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Moving Tip Calculator: How to Bribe Your Friends into Helping You Move

What do you give your friends for helping your move? Movoto's Moving Calculator will tell you. Pizza and beer isn't always the answer.

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Friends ‘too busy’ to help you move? Maybe you aren’t tipping well enough

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Whether you’re buying or selling your house, chances are you’ll run into a familiar problem–moving your stuff. No one relishes lugging sofas and overstuffed boxes of books upstairs. Much less doing it by your lonesome.

One tried and true method of expediting the process, and cutting down on a sore back, is going the DIY route and enlisting a small army of friends. After putting out the cattle call on Facebook, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Start on Time: Nothing is worse for moving morale than forcing your army to watch as you cram leftover junk into cardboard boxes. Do the work beforehand; otherwise you are wasting your friends’ time.
  • Keep a Lid on Your Temper: You’re The Big Kahuna, but that doesn’t mean you can flail your conscripted muscle. After all, your movers can pick up and leave at any moment. This is particularly bad if the person you angered drove a spacious truck.
  • Rustle Up Some Grub: Troops need to eat. How exactly you accomplish this depends on your loyal troops’ palates. Chances are, pizza will suffice. Our suggestion: Skip the toppings. Cheese pizza is the perfect standby and no one will complain about a particularly grating topping request.

The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is it’s rare to get something for nothing. And while your newly acquired army of friends will tell you they don’t expect anything in return, the truth is your request comes with responsibilities. Like a general in the thick of battle, you will need to make sure your loyal followers have a plan of attack and proper guidance.

The Typical Bargain

Gauging how to repay your friends for their time and sore muscles isn’t a science, but there are guidelines. The most important rule is to remember the people lifting your battered La-Z-Boy up three flights of stairs are your friends. So treat them like it. Otherwise prepare for a rebellion.

To help cut down on the frustration of figuring out how to repay your army, Movoto Real Estate created a Moving Calculator. Similar to a Tip Calculator, the guide above will keep you from being a stingy friend. Instead, you’ll be an adored general.

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posted on: August 15, 2012
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  1. Madi

    Our friends helped us on move in day. They directed traffic, unpacked the dishes, helped make the king bed up so we had a place to sleep and brought champagne to celebrate, home made cookies, a case of water and donut holes for the movers. We took them to dinner at a nice restaurant that evening! They are fab!

    • Megan in response to Madi

      Your friends are fab! 🙂 We had one set of friends that were really cool and helped us a lot (even helped us move our huge tv cabinet that weighs about a million tons). Then we had one friend who showed up during the last 15min and moved 2 boxes. u_u LOL


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