend to forget about the outside world.

  27. K

    SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIX THE PREVIEW TO SAY “ROLL” and not “BREAD”… No WVian says bread. Geez.

  28. Ash

    My girlfriend comes from Appalachia and has talked endlessly of the natural beauty in the region. I am looking forward to visit sometime soon.

    What breaks my heart are the horror stories of the poverty. Beautiful people, beautiful scenery, needs some additional economic activity and programs to get the people out of poverty.

  29. Moga

    This list is full of inaccuracies, but #21 is the biggest fallacy here. I’ve been to different areas of the state and people are generally unfriendly to newcomers from what I’ve experienced.

  30. Royce Hinchman

    Loved it Jim , thanks! . WVa is a beautiful place, I moved away when I was 17 and never came back except for visits , but when we do go back I cant get enough stewart hot dogs and root beer, hills and old friends and family, go herd! ,AND PONY EXPRESS!!!

  31. Brooks

    As a native West Virginian,it has been my observation that so often people from out of state tend to have a condescending attitude in regard to our culture here. If you come to our state,do so without your nose in the air and you will get along just fine. Arrogance will get you nowhere.

  32. Alyssa

    I live in the Eastern Panhandle and have for the last 16 years and I love some of the people and the scenery but I can not wait to leave. The younger generations are becoming ruder and ruder. I have never once had a pepperoni roll or bread, whatever it is called. My father loved WVU so much to the point were I now dislike them, not necessarily the people just the school it’s self. I have also never been to a majority of the different places mentioned. The one thing I hate with all of my heart though is the schooling systems. When talking to friends in other states about academics I feel so unbelievably stupid that I tend to avoid academic talk altogether.
    Although there are somethings that I will definitely miss here. The Annual Apple Harvest Festival, The Berkeley County Youth Fair, and potato candy. Goodness I’ve never met someone from out of state that had EVER had potato candy unless they were originally from here, it should be a crime lol!

  33. Carla Little

    Mr. Bee Potato Chips!!!!! One of the things I miss most.

  34. Brenda

    I’m a Mountain momma, born in WV, have lived in Va. For a few years, was happy to come home. I make my own pepperoni rolls, no cheese, you can add it if you want. Win, lose or tie, I’m Mountaineer Fan till I Die. There are Herd fans to, its ok, as long as they aren’t playing us, I root for them to. I’m a hillbilly and proud of Wild, Wonderful, WV. We are a friendly state.

  35. Ellen

    I was born in the 1940’s in the beautiful state of West Virginia and raised in the heart of this area. I married a career marine and we traveled all over the country raising our children. Trust me when I say this is the best state when it comes to raising children. That is why we are friendly people and try to treat everyone with kindness.
    Now as far as the beauty in this state and so much to see. It is definitely a state you don’t want to miss seeing. There is so much more to see then what was listed in this article.
    Then the football teams is another story. It is well known that everyone has their own team and roots them on. West Virginia has a lovely team and there are others in this same state. One is Marshall University. So don’t be knit picking this state for no reason if you don’t understand it. I live in the south now due to my health but loved the winters there when I was growing up. Especially all the snow back then. Be Happy and say something nice for a change.

  36. FELIX


  37. George

    When we moved here 15 years ago one of the first questions we were asked, and still get asked to this day, is “You’re not from here are you?”
    We’ve lived in many states but have found WV a difficult place to live. WV, as a general rule, is not welcoming to outsiders. And before others tell me to “leave then,” well that just personifies what I’m talking about.

    • Lynn in response to George

      From one George to another. I’m sorry you’ve had that experience. I live in Fayette Co. I know some of the extreme southern parts of the state are like that even for those of us born here. Glad you’re here! God bless!

  38. Sharon Petry

    One more thing that should be added is the the fact that WV has the most beautiful State Capitol in the nation. She mentions nothing about Charleston, our state capitol. Too bad I can’t add a picture of it.

  39. Lila

    I have lived in near Wheeling, WV my whole life-35yrs. I cannot wait until I can move out of state in 3 years. I grew up on a beautiful ridge with the creeks and streams to play in and all the beauty of the forest and hills you speak of. My parents raised me to be culturally diverse and I traveled with them and had many friends of ethnic backgrounds. This was fine until I went to public school and was blown away by the level of prejudice I was met with for having non white and/or non Christian friends. I struggled and fought against this through every year of school. As each year has passed, all I’ve seen are the natural resources of this land be exploited, the land more and more polluted. Most people have no sense of eco conciousness as long as they get some money and can buy a 4-wheeler and a new truck. My daughter is in the same high school I went to and not much has changed. We go out of state to really enjoy Nature’s year we went to the amazingly beautiful Decker’s creek and waterfalls in Morgantown and later, to our horror found it is so polluted it was actually unswimable. Now, the fracking industry is polluting us in a whole new fashion. The nature sites you talk about are part of the Applachia that extends down south..we go down to Asheville, NC to truly enjoy these mountains.

    • jeff in response to Lila

      You do realize that Asheville is combating air pollution? Every state has some sort of pollution to address. Fracking is not hurting the state. You sound like the one who is prejudice.

  40. Joe

    Lila, sorry that you have had bad experiences in WV. Diversity here is a mixed bag. Depends on where you are I think. Every racist I’ve known is ignorant from the “catch 22” of lack of interaction or living near neighbors who are not scott-Irish. Not exactly racists in places where African-Americans were brought here to mine coal, too. Keep in mind at one time our state has had many leaders of note who were black. Booker t. Washington. NAACP was founded at the Nigaura conf. Henry Louis skip gates is THE world’s leading scholar on Africans here and abroad.

    Do not fib about fracking. Concerns? Yes. Polluted creeks? No. You have not seen them run filthy orange from mine acid drainage. Deckers Creek has come a long ways. But if not for natural resources what would folks do to feed themselves? There are no jobs otherwise. And most of us are not eager to be government dependent if we can work.

    And we surely are not Ashville, where the elites live and tell others how to live and dismiss us as ignorant socially undesirable hillbillies. Sorry you feel this way.

  41. M.A.

    Very nice read about the “Mountain State”. Pepperoni rolls originated in Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia. The picture posted is NOT the pepperoni roll. The original pepperoni roll and an authentic pepperoni roll, has sticks of pepperoni in it NOT sliced. Clarksburg, Harrison County, is the birthplace of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Also, West Virginia being the most northern of southern states is so diverse in topography, food, dialect ,just to name a few, that it is like going to different states as you travel around the state.

  42. MikeE

    They forgot to mention to zombie like pill heads or the shitheads on 4-wheelers up and down the road all night long.

  43. Summers

    #4 – I agree 100% (I agree with all the others too) – Here is how I see it and maybe how the writer sees it. You can enter the State of WV from the east, west, north and south and all places in between and you will be greeted by something WVU rather a flag, someones clothing (hats, shirt, jacket), vehicle decals and so forth. This is not the same of other colleges or universities in the state. Sorry Herd fans, for waking you up to reality, but your loyalty and love stays mainly in your southern region of the state with a little scattered representation planted into other areas. Whereas WVU’s loyalty, love and representation blankets the state.

  44. Lona Elaine

    Always HOME to ME and JOE. Great Memories. The people can’t be beat for kindness and family values! The MOUNTAINS always welcomes us home. They are so majestic !

  45. Lewis

    All except for #4… GO HERD!!!!!!

  46. Rafting

    Don’t raft the Gauley in the spring. September-October is when they release the Summersville (Gad) Dam. That’s the time to go.

  47. jane

    felix: loved leavin it! pretty scenery to drive through, but i wouldnt want to stop, let alone stay.

  48. jane

    lila is right.

  49. Nancy

    It is the mountains once there are in your blood, it is there to stay. You can take the person out of the mountains but you can not take the mountains out of the person SO TRUE.

  50. eve

    lila is right. WV is very culturally limited and racist (as a generalization). that is simply true. the pollution has always been ridiculously high, on par with industrialized cities 3 times the size of the largest lil “towns” there. it isnt a personal issue, theyre just facts about the area.

  51. Lynn

    Eve, I don’t know what part of WV you have been in, but I’d say, without a doubt, that it hasn’t been much. Every part of my state has something different and unique to offer. I have lived in this state all of my life, and have never seen, or experienced, this pollution that you speak of. The air is fresh and clean, mountains visible for miles in daylight, and stars sparkling against black velvet at night. Home!

  52. Carrie

    I, too, bleed green and white. Go Herd!!

  53. frank dilger

    I have to look up were the mill is there is a working grist mill in NC that is on my way home at Oak Ridge and I get me buckwheat mix for pancakes and cornmeal . I got try out Glade Creek Mill and post pics of it on FB like I did the one from NC the other place is Coppers ridge not as well known as the overlook lindy but it is not to bad either it is on the way to WVU if your ever going that way check it out I think those that go won’t get let down

  54. Prof joe

    Lila, calling people of Appalachia racists is frankly racist and ignorant. You really need to read some of Henry Louis “Skip” Gates on his life here. More accurate. Not perfect but far, far removed from stereotypical redneck. But I can find a village idiot in most communities nationwide. Also you ignore our history of race and mining. Blacks and scot-Irish have the same history of being exploited. Plus we are all pretty much the same color underground. Pollution remark is total fabrication. A myth.

  55. brittany

    I am considering about moving there me and my family we are from florida and i wmainsant a new start my grandmother was born in wytheville virginia and she misses it a great deal she lives in jacksonville fl and after leaving w her family yrs ago she never came back but there was redonable circumstances ehy but her brother remains in virginia i was thinking of moving to morgantown it has less people and i would like to be in a small town i wss to born and raise in jacksonville fl but i do like things back in the old days i herd nothing but nice things about wv but i would like to get some advice is it safe there how school system jobs and housing prices i appreciate

  56. cinna

    I have already had business in WV so i already knew that West Virginians were very very different from Michiganians. I dated a professional man from Parkersburg. He was divorced with children and i widowed with one child. At the risk of being pummeled im gonna say whats on my mind. In Michigan if someone doesn’t like you we come right out and tell ya straight, no i dont like ya! But in WV yall go behind our backs and rip us apart! On that basis alone I will stay north and vacation in Florida in winter months. Bottom line is theres nothing worse than some idiot who derives pleasure from talking behind another persons back and you people do just that

  57. tboy

    Lived here all my life and your correct about that.

  58. Ivy

    I’ve lived in WV my whole life. I was born and raised in Parkersburg. I was bullied everywhere. I have no charming accent. I moved to Elk River in High school sophomore year and got bullied even worse. I’ve transferred or changed to 19 schools, in which I had no friends until freshman year. Not many people here have ever been “friendly” to me, no matter where I go.

  59. Ivy

    Brittany: I read up a little, from what I know of the housing prices are alright. But, take it from someone with recent experience, Kanawha County Schools has one of the worst boards of education that I’ve ever dealt with and even more horrible schools. Wood County has great schools but the board isn’t great either, lots of budget cuts.

  60. Dee

    Bixby and Ivy, if it means anything after the amount of criticism you have received, I understand what you mean. I lived in West Virginia for 11 years including the Parkersburg area.

  61. js

    Big bear Lake is a private lake and shouldn’t be included. You have to camp there or know someone to get in. Stonewall Jackson Lake or Valley Falls are way better. Dropped the ball on that choice for sure. There are plenty of PUBLIC places way more beautiful then Big Bear.

  62. jason

    My job has promoted me to supervisor and are relocating me to follansbee,WV. I’m married with two small children and I’ve been reading some of these posts. Some good and some not so good. I’ve spent a lot of time researching information about the location and couldn’t find very much info. My wife and I are very pleasant and polite people, and I really don’t want to miss opportunity to better my family. If anyone could give me information about Follansbee,WV. It would be greatly appreciated

  63. Lance

    Follansbee is a nice little northern panhandle town. It is the hometown of former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz. Safe neighborhoods, pretty good schools. Kind of a typical little town that surrounds dirtier steel towns.
    The cool thing about Follansbee is it’s in the middle of a diamond area that includes Moundsville, Wheeling, Stubenville, Weirton and Pittsburgh.

    As you can imagine there are tons of great kid activities in Pittsburgh which is a short drive away.
    Weirton is a steel plant town, so there’s not much to see or do (I’m not disparaging – my parents both grew up on Weirton). Stubenville has some cool architecture. The Wheeling/Moundsville area has a lot of cool things:
    Marx Toy Museum – at one time Marx was the largest toy company in the world and the products were made here.
    Circus museum (across from the Grave Creek Indian Mound and the State Penitentiary Museum (more interesting than it sounds). There’s also the Brick Museum just across the river in Belpre, OH. (It’s the Lego type brick not the building material kind).
    There’s also a great park in Wheeling called Ogelby. It has a renowned Light show during the holidays. It also has a science center.
    Try the DiCarlos pizza. Eat it in the parking lot (I’m serious – it’s what they do) and the fish at Coleman’s market in Wheeling. The ECHL Wheeling Nailers play a few blocks away. They are an affiliate of the Pittsburgh Penguins.
    Hope this helps. Best of luck with your new position.

  64. Glenn

    Pepperoni rolls are far from a West Virginia specialty – just FYI. I’ve had them all over the country.

  65. Veil Skalopeini

    Dumb state full of rude people. Go ‘Eers!

  66. Clyde

    Want to see West Virginia return move to Virginia and need a new building for capitol hill at Staunton VA or Lexington , Virginia. Why don’the ?

  67. Clyde


  68. aaliyah

    it is fun to learn more about wv

  69. robby

    I was born here in 79 it’s been good it’s been bad but it’s home and yes everyone has differences but iv no were I live in Kanawha co. The pillow epidemic is horrible but I’m sure it’s not only here. Some people are nice and some are not and if people wanna be fools and fight over football well that shows real stupidity but it is beautiful and there has been pepperoni rolls for the 36 years iv been around but life is what u make of it no matter were u are!!!!

  70. Tong

    @Bixby: I realize your reply to this post is over a year old, so I can only hope that you’ve changed your tune over the time since it’s entry. If not, I can assure you that you couldn’t be more wrong. I moved to WV almost 10 years ago, and being of a different race, I was not only accepted and trade respectfully, but I am considered an adopted West Virginian by everyone I have met. I travel quite a bit in my job and I’m fortunate enough to go all over this beautiful state and it’s the same throughout. I am welcomed with open arms and shown nothing but kindness. Perhaps you should look internally for the perceived slight you get from the fine folks of this great state…maybe you’re the common denominator to the equation.

  71. Robert

    Check out the Coal House (chamber of commerce} in Williamson. a beautiful building made from local coal>


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